Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Cary said...

MILFO Plaza is what I call LOTD.

Mala said...

MILFO Plaza - that's where we stayed in NYC. Fabulous room.

Why do I look like a vampire in that picture?
And I believe we have mastered the picture-taking-while-driving, yes?

Mala said...

And can I have my blonde wig back when you're done with it?

Organic Meatbag said...

Nice Busey...gave me a monster boner...

onebadmamajama said...

I love the little chirrun's feet at the end:)

I like Wordless Wednesday!

calicobebop said...

Nice collection! Is there a story there and I'm not bright enough to get it?

Please say no. Please! :)

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Man, that vampire on the right should think about drinking the blood of some thinner people.

No, fat vampire dude, the pizza guy is not worth it!

Kate said...

I don't know who's more disturbing, Gary Busey or Tom Cruise.

Love all the little feets!

Word verf: Crephy

Vampires are WAY crephy!

Elliott said...

I can't Busey real or wax? Because that would be the best wax Busey ever!

Courtney said...

Those were funny.

Samsmama said...

Isn't that first one Lady Gaga?

Busey terrfies me. The thought of getting bitten by him makes my stomach flip. Admittedly, the odds of him biting me are slim. But still.

Happy feet!

Stacie's Madness said...


Harmony said...

Hmmm..I am sensing an AB pattern. Love the cute feet at the end!

PorkStar said...

MILFO PLAZA LMFAO!!!!! that's what you guys' room was called?

Bev said...

Cary - Appropriate.

Mala - You know I love the vampires, but you're more VAMP than vampire. And no, I need to keep the wig a while longer. My boyfriend digs it. ;-)

OM - Hmmm, a Busey Boner? Interesting! It's the teeth, isn't it?

OBMJ - thanks! I love the tootsies, too.

Calico - nope, no theme at all. Just my usual random assortment of oddities.

mjenks - Right? The thing is, the books/show say that you look however you look when you were made vampire. That would totally suck, right? What if they caught me on a fat month? Bloated for eternity? Total BS!

Kate - I think TC is scarier, because he doesn't even realize he's batshit craz-ay. Busey embraces the freak.

Elliott - if that were a wax Busey, the picture would include Mala humping his leg.

Courtney - thank you.

Smama - Yes, that's my girl Gaga. You can tell from her African Bushwoman saggy tits. Srsly, girl... fix that shit! You're 22! They're not gonna perk up on their own!

Stacie - there is always a room reserved for you at MILFO Plaza!

Harmony - yep! I like to combat the sane with the crazy whenever possible.

PorkStar - that's in your neck of the woods, bro! Isn't that where you take your "special lady friends?"

Courtney said...

HAHA - you busted Pork's ass.... LOL