Thursday, August 6, 2009

Get back, Jo Jo!

What can I say? I went to see Paul McCartney in concert last night with my good friends Mala & Joe, and had a fan-freakin-tastic time. As a lifelong Beatles fan, I don't think I'm being biased when I say that this was one of the best shows I've ever seen. Paul McCartney is in his 60s but still ROCKS it and has the stamina (and the ass) of a much-younger man. He performed for over 3 hours with NO breaks. Shit, I'm in my 30s and was sitting on my butt drinking beer, yet I needed breaks.

Of course, I took pictures. I mean, hey... that's how we dooooo.

The car ride down, in which Mala and I sat in the back and made Joe chauffer us like we were in a limo. Mala even made him lick her ankle at one point, just because she could.

This photo is dedicated to my male readers. You're welcome.

Once there, we had a little fiasco in which we stood on the street waiting to get into the private club we'd been invited to (some rubbish about fire codes) and listened as MGMT started to play somewhere deeeeep inside Fenway. Mala tells it better, so jog on over there and read it when you get a mo'. When we finally got inside and endured a 12-minute jam-packed ride in a freight elevator, we bought some horribly over-priced food and drink and found our seats.

Seriously, $8.50 for a crappy cup of crappy domestic beer??! Fuck me. Oh, and Mala dropped her weiner and swore me to secrecy when she picked it up and dusted off the grime of 10,000 shoes, then ate it anyway. She proclaimed it, "Delicious, but slightly gritty." I can tell you about it only because after we laughed about the incident for the rest of the night, she agreed that it was too hilarious to keep to ourselves. Such a selfless act of comedy! That is why we're friends.

Here we are post-floordog, pre-McCartney:

Delicious $8 beeeeeeeer:

Yeah, it was hot & muggy and I was sweating balls. So glad I took the time to actually put on make up, because by this point I had sweated and cried it off from laughing so hard! Whatev. We're still at Fenway Park about to watch a living legend perform, so I can set my vanity aside, for cryin' out glaven.

Here are some shots from the show. As the night went on, we found time for beer runs when he did his new stuff (what?), and by the time he started throwing out killah Beatles tunes we were rocking out with our, um, cocks? out?

This is Dave. Dave is a mutual fund wholesaler, which means he pimps out funds to financial advisors like Joe. In return for placing their clients' trust and money into said funds, Dave gets paid to take those advisors out to events in and around Boston. Nice gig, Dave.

Dave is having some marital problems. Dave told us all about them any chance he got, all night long. I only got cornered twice, when I went with him to help him carry the beer back to our seats. Joe got cornered A LOT, and found out a lot of stuff about Dave. Poor Dave.

Joe was in rare form! Sporting an easy-to-spot Charlie Brown-inspired polo shirt, Joe proceeded to get his freak on.


WOOOT! What can I say? Triple encore, fireworks during Live & Let Die, and ending with Sgt. Pepper's? Yeah, we were pumped!

After the show, we went to the Cask & Flagon so Joe could have another beer sober up for the drive back home. Mala and I enjoyed a delicious pint of Newcastle, which brought me back to college. Sigh... good times. Then it was back in the Odyssexy for the return voyage, stopping twice before we even left MA on a fruitless search for coffee (for Joe) and tacos (for me). Joe ended up getting the slap-down from some chick at the Dunkin Donuts when he tried to chat her up; when he asked if she got nothin' but drunks through the drive-thru all night, she haughtilly replied that it was usually just worker bees on third shift.... The "not like YOUR KIND" was implied by her tone.


It was a spectacular show, and a wonderful night out with my friends. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime event, and I'm so grateful that they included me! If you get a chance to see Sir Paul, please GO!


Samsmama said...

Sounds like an awesome night! LMAO @ Mala and her "floor dog". I'd have eaten it, too.

As usual, wonderful pictures. You guys are such a fun looking group. And they way you care for your male readers is divine. Nice hoots, ladies!

Kristen said...

It sounds like a blast. You sure do get out of the house a lot. So. Jealous.

Kate said...

That is just awesome beyond words. I am sooooo jealous. My parents are going to see him later this month in Dallas. My mom might even get a tear in her eye seeing fireworks to Hey Jude (her favorite and one of mine!)

Yeah, if you could just go ahead and send me a copy of the best picture ever that'd be great. Thanks.

Mala said...

Oh where to start...
Fabulous time! And what's this "once in a lifetime" poppycock? Eff that, let's plan something for next month! I think we've been on quiet a roll. Oh, you mean with the Sir Paul. Oh that.
And thank you for not disclosing that you took that last picture while I tinkled in the bushes with the slumbering homeless. That would have been embarassing.

calicobebop said...

Dude... I'm so jealous I can barely find the good-humor to comment. You guys are SO Lucky!!

Sounds like a great time was had by all - what an awesome experience! ROCK ON!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I heart me some cleavage shots. Thankfully, I have you two fine ladies who show now remorse in fulfilling my daily cleavage needs.

Oh, and look, I'm the only male commenter thus far.


