Saturday, July 4, 2009

Just struck us funny

On Wednesday when we saw The Hangover (Go see it. I mean it, go now... well, after you finish reading this post. Then, go.) we also went out to lunch. In the parking lot of the restaurant, there was a business offering extra help for students in math and reading.

Check this out, and tell me you don't think it's a little funny:

"Kum-on, kid! Be more smarter! You don't want to be a sad sack like this little drawing guy, do ya?! Read more better! Mathy-math do more! Kum-on!"

Who's the graphic designing GENIUS who came up with that logo? Right freakin' on, dude. You nailed it.


My day started out badly with a migraine and more stress than I normally allow myself, but got slightly better as it wore on despite having homicidal thoughts about my oldest child for a good solid hour this afternoon. We have my sister and her fam visiting tonight, and tomorrow we all drive to VT for my dad's memorial service. Do I know how to party or WHAT? Try not to be too jealous of my fabulous life, ok?

Anyway! Hope you're all having a good ol' time. I'm sneaking in some laptop lovin' while J and my BIL play Wii baseball. My redneck neighbors behaved themselves this year and only did about 20 minutes of fireworks followed by "Hillbilly firecrackers," AKA gunshots. I prefer not to know what was shot.

Tomorrow my sister and I are gonna root through my mom's "vault" and get some doozies for ya. Yahooooo!


Frank Irwin said...

Heeeey! Kumon helped my niece with that mathy-math stuff. That is a pretty lame logo, though.

Frank Irwin said...

gawd. I've gotta find another profile picture. This one is scaring me.

verf: ovaric

MtnMama said...

Oh god - that sign is awful. :) I have a mind that is perpetually in the gutter, so stuff like that always strikes me the "wrong" way.

Is it bad that I love you for saying that you had homicidal thoughts about your kid? I know my girl can't help being sick, and she's not as sick as she was, but she has been driving me batshit crazy for a week. And yes, I bought a cheap corkscrew at the beach grocery!

Hope you have a nice service.

Samsmama said...

"Read more better"...I love it! Not exactly starting the kids off on the right foot.

Can't wait for the pictures!!!


Frank Irwin said...

I was passed by a semi today with "Forkum Ministries" written on the trailer.

Jillinator said...

I hope today went okay... I loved your take on the sign... it gave me a much needed laugh. Speaking of laughs, I'm looking forward to pictures from the vault!

Harmony said...

Aww an institute for kids you can't read good..AWESOME!

Can't wait to see what you and your sister come up with. Also? I hope your time spent with family and friends was filled with memories full of smiles and laughter. Love ya!

Mala said...

Kudos to you Bev for takin' the high road on that one 'cause I didn't see "Kum-on, kid!". I only saw... well, you know.

Organic Meatbag said...

Yep, there is a KumOn office over by my workplace...what an ill-advised phrase to associate with kids trying to learn...sounds more like Jenna Jameson works there...

onebadmamajama said...

Thanks, Mala, for stepping up and making me realize I am not the only perv here LOL

Bev, I hope you guys had a lovely day for the service and all goes well.

PorkStar said...

Your weekend sounds more fun like mine... all I did was sleep in all freaking weekend long.

Bev said...

Franks-n-beans - I love the avatar! Don't change a thing. It sure beats the freaky-deaky stuff you used to use!!! Also, I'm glad Kumon helped your niece, but dude... Graphic FAIL.

Mtn Mama - Oh, the "kum" part wasn't lost on me, never fear. And I often have homicidal thoughts about my oldest son, even though I love him dearly. Sometimes prison seems like it'd be awfully peaceful....

Samsmama - we couldn't find the one we were searching for specifically, but we found some doozies. :)

Frank - HILARIOUS! Forkum, indeed!

Jill - thanks, girl!

Harmony - my vault is deep... you should see some of the freakishly odd pics I dug out of it! Oh, and you will see them as soon as I get off my duff & scan them.

Mala - of course you saw "kum!" LOL!

Organic MB - totally! What gets me is the sad little frowny face in the "O." I mean, if you're "kumming..." why so sad?

Rhonda - you are never the only perv when you come visit my blog. Trust.

Porky - If I could have chosen, I would have chosen sleep over any of it! I dream of having a weekend to sleep thru!

Stacie's Madness said...

kum-on this.