Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I was just big-boned, plus: the narcoleptic years

That's right, today I'm opening up The VAULT!

I'm the chubby 1-year-old in the wife-beater & saggy diaper who looks like she wants to punch my cousin John in the face. If you met John, you'd know why. That's my bratty older sister, who was rockin' the Marcia Brady 'do and holey pj pants, and my other cousin Mike is doing his best Napoleon Dynamite impression in the back.

My parents like to talk about how I was such a great sleeper when I was a child, which honestly doesn't surprise me. I mean, you're all aware of my tendency towards slothfulness and my deep love of sleeping, right? Apparently as a kid I would be running across the floor full-tilt and then I'd trip and go to sleep right there on the floor (and no, I had not suffered a head injury in the fall). It happened a lot. Hey, what can I say? Girlfriend likes her sleep.

Looking through old photos of me is kind of boring as a result. What can I say except, "Oh yeah, that looks like a great nap." or "Awww, yeah, snuggle it baby!"

I remember that cat (Rocky) and I also remember that pillow case. It was Family Circus, and oh, how I howled with laughter over that zany family! Really, my sides hurt.
(Was that comic strip EVER funny? Honestly!)

Here I am sleeping through The Nutcracker. My grandmother had written on the back of this photo that I fell asleep immediately but that she and Debbie really enjoyed it. Looks like I did, too.

And finally, because I love you all, here's one of those photos of my lovely sister during her "awkward phase." Isn't she a good sport for letting me share her Beavis & Butthead look? Props to my sis, who went on to become a stone cold fox. WOOT!

Velour - I kind of miss it, don't you?

Ok, that's all I'm sharing today. Don't wanna shoot my photo wad all in one day! Hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane. Have a happy hump day, everyone!


Mala said...

Bev, you were the best kid ever!!!! Where do I get one of those?

(OK, I can't really complain, my kids like the sleep as well. You should see what I had to trade with the devil for that little favor!)

And Deb totally rocks for allowing you to put her on public display! And I agree, her "ugly duckling(?)" days are LONG gone!!!!!! Pretty lady!

Mala said...

Seriously, you need thought bubbles over your and Deb's head.

It looks like she just dissed you and you're 'bout to take her down!

Kate said...

Preface: I adore you and think that you are absolutely wonderful, beautiful and a totally hot mama.

You were a HUGE baby!! Good Lord. I have never seen anything like it! No wonder all you did was sleep! You probably didn't have any energy left after you ate. Sheesh.

Mr. Condescending said...

You were just racking up a ton of beauty sleep!

Elliott said...

I'm pretty certain my cousin is wearing those same plaid pants in some of my early photos, including the birthday party where I got the satin jacket with Darth Vader heat-printed onto the back. The '70's were an evil, evil place.

The Peach Tart said...

I love old family photos. I especially love you in the toddler picture with your sister and cousins. You're certainly giving somebody the stink eye.

New England Girl said...

hahaha... awesome photos!! :)

MtnMama said...

Funny, but you don't look like a particularly big baby to me. Maybe because that's what I looked like, and also my daughter. (and look at how cute she is!)

The sleeping pictures are hilarious. Your sister is very gracious to let her "formative years" be published on the web.

can't wait to see more!

Bev said...

Mala - Seriously! My kid's never sleep. Sheesh! They didn't get their alertness from me.

Thought bubbles, yes!!

Kate - Hey! I think it was... um... glandular. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Mr. C - DING DING DING! Right answer! Thank you. :)

Elliott - What?! That jacket sounds 100% awesome! Where can I get one? (answer: 1976... and maybe eBay)

TPT - Thanks!! LOL @"stink eye." That's exactly what I was doing.

NE Girl - thanks!

MtnMama - See? Everybody, MtnMama doesn't think I look huge! Seee.

Thank you!

Hey man, the camera adds weight. Hee heee!

Kate said...

Mtnmama--My babies have all been so little and continue to be so my frame of reference is a little off. My first son was 1 lb. 11 oz. and finally hit 50 lbs at age 8. My two year old was 23 pounds at his 2 yr check up. Any baby with even a hint of a fat roll or pudgy cheek looks huge to me!

Anonymous said...

wow, you were a CHUNK! then again, i have small babies. you know, on account of all the drinking and the smoking.

when i was a kid, i remember one of my neighbors would fall asleep ANYWHERE. i remember seeing him curled up in the fetal position under restaurant tables or laying on the asphalt of the driveway totally sacked out. oh to be able to sleep like that now - without a care in the world. sigh.

i love Narcoleptic Bev! :)

Kristen said...

Shoot your photo wad...lmao! I wish I could fall asleep anywhere. I'm one of those freaks that needs my own bed to get good sleep. No floor or couch for me thank you. You may call me princess.

PorkStar said...

hahahahaha oh good lord, what a good laugh this post was lol

The fist pic of chunky Bev had me rolling,but very cute nonetheless


PorkStar said...

With all due respect, though.

mo.stoneskin said...

Sleeping through The Nutcracker is an admirable thing to do and I intend to do just that...

Mala said...

How did you get the entire ballet company in your livingroom?

onebadmamajama said...

Awesome pics! Thanks to your sis for letting you share her's as well:)

Stuart said...

God, I miss the 70's. You know, they really were that orange.

outdoor wedding venues said...

All pics are awesome. Really nice,

Mary said...

holy hell those are funny!!!! And yes- you were a rather big baby...but sooo adorable!
I never ever fell asleep that fast- I've always been such a bad napper- so when I DID fall asleep, my parents photographed the hell out of me, you know in case it never happened again :)

Bev said...

Kate - Yeah, we grow 'em larger in our family. BUT I'M NORMAL-SIZED NOW. (ahem) Btw, my two-year old is 30 lbs and my 6 year old is almost 60. They're very tall.

Anon - Thanks!! Sleeping on a driveway? Well, that's a little much... Except that I've slept in weirder and harder places, I'm sure... but not without that little sleep aid known as booooooze.

Kristen - Princess it is! I can still sleep pretty much anywhere, which is handy in case I ever want to start sleeping around.

Pork Star - Oh sure, you're respectfully callin' me fat. Yeah, thanks. Ha ha - j/k!

OBMJ - I thought that posting it would inspire her to comment, but she's still more of a lurker 'round these parts!

Stuart - YES! I suspected as much.

OWV - thanks!

Mary - photographic evidence that you did occasionally nap? Heee! That's adorable!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Please don't get mad at me, but, in that first look like Spanky from Our Gang.

Bev said...

mjenks - Mad? why would I be mad? It's totally effing true!

I need a drink.

Cary said...

Awesome pics, all of them. What a cutie. Nothing wrong with a little meat on dem bones.

PorkStar said...

That first pic still gives me the giggles... LMAO.. im sorry hun, it's just too adorable! lol