Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I got yer 1000 words right here!

I just cleaned off the pictures from my cell phone, and it was a bit of a trip down memory lane. My cell takes terrible pictures, but I do find myself using it whenever I forget my real camera and something good happens, or when I forget to charge up my camera battery and it gets "exhausted," but I'm still feeling snap-happy. I think these blurry little photos tell a story all on their own, and you all know how I feel about pictures by now, riiiiight?

They're worth 1,000 words. A THOUSAND WORDS! That's a lot!

So, without further ado, I give you the contents of my cell phone pix folder (minus a few nudey shots, naturally).

My backyard this morning. Hey look, it's raining. For a change.

Bring out the gimp!

Getting them both to smile at the same time is like creating the perfect storm.

PUCKER UP, kiddo! Mama needs some sweaty lovin'.

Beeeeeep, beeeeeep.

Not so Super Cuts.

Get out the bowl!

Mala so crazy!

Hey look, it's a flower.

The 3 Bruthas Jam Band. It's an action photo, yo.

Just plain creepy.

Bros on a plane.

Sarah and I were pouting last winter. Don't remember why; all of my molars were still intact at this point!

Show me love!

Wicked killah tatts, dood.

Watchin' the original (horrible) Incredible Hulk. Between the two of them, my sons are wearing a complete outfit.

Yes, that is my kid going all "Cornholio" on the dance floor. I think he was doing the worm. No, really.

Hope you enjoyed the random weirdness! I'm off for the rest of the week, but since I'm not going anywhere good, I will likely still be around to stalk your blogs and dump the paltry contents of my brain out onto this page. No, thank you.


Courtney said...

All right enough of the boring stuff - show the nude pix!!!

Some of those were nice. Others were as you said it already - Creepy.

Frank Irwin said...

Before I start the "Noo Dee Pix" chant, I should probably ask, "They're not of Hubby, are they?"

Kate said...

Not so fast Frank, she's got a cute husband. Bring on the porn baby!!

Stacie's Madness said...'s a damn good thing that my camera does not have a picture thingy, cause yeah, it'd be getting crazy in this bitch.

Mala said...

Bev, why you look at me like dat?
Lovem! None from last Friday? What gives?
I should continue my trend of copying your posts and share my camera phone pix. Oh wait.... maybe not.

Mala said...

yeah, I had to come back because google refuses to keep me signed in and when you sign in it doesn't give you the option to follow. freakin' thing.
I know you didn't need to know that... but whatev.

Bev said...

Courtney -- Who says my nude pix wouldn't also be creepy? Muahaha!

Oh Franky... only a few are of the hubby. The rest are just of some random dudes. Don't ask.

Kate -- thanks, lady! Just for that, I'll show you somethin' special one day soon... when you least expect it.

Stacie - LMAO @ "crazy in this bitch." Right on! I hear 'dat, sistah.

Mala -- I didn't take pics the other night. I took the night off in all sense of the word. Sarah took some, but she has been threatened with death if she releases them from the vault. Shame-FULL.

Also, just be glad that I didn't post a certain OTHER photo that was on my camera of the two of us... you know the one. Or, the two, as the case may be. Heh.

Jillinator said...

good times! The pouty picture was one sent to me a night Ric had to work that I was supposed to be getting together... you girls sent me that to let me know you were sad I couldn't make it.
As for the rain - thank GAWD - we really needed it! ;)
I've been sittin' home, watching TV, in my disaster of a house, still thinking I *should* clean but not doing it, drinking the box-o-sangria I got at Target in OH (oh yeah, there were only two beers and I've got no shame... I like good wine but in OH the only place we stopped was Target so I figured "what the hell" and then didn't open it)
Now I'm thinking it's probably time I showered.

Jillinator said...

hmm... wonder how many comments I'd have to leave to get on your list of top commenters?

Jillinator said...

so now I'm just checking

Jillinator said...

nah... too lazy

laurieliz said...

Kick ass pics, Bev....too bad you sensored all your naughty ones...and I know you've got em...Bring it, BE-atch!

Bev said...

Jill, you're right! Forgot that's why we were pouting. Also, Target in OH sells Box o' Sangria?! Holy fuck. That blows my mind a little bit. Or, just blows. HAHA! Not judging! I drink a crappy 1.5L bottle over the course of a given week, so whatev. ;)

Oh, and Jill, you are a math-type person so figure this out. My widget calculates the top 10 posters based on the last 500 comments, not counting mine. Go!

Laurie, are ya sure? Cuz I'm pretty sure your awesome rack makes an appearance in that category of "censored" pics! :-o

Jillinator said...

too much sangria to compute

Mala said...

I could totally go for some or no.

And why do we look like Oompa Loompa's with really bad sunburns?

Don't make me sift through the ammunition for equally incriminating photos! Deal?

Jillinator said...

it'sh acshually not too bad. Surprishingly okay.

ohh, after typing that I saw my word verf: insesh - slurred incest?

PorkStar said...


I agree with Courtney... let's chant! Now, if you said the nudie ones are from random dudes... holy hell, if you're bad like that, you are now my new best friend!

Samsmama said...

