Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Fun

"'Cause it's Friday, and we ain't got shit to do!"

Ok, well, that's not entirely true. I always have shit to do, and since I'm at work, I do have to lift a finger here or there to get through my day. I think you all know to which finger I am referring.

Anywho, it has been a long, uninspired week for me. I've just been kind of blah, mentally, which is why I've been less than regular with my postings. However, it's Friday, and I want to play a game. How about another round of Smack, Marry, or Boink? Sound good? Good. Ok, here goes:

The men:
Simon Baker, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Will Smith. GO!

The Women:
Amy Adams, Katherine Heigl, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. GO!

Have fun, and T.G.I.F!


Elliott said...

Okay, because this is how I roll - Smack Amy Adams
Boink Katherine Heigl
Marry Jennifer Love Hewitt

I'm torn, because I think both Heigl and Hugetits have an IQ somewhere between yeast and Stephen Hawking, so I might be in for a bumpy ride here.

If I rolled that way,
Smack Jake Gyllenhaal, because he's Jake Gyllenhaal. More for Bubble Boy than Donnie Darko, but still a little bit for Donnie Darko.
Boink Simon Baker, because he probably takes it like a girl.
Marry Will Smith, because I think he's a cuddler.

Too much information?

WV - ladiatin, 'cause I be ladiatin' my choices for mens.

MtnMama said...

Ohhhh, Simon! Boink for a looong time, constantly, and then Marry Will. Will has his head on straight - a rare commodity. Jakey is kinda interesting (but I prefer his sister, actually) but not enough to Boink but don't want to Slap him either.

Amy is a sweet pastry and I would eat her up. Boink AND Marry. Katherine... Boink, but she'd annoy me after a while so not Marry. JLH.. ugh. Slap. Or just walk away.

Organic Meatbag said...

Smack- Katherine Heigl, just because she is the lesser of the 3 to me...
Boink - Jennifer, because she looks like she could take a creampie like a champ...
Marry - Amy Adams, because she seems sweet, but I'd boink her into submission too...hahahaha!

Mala said...

Who's Simon Baker? I could google that shit... but I'm supposed to be cleaning.

OK... when I think of Jake, ALL I see is Brokeback... soooo... ummmm...

And Will Smith? Ummmm, nice guy.

Oh hell, I think I'll wait for the next round.

PorkStar said...
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Bev said...

Elliott - I love your choices, and your reasoning. I've been giggling over "I think he's a cuddler" quite a bit today.

MtnMama - I love your answers!!! You crack me up. I agree with your men selections, but for the lady I'm going with Marry Amy, Smack Katherine, boink Jlove, but I'd smack Jlove during the act.

OM - Right! I love Amy A. She's awesome.

Mala - I know, I thought about putting Ralph Fiennes on here for you but didn't want to make my other readers dry heave. ZING!

Porky, did you just say you wanted to smack me? hmmmm... Hair pulling, maybe, but no smacking. We all have our limits.

Cary said...

Amy - boink

Kat - boink

Jen - boink



Samsmama said...

Definitely smack Jake, just for being a pussy.

Marry Will Smith, because he seems like a nice guy. And I've heard he's REALLY sexual.

Who the hell is Simon Baker? Left with no other options, guess I'll find out when I boink him.

I'll marry Amy, but I'm slapping the shit out of the other two. Sue me.

PorkStar said...

I mean spank... i thought it said spank... so i confused smack with spank.. soooooooooorrry

spank yes, totally.

: )Let me fix it

PorkStar said...

Amy= Spank
Katherine: Boink and Marry
Jennifer: Smack and Boink
Bev= SPANK, Boink and Marry
Mala= SPANK, Boink and Marry


: )

Bev said...

Cary - For a minute there, I almost forgot how non-descriminating you are! Nice job.

Samsmama - Ditto on the guys! I love Will Smith. Simon Baker is the British guy from The Mentalist. I think he's cute, plus... well, I like accents.

Oh Porky... thanks for clarifying. ;)

Mary said...

Definitely smack Simon- for some reason that smug look on his face seems to just be asking for it.
Definitely marry Will...but Jake? Can I just take a yoga class with him?

Leanne said...

Totally unrelated, but Will Smith is right down the street from my house at a high school football game right now! Oh, and Bev, do you watch Nurse Jackie? You look like Dr. O'Hara! Just felt like sharing - Happy Friday!

onebadmamajama said...

Will Smith a phreak? Oh I can so see that;)...he's the boink and marry:) Then, I guess that would leave smacking the other two cause a)I don't know who Simon Baker is and b)Jake Glyllenhaal just needs smackin'.

Jillinator said...

totally delayed reaction (I've been seriously in hibernation mode... got some blogs to catch up on!)

Simon-boink, boink, boink
Will- marry (and boink)


Kristen said...

This one was a little it goes.

Smack Jake Gyllenhaal: Guy on guy just doesn't do it for me.

Boink Simon Baker: I love him on the Mentalist. That mocking/coy smirk on his face...and have you heard his accent in real life. Yeah baby!

I would so marry Will Smith: He is one of the few sane people in Hollywood and such a good father {I think}.

Stuart said...

A'ight ...

Amy Adams - Smack, 'cause I don't know much about her and I like to make a strong and assertive first impression.

Katherine Heigl - Boink, 'cause, well, she's Katherine Fucking Heigl, which rhymes with Kegel. That and she's kinda hawt.

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Marry, 'cause underneath that rack probably lies a good heart. At least that's the impression that I get.

Of the guys, I'd probably do all three on Will Smith, just 'cause he's so dreamy.

Bev said...

Mary - lmao @ yoga class!! Ha! He does look like work-out buddy material.

Leanne - Wow, Will Smith is within a 50 mile radius of you right now?! What are you doing online? Haha.

Oh, and yes I do watch Nurse Jackie (love it), and I'll take that as a compliment! Dr. O'Hara is a beautiful Brit who can rock a white coat like no one else! Thanks!

OBMJ - oh yeah, he's reportedly quite phreaky! Maybe he can be Mr. OBMJ the 3rd! (after Gerard and... who was the other guy? I forget).

Jill - good choices! I agree re: Simon, boink boink boink. He's yummy.

Kristen - well done!! Yes, I've heard his accent. YUMMY!

Stewart - OMG, I just died laughing over that link. HAHAHAHAHA!!! You really DO like Katherine H, eh Daffy? Hilar!

laurieliz said...

Oh, Elliot, I am so ashamed of you....You would smack Amy Adams? But she is so friggin cute! I would so marry her if I swung? that way!

For me for sure it would be boing the HELL out of Simon Baker...cuz hes cute and Australian and yummy. Smack Will Smith cuz he's totally a freaky closet scientologist and thats both freaky and scary!Maye smacking him might un-brainwash him????
And marry my beloved Jake Gyllenhaal! (sigh)What is there to say? He's dreamyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

laurieliz said...

and I meant boink not boing (like a warner brothers sound effect)...totaly wine buzz typo...

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Wow ! It's really such a funny fun.

Mala said...

I totally agree with Outdoor Wedding Venue, funny fun indeed.

Elliott said...

Dammit, Mala, you don't agree at all. You're just trying to boost your comment count.

I'm watching you.

Nice PJ's, by the way. And you use Crest, too? What a coincidence!

Mala said...

Elliott, I don't know what you're talking about....

And damn, I need to remember to turn off my webcam... that could have been really embarrassing.

word verf: exessest
Elloitt is most exessest with his comments.

Elliott said...

Hey, I paid for that webcam site membership at! If you shut it off I expect a refund.

WV: shave