Mr. Condescending said...

The gritty hot dog was hilarious!

Me and jenks are the best male commenters.

I think you should have taken me with you, I'm jealous!

Cary said...

Screw Paul. Nice yabos!!!!

Organic Meatbag said...

Glad you crazy gals had a good time... perhaps you and Mala should have been on stage!

Bev said...

Samsmama - Dude, for $8, I can stomach a little grime. Oh, and next time we're coming to KS to take yo' ass out, sistah friend.

Kristen - We work hard, we play hard! You should come to KS too. :)

Kate - Live & Let Die followed by Hey Jude - A-MAZING! Your folks won't be disappointed!

Mala - oh, I'd never do that to you! But... good to see that you outed yourself as the shrub-pee-er that you are!

Lucky for me, I've sworn off all bodily functions. Such a time-saver.

Calico - It was awesome. See note above about KS. :)

Jenks - Patience, Grasshopper. If you post the cleav, they will come.

Mr. C - You're welcome to come next time, as long as you don't mind some grime on your weiner.

Cary - Succinct, as always! Bravo!

OM - WORD. Oh, but I would have preferred to be backstage, if you know what I'm sayin....

MtnMama said...

That sounded so fun! Great pictures. (I always mean to take pictures and then rarely do. WTF?) I love the Beatles, and I'm in the "so jealous" camp, waving the flag!

And when you come to Kansas to party with Samsmama? I'm in Colorado, now, y'know... a mere prairie ride across the flatland away... just sayin.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Screw patience. I'd rather hog you and Mala all to myself.

I'm not a team player.

New England Girl said...

I'm so glad I found your blog, after you found mine! :) I too love meeting fellow New Englanders. It's such a treat!!

Can I just tell you how jealous I am that you got to go to this concert? Completely unfair. :) I'm glad you had such a good time, though!:)


Stacie's Madness said...

GREAT PICTURES...sounds like you all had a blast.

JennyMac said...

What a blast! Great pics. And floordog was the BEST part of the whole post.

Cary said...

I still have a stiffy from all the cleavage on this post.


Bev said...

Mtn Mama - every day, it becomes more and more clear to me that I shall be organizing some sort of blogger meeting in the not-so-distant future. BlogHer can go eff itself. I'm planning BlogMe and inviting the menfolk, too.

mjenks - Sharing is caring! Also, I actually mispelled "come," I guess. If you post the cleav, they will....

NE Girl - Welcome, fellow New Englander! :) The show was fab. I'll let you know when BlogMe is happening!

Stacie - thanks!! We do manage to have a good time every now and again. Mostly again.

JennyMac - don't knock an $8 floordog! Mmmmm... that's good grit.

Cary, no such thing as TMI 'round these parts. Stiffies are Spiffies!

Mala said...

In the spirit of your little bloggy community, might we more accurately name it "BlogMe Hard". It just feel right ; )
And sign me up!

Jillinator said...

Sounds like a freaking blast! I'm jealous! oh, and speaking of jealous, I have to share... Ric saw you for a sec at the daycare and when he got home he said "wow - Bev really looked awesome tonight - I guess I haven't seen her lately and I'm not sure why but she really looked great"... should I be jealous ;) (hey, if it was me somebody said something really nice about I'd wanna know!)

Brooklyn ML said...

You and Mala have beautiful cocks...I mean cleavages!

Elizabeth said...

I'm so jealous, all the talk today was how great the show was; 3 hours!! I used to live down the street from Gillette and could hear all the concerts and see all the fireworks.
You're all signed up for NE Bloggers!

Deb said...

Personally, I like weiners to have a certain "je ne sais quoi"...

Bev said...

Mala, yes! Love that one. I'm also thinking "Blog This" would work. Or "Blog Yours." We'll work it out.

Jill - That is hysterical, considering I'd just woken up from a nap and hadn't even brushed my hair, AND I was wearing my Liz Lemon glasses. Hee!! Thx, Ric!

Maeghan - Thanks, dahling! Your cock ain't so bad itself. ;)

Elizabeth - Yay! Thank you! Stop on by again, won't you?

Deb - HA!! Yes, what the French call an, "I don't know what."

Frank Irwin said...

The grit was probably the healthiest bit of that dog.

Nice post, sounds like a great time! (Big F'n S00prise, I know).

outdoor wedding venues said...

Its looks like wonderful night. The pics show that you have enjoy it very much. thanks for sharing this shots. I am also a big fan of baseball.

Frank Irwin said...

I'm getting married soon, and I'd like to have the wedding at an outdoor venue. Does anyone have an idea as to who could help me with that? We also want to honeymoon on an Australian cruise.

Mala said...

Gosh Frank, no idea. Wish I could help you.

Also, I like aged cheddar.

Bev said...

Jeepers! All these comments on old posts, requiring me to approve each one.... TOO MUCH WORK!

And yeah, baseball, baseball, baseball? oh RIGHT! Fenway. Duhhh, Bev. ;)

Cheddar is good, but I prefer a good stinky Brie.