Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I haven't done a TT for a while, so here goes.

I'm thankful for sleep, and for my husband, who allows me to get some sleep every now and then. Jim is a teacher, so he's off for the summer. He's also an early-riser, so he has been getting up with my youngest son at 5 AM for the past week. I cannot tell you how much better I feel when I can sleep until 7 AM. It's like night and day! The Bev is just not meant to get up at dawn. I prefer a solid 11 PM - 7 AM schedule. Sadly, during the school year, that schedule isn't possible, but do I go to bed earlier to make up for the early wake-up time? Hellz no, brutha. I just wear myself down to a nub.

Heh heh, nub is a funny word. AnyWHO!

I'm thankful for my easy job and for time off from said easy job. Wooohooo!

Work has been exceptionally dull this summer, and that's good because I've been sleep-walking through it. Phoning. It. In. The good news is that no one notices because I'm just that good. Heh. Even so, I had time off last week, and it was great, and next week I'm only working two days out of 5, plus I even have my birthday off & my Big Fun Extravaganza (BFE) w/ Mala next weekend, so I'm PUMPED. It would really be nice if we had some decent weather -- just throwin' that out there into the universe -- but I will take rain if that's what's in store, just as long as I don't have to go to work and deal with my idiot coworkers and asinine clients.

All of YOU. Yeah, you. My lovely readers. My hilarious commenters. A big welcome to the new folks! I like you already. :) Pull up a beanbag chair and take off your shoes. I will make us all some nachos and we can watch a silly movie and laugh our butts off! I'm glad you're here.

Speaking of silly movies, did you ever see Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story? I watched it a while back and was prepared to hate it, but I actually found myself laughing quite a bit. This one part in particular made my sides hurt. Jim and I had to skip back and watch it at least twice because we were laughing so hard, but maybe that's just because we're big Beatles fans? Oh, and we'd been drinking. I dunno. See what you think:

It's a riot, right? Paul Rudd as John Lennon = BRILLZ. Love it.

So, I'm thankful for that, too.

Hope you're all enjoying this lovely Thursday. I have only 6 short hours to kill at work today before I'm free, so... yay? Oh well, I'm not complaining. Today feels like a "long lunch" kind of day. In other words, it's a "trip to Target" kind of lunch break. HEE. And yes, I'm thankful for that, too.


Elliott said...

Woo, first comment! I'm thankful for little token victories that make the crushing defeat of work seem less painful.

I used to have that motivational poster on my desktop at the last job, I've replaced it with one here that reads "When work gets you down, remember that you're going to die."

Long lunch is definitely a good plan.

Courtney said...

Lets not forget how thankful you are of your new name MUFFIN SWEAT!!!

Stacie's Madness said...

ok, do the accents turn Irish in there some where...lmao.

and that bed, if my bed looked like that I'd sleep all damn day...unless...well..i'd have to get a man for the "unless" part.

GmcN out.

calicobebop said...

Oh hellz yeah - the Trip To Target lunch is the BEST lunch! Have a blast!

Kate said...

Have a great lunch shopping @ Target does not get better than that!

LMAO..about work. My job is so incredibly boring as well and I have to hear one more story about Dawn's loser boyfriend, Lou. I am going to stick a pen in my eye. Although I guess it does beat my old co-worker's stories of her whittling wood. :)

How is Janet these days?

Samsmama said...

I am entirely too cranky to be thankful for anything today.

Years ago I slept in my Aunt's bed while visiting my grandma. The bed was like that, all white on white on white. Got my period for the first time. Yay me!

I'm thankful for wine.

Bev said...

Elliott - Yay, you were first! Your prize is a hearty handshake and a voucher for a free corn dog if you're ever up in NH. You're welcome!

I love that mot. poster! I want one.

Courtney - True! How could I forget. Yes, folks, I'm thankful that some of my bloggy buddies are now calling me "Muffin Sweat." And how!

Stacie - Yeah, the accents are all over the place, but still funny! Later, Gassy.

Calico - thanks! I will. Can't wait....

Kate - you don't miss the wood wittler a little? No? Well, Janet has been very quiet these days, ever since I stopped talking to her. Yeah. I decided it was time to stop being nice and start gettin' Real World on her ass, so now I give her the silent treatment and we get along much better.

Samsmama - Ugh, no way! That's a horrible story. As ladies, I think we all have a story like that, not that I will be sharing mine... at least not until the nightmares stop.

Drink up, girly. The day is lookin' up!

Mala said...

That scene is so friggin' funny. We immediately had to rewind to watch it again.

I'm thankful that in 1 week we'll be ditchin' the kids and hubbys and partying like Rock Stars! Hellz to the yeah!

PorkStar said...

I'm thankful for ya'll being part of the sweat club, but not so thankful about this shitty day today at work which got me in hot water... boo

Harmony said...

I am thankful for you, for reminding us to be thankful! Samsmama, I am a bit cranky. But I never slept on a bed with SO much looks lovely though.

I'll be more thankful once this weekend is over.

Cary said...

I am thankful for my enormous and talented meatpole.

Jillinator said...

I've got a major crush on Paul Rudd... MAJOR... and the scene was funny :)
'kay- disclamer... I'm buzzed. sooo... if I babble incoherently- sorry.
I agree with calicobebop - target lunch would be fun! my job is so far out that lately I've been just going for a drive to get the frick out of the office, I wish there was a target near.
love that samsmama is thankful for wine. Samsmama- if you ever come visit I want to go out too!
I love that Jim lets you sleep (and incredibly jealous too I might add).
Okay, I'll stop now typing now or I'd end up going on and on and on and on...

Kristen said...

Your hubby lets you sleep in? I so need to get married...

And I am thankful I'm not Muffin Sweat!

Bonkandonk Slap...out.

Bev said...

Mala - YES. I am getting very excited for the BFE with my BFF!

Porky - Sorry you're in trouble at work!! Whip it out and see if that helps, k?

Harmony - sorry you're cranky! We all have our days. I'm thankful that those days aren't "every" day. :) Chin up.

Cary - Thanks for keepin it klassy, buddy! I can always count on you (and your talented meatpole).

Jill - I didn't understand a woid. Ha ha, just kidding. I totally understand "Drunk Jill." Also, yes, I have a little thing for Paul Rudd, too. He was funny in "Knocked Up!"

Kristen - Slap that badonkadonk, girl! Oh, and don't get married just to sleep in. That is NOT how it works!

Mala said...

Porkstar! Don't listen to her! Whipping it out at work rarely makes anything better!
(unless you're going to take pictures and share with us)

Kari said...

I love Walk Hard. John C. Reilly cracks me up and that scene is hi-freaking-larious.

It's not Thursday anymore but I'm thankful that I randomly stumbled upon this merry band of blogsters you and your pals have got going on. I feel like I'm standing in the lunch room with my tray trying to sit with the cool kids. :)

Mala said...

Scootch over Bev, Kari wants to sit down... Courtney, quick put away the Crown the teachers looking. Samsmama, your snuggie is in my mashed potatoes. Cary, both hands on top of the table...thank you. Porkstar and Frank, STOP staring at Kari's boobs!
Make yourself comfy Kari and avoid the Monday's mystery meat.

Kari said...

Mala, that's too funny! I'm proud to have a seat with you funny mofos. Two things: keep the Crown out and everyone is welcome to look at my boobs. They are my pride and joy.