Friday, August 21, 2009

Week in Review

Hello, lovelies! It has been quite a week, huh? What have we learned? Let's review.

Manscaping is alive, well, and taking things to a whole 'notha level. Oh, and there are a LOT more pubic hair styles than I ever imagined possible (read the comments).

Kate posted a new blog entry recently, and somehow many of us missed it and she only got a measly five comments. ::snicker::

Sorry I missed one, Kate! (air kisses... you know I love to stalk you!) Actually, that goes for all of you -- I've missed some of your latest offerings, but it doesn't mean I don't love you like a rock. Give me time. I'll catch up eventually.

Any picture is better when you add a squirrel to it.

Steven Tyler got old and now looks like an elderly Nicole Richie.

Someone we know hit 100 Followers this week (actually, he hit 102, but what am I, some kind of smarty-pants scientist type for whom numbers are of any importance? Uh, nooooooo.). He did a kick-ass post in which he actually had something nice to say about each one of us. Wow. And I thought MY job was boring.

Oh, and people who know me in person, please back me up: I do NOT have Boston accent, right? Sheesh. I'm from VERMONT, people. Not Massachussetts (NNTAWWT). Don't make me vlog!

Mala is good at diving. Who knew?

She also makes amazingly realistic dolphin sounds. Coincidence? I think not!

You're never too old to enjoy being dragged behind a motor boat on a tube.

Today I am sore in places where I didn't even know I had muscles.

Belly Flops even look painful.

Spending good times with good friends sure beats working! Oh, and (500) Days of Summer was cute, but doesn't live up to the hype, IMO.

In related news, my girl crush on Zooey Deschanel now goes to "11."

It's back to the grind now, with school starting for the kids next week, the hubster going back to work (he's a teacher, FYI), and me having to actually work my full four days/week (don't hate!) from now until the holidays. No more well-rested Bev. Boooooo.

Oh well, sleep is totally overrated, am I right?

This weekend should be interesting. Jillinator's big 40th birthday bash is tomorrow night, and I have a feeling things might get a little unruly. We all know that she's a (not so) secret Superfreak, so I'm looking forward to seeing what goes down at her adults-only party. At the least, shit's getting broken. At the most, there will be nudity (not mine). Rest assured, I am bringing my camera, and... say it with me:


kiss kiss!


Brooklyn ML said...

Oh yay, I get to leave the first comment! Oh Bev, how you make my day. Such giggles! For the record, YOU DO NOT HAVE A MASSHOLE ACCENT.
Doesn't extreme tubing bring out the child in you? I did it last summer on a lake in PA; I exhausted myself laughing. In fact, I don't think I opened my eyes the whole ride because I was laughing so hard. Good times.

MtnMama said...

Once again, vicariously living through you, Bev! And I would love to be dragged behind a boat. good times.

Organic Meatbag said...

Ahhhh, tubing is fun...haven't done that in years, not since I blew up to Orson Welles proportions... Have a damn good weekend and yes, bring us back lots of pictures!

Harmony said...

I think you need to Vlog and let the readership decide.

Damn..I need to do more with my spare time. Looks like you had great fun. Can I come live with you?

Mr. Condescending said...

I used to drill the hell out of a girl from poultney vermont! Lol sorry

Anonymous said...

you slay me, lady.

Bev said...

Maeghan - Thanks, girly! You make mine too! And thanks for backing me up on the MA accent thing. I mean, really. I'm a THESPIAN! I've had any trace of a northern accent out of me by the likes of Peter Jack Tkatch and Dr. Bryan!

MtnMama - Come to NH and I'll drag ya, my friend! I'll drag ya good. ;)

OM - Oh yeah, tubing's a blast! Of course, I didn't want to do it at first (I was comfy on my lounge chair with my beer!) but Mala made me do it... and I'm so glad!

Harmony - Ha! Maybe so, maybe so. I will do that eventually, if Mala and I could just stay sober enough when we hang out to get the damn thing done.

Mr C - charming! You know what they say about girls from Vermont, don'tcha? We're awesome, that's what.

Anon - thanks!! Happy to do it. :)

Stacie's Madness said...

great week in review...

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

As for the 102, I sexually harrassed Jeney and I'll address number 102 later.

I'm up to 104 now. So, nyeh. Plus, I rounded down due to a lack of significant figures.

Kristen said...

Holy crap! I love the razor clip! And WTF happened to Steven Tyler. Remind me to put on some sunblock. Oh, and to lay of the Heroin.

Samsmama said...

Dolphin noises? Tell me more.

Bev said...

Stacie - thanks! I realized this afternoon that I'd forgotten to include your buffett/bum post! I loved that one!

mjenks - significant figures, indeed.

Kristen - HA!! So true. I always wear extra sunblock when I'm doing Heroin, just in case.

Samsmama - You are the comment QUEEN! Concise, hilarious. Brava!

Jillinator said...

WHOOHOOOO!!!! Jillapaloosa (thanks for naming my party to Laurie!) is in less than 12 hours!!!! Okay, so I may be a bit extreme about the whole birthday thing, and I don't look a day over 39 1/2, but as far as nudity, I think I'm gonna say that the hot tub is off limits this party. That was crazy last bash and, well, some friends from my high school days are coming and my rep back then was totally innocent (of course, several times I was told that I reminded people of the "angel is my centerfold" song and that they were a little surprised to find out I wasn't the sweet innocent bookworm they thought me to be). Whew, enough about me. LOVE tubing! hooray for you guys going! and totally grossed out about manscaping - ouch!

Mala said...

** high pitch squeeks a la Flipper**

Mala said...

And yes... we WILL vlog if we can just keep ourselves sober and avoid looking like hot messes long enough. *whew*

Stuart said...

Eek eek! Eee-e-ee-ee-eeek! Urp!

(That's dolphin-speak for either "Nice form, Mala!" or "Yummy halibut!" I'm not sure which. Maybe both.)

Stuart said...

ps - I was gonna add a disclaimer stating that "my Dolphin is a bit rusty", but I didn't want that to be misinterpreted and suddenly get outpourings of sympathy.

Heidi Renée said...

If you spoke Masshole (NTTAWWT) I would cry a little. I married into a family of them and lived there for two years. My delicate Midwestern ears can only take the cacophony for so long. Thus, we live on the opposite side of the country from the in-laws.

My husband is the only one in his family who doesn't have a hint of it.

I vote yes on the vlogging.

Kate said...

Oh darlin', it don't make a fuck. I just had fun watching everyone scramble. And like I said, It was a terrrrrribly boring post. Thanks for the shoutout!

I have much love for anyone who gives love to Christopher Guest. You rock balls!

Bev said...

Jill - you need a blog. Heh heh. Get on that.

Mala - eeeeek, eeeeeeee, chirp chirp!

Stuart - LMAO! Rusty Dolphin, indeed. I think they make a balm for that.

Heidi Renee - Not a trace of Masshole accent here, and one of these days we'll post a vid and prove that shit, I promise!

Kate - you ALSO rock balls. And foil-covered cucumbers!

PorkStar said...

Mala diving, hmm... check that ass out... lordy lord.