Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The rash that ate Wednesday

My rash on my neck (of all places!) is worse, so I went to the doctor this morning and he very helpfully told me to knock it the fuck off with the beauty products. Essentially, Anthem Blue Cross and I paid him an exorbitant fee to be told that if we stop touching it, it will get better. He told me to get some OTC hydrocortizone cream and stop being so damn vain. Ok, he didn't say that last part, but it was implied.


So my day off was spent going to a useless doctor appt., the drug store, and buying paper towels in mass quantities at Sam's Club. Then I was so exhausted that I came home and took a 2 hour nap, and that was my day.

I need a smile, so let me share something that I came across yesterday during my internet travels. It's this little lipdubbing music video made by some students at the University of Quebec at Montreal - they did a little music video to the Black Eyed Peas song, "I Got A Feelin'."

I didn't see any edits, so I'm impressed! It's cute and well done and obviously took a lot of planning and choreography. Check it out:

SMILE! It's hump day, and so begins the slow slide into the weekend! Hopefully I will be blotch-free by then.


Elliott said...

I myself have found Sams Club to be quite exhausting.

There are certainly worse places to have a rash. Try finding out the hard way that you ARE, in fact, allergic to penecillin. Hard, red bumpy rash head to toe. For which there is no cure but time.

Samsmama said...

Hey! I found Waldo!

"Stop touching it." I say that to Sam no less than 14 times a day. For realz.

MtnMama said...

I don't think you are vain, my dear, but if it helps you to keep your mitts off your neck, feel free to walk around channeling Carly Simon... it is truly hard to be completely impervious to the shitty messages we get from our consumerist culture about our looks. Sorry you also had to dip your toe in the cracked healthcare pool today.

And that video was great. :)

onebadmamajama said...

That video was cute! Katie really liked it:) Sorry to hear about your rash but I'm glad to hear it's nothing serious and is easily cured!

A *SMILE* for you!

Kate said...

If need be we can duct tape kitchen mitts onto your hands like they did in "Friends." Of course, they had the pox.

Mala said...

Damn... knock it off with the videos unless you have a play-by-play transcript for those of us (me) that have shit-arific laptops that withhold the wonders of video. FML

And I totally called the hydrocortisone cream this morning...and I DIDN'T charge you or make you wait in a nasty waiting room with REAL (read: contagious) sick people. Ewwwww.

Glad you're on the mend... now don't touch it (doesn't that make you just want to touch it more...)
Mmmmmmm.... touch it.

Bev said...

Elliott - Ugh, that sounds terrible! Sorry that happened to you. Eeeeek.

Samsmama - Waldo? Was he the tranny? That was my favorite part, naturally.

And yes, "stop touching it" is up there on my list of Mom-isms too, right alongside "Get your hands outta your pants."

MtnMama - thank you! Yeah, I blame society, maaaaan. The bourgois beauty industry is just THE MAN trying to keep us women down! That makes me mad... but that might just be the rash talkin'.

OBMJ - thanks! Glad you guys liked the video. It just makes me smile!

Kate - I'm thisclose to doing exactly that. I already cut my nails down to nubs in case I try to scratch in my sleep.

Mala - you're so right, you DID call my cure this AM. I should have just listened to you and gone to get some cream, but I felt like helping my doctor get one step closer to buying his summer house instead! GAH!

Kate said...

As Isaac was running around na'ked after his bath tonight I had to use that old chestnut, "Don't put your finger in your heinie!"

Samsmama said...

Dude at :28 reminded me of Waldo. Wonder Woman is a bit scary.

Kate, Sam does that, too. He's "just checking." Yuck.

Stuart said...

When choosing as salve, you're sure to make a rash decision.


I'll have to check out the video later, as Windows Vista seems to have gotten a rash as well.

Damn you, Microsoft!

Frank Irwin said...

Cool video. They got them some good lookin' honeys at that UQAM!

Jillinator said...