I'm baaaaa-aaaaack! And I've missed out on all the fun. And that damn Mala has bumped me out of the number one slot. And now I don't even want to comment. Because it's hard to type, so hard to see through the tears.

Samsmama said...

But I will say one thing. I have this odd feeling I saw this post before. Yet that "bring out the gimp" caption was different. Am I high?

Samsmama said...

Does this even us out?

Samsmama said...

Does this put me back at number one?

Mala said...

Samsmama! Oh it's on! And by the way, you're like 50 behind Bev over at my place, so why don't you skadaddle on over there....ok?

And WTF is up with Frank's profile picture? Always with the children.... is he like the new MJ?

word verf: cries
Freakin' let me have my damn title!!!!

oh fuck! denied! It wasn't "cries"??? WTF?! It looked like cries to me. Fucking word verification. now let's see, the new verf. is bimplyel
ummm..... I've got nuthin'

Samsmama said...

I read "bimplyel" and instantly had "Rebel Yell" running through my head.

I thought of tackling the number one spot on your blog, but can you imagine the time it would take? And I'm super busy. Drinking.

Samsmama said...

Oh, and Frank changed his avatar. Seems he's moved on to toddlers now.

Jillinator said...

HA! I'm on the list!!!

Samsmama said...

Way to bring it, Jill!

Frank Irwin said...

Watch out, Jill, I'm right on your tail!

onebadmamajama said...

Poor Frank, can't catch a break. From being born a poor black girl child to Bev's bloggy MJ! LOL Bless his heart!

Damn I wish I was even in the running for most comments!

Those are some right cute kiddos you got there!

Oh yeah...bring on the random guy nudey pics!! WOOT!

Word verification: njgxhanc WTF?

Bev said...

HAHA! You guys crack me up!

All it took to see the "REAL FRANK" was calling him a pedophile. Who knew?

Oh, and watch out, Jill - Frank really likes tail, I've heard.

Mala - you have bad photos? Of moi? Ok, I believe you, I believe you! What's worse -- you have stories that would curl Frank's hair (and toes).

Rhonda - you were on the list briefly! Really! Keep it up, gf!

Oh, and Samsmama, yes - I tweeked some of my captions earlier this morning after my liquid Meth (aka Celsius energy drink) kicked in. "Gni, gni, gni - Injuns!"

(will anyone get that?? We shall see...)

Frank Irwin said...

Mala can curl my toes anytime.

Bev said...

Oh, and Pork Star - Yes, I've got the pictures, brah. But they're in the VAULT so deep I might even forget they're there. ;)

And Rhonda - you're #8! Look at you go!! You are both loyal and shockingly attractive, and I am virtually humping your leg right now. Yay!

Mala said...

Jill, cover your tail girl!

Samsmama - I was thinking, we could resolve this issue in a mutual financially beneficial manner: mud wrestling (or jell-o) and we could sell tickets. yeah? Frank, how many tickets are you in for?

And who the fuck get Bubbles? WHAT ABOUT BUBBLES?! Damn it!

What? It's Thursday and I'm enjoying my second bottle of vino!

Fuckity fuck-fuck these word verf.! I'm on my 3rd one! WTF! Bastards!!!! "Enter the letters as they are shown in the image." I AM YOU LITTLE ASSHOLES!


Mala said...

Oh fuck. I just realized it's wednesday.

With that I say goodnight.

onebadmamajama said...

LOL @ Bev! You guys crack me up!

Cary said...

I like 'em pics, mmm hmmm.
And some french fried potaters.

Frank Irwin said...

Put me down for all the tickets, of course!

Jillinator said...

jello wrestling? I think there's a place in Santa Fe (I used to live in Albuquerque... I looked up the house) that has an annual oil wrestling contest. Crazy times... but I could se you guys doing that (and I'll bet Frank would buy twice as many tickets)

Bev said...

Naked oil wrestling? Why am I not surprised that Jill has the scoop on where it's legal to set something like that up?

"She's a very kinky giiiiiirl... the kind you don't take home to mother!"


Oh, and Slingblade, sorry - try again! I will give you a hint:

The line was spoken by a very young Jack Nicholson and was most likely improvised during filming.

And, to be fair (hee), the actual quote is more like:

"Nuh, nuh, nuh, fa! Indians."

Organic Meatbag said...

Somebody said there would be boobs here that true??!! Hehehe...

Kate said...

I woke up this morning with 57 emails! 57!!! Jill's been busy!

Bev, I'm looking forward to it...and I'm a little scared...

MtnMama said...

Ok, so I've been spending the week in my prepaid vacation hotel room with a really cranky sick five year old, feeling a little sorry for myself, and wishing for adult company...but I see that I should have been up with y'all - not that it's "adult company" but it would have distracted me!

PorkStar said...

Ya'll off the hook... but yeah, come one, come all, there' word about boobs and asses, and apparently penises too...

OK, im out of that one then.

This post thingie turned into one raunchy twitter on its own haha

Bev said...

This is my blog, dudes... there are ALWAYS boobs present. ;)

Frank Irwin said...

That's what keep me coming back, Bev.

Mala said...

Yes, but I think he may have been refering to the things you find on a woman's chest.

Harmony said...

Holy hell a lot is happening here. Love the pics...your boys are just precious!