I really enjoyed that video - I called Ric over and he watched it too... funny to see the one person in it that I don't think was a part of it :)

Oh, and Kate cracked me up with the no fingers in the heinie... I'm hoping Isaac is her son and not her husband ;)

outdoor wedding venues said...

Its very nice video really very cute. Thanks for sharing it.

Organic Meatbag said...

Bev, haven't we all been telling you to stop touching yourself for a while? Heheheh...

Bev said...

Kate - HAHAHA! That's just good parenting, yo. Also, I love the word heinie. ::giggle::

Samsmama - Yeah, how did I miss him the first 10x I watched this video? Sometimes I'm so unobservant, it's shocking.

Stuart - har-de-har-har! Of course I'm gonna go all Seinfeld on you and say, "Who told you to put the balm on it? Balms are unpredictable!"

Frank - Yes, they do! Thinking of moving north? ;)

Jill - Yeah, I saw that chick! The one on the escalator? So funny.

OWV - thanks!

OM - But, but... but I like touching myself! Fuck it, I don't care if it DOES give me a rash - small price to pay, if you ask me.

Courtney said...

So fucking jealous of your nap.

Harmony said...

Yes stop touching it!

Awesome video..thanks for sharing. Now that I have viewed it and it made me cry, I absolutely know that something is wrong with me. *frantically searches phone book for a therapist*

Harmony said...

I forgot to push the stalker button.

Anonymous said...

my son is supposedly allergic to the -cillins. he had pneumonia when he was 2 and the doctor immediately gave him a dose of ampicillin. well, he broke out into a mild rash over most of his body immediately, so now he has a big, red sign in his medical record, ALLERGIC TO CILLIN DRUGS. after hearing elliott's story about his rash, i don't feel like testing this theory.

and hydrocortisone cream is the shit. my daughter had an allergic reaction to bug bits (mosquitoes love her!) last summer and it was the only thing that stopped her from itching.

now that you know all of those things about ME, you can get back to YOUR blog. :)

(what can i say? i am excellent at RELATING to people, but i never have actual ADVICE...)

Bev said...

Courtney - says the girl who just got back from VACATION!

Harmony - sorry it made you cry! Um, yeah, you might be a trifle over-emotional? Sorry girly. ((hugs))

Anon - Yikes, that's scary about your son! I'd say better safe than sorry too.

I once took codeine and it gave me a rash, so now I tell all the docs I'm allergic to it so they give me better pain drugs. heeeeee. Codeine sucks - gimme percocet, ya quack.

But anyway, I digress....

The hydrocortozone is the shit! My rash is already so much better. No oven mitts required, either!

Cary said...

At least the rash isn't on your taint. That would be so much worse. Or on the cooter itself.

Brooklyn ML said...

Vanity is nothing to trifle with, she's a bitch and a half.
I'm still dealing with the effects of overdoing it with an anti-aging eye cream 18 months ago. Cetaphil lotion saved my life, seriously.
Feel better soon!

Kristen said...

You are gonna take a pic for us right?

And the video is so good! Oh, to be young again. Maybe I'll just go have sex with a college boy :)

Bev said...

Cary - You have a point there! Thank goodness for small favors. A rash on your taint must SUCK. ;)

Brooklyn - Anti-aging eye cream? Please tell me it's not Stri-Vectin? Not that I'm using that too or anything.... (BLUSH)

Kristen - Glad you like the video. No pics of my neck, sorry. It's not my favorite part of my anatomy under the best of circumstances, and a rashy neck... bleh. No thx.

Definitely go boff a college boy, ya cougar! Go! Go! Go!

Elliott said...

I'm enrolling in college as we speak...don't tell my wife.

Bev said...

Elliott, that sounds perfectly reasonable. It's never too late to reach for the stars!

What do they call male cougars? Oh yeah, "dirty old men." ZING!

Elliott said...

Hey, I may be dirty, and old, but...wait...what was the third thing?