Monday, September 14, 2009

This, that, and some other stuff

Well, hellllooooooooo, dearies. How is everyone on this fine Monday morning? I'm pretty good. We have lots to talk about this morning, and it's all a hodge-podge of random subject matter, so hold on to your hats! Let's get right to it, shall we?

Today is my baby's birthday!

Today my youngest son turns two. Happy birthday, sweet boy! It seems like just yesterday that I was sweating through a summer pregnancy, and I cannot believe how much he has changed and grown over these past two years. He is such a sweet, lovable little boy! I adore him.

Because I enjoy making you all laugh, here's a pic of The Bev, hugely preggo. You don't have to say it; I realize that my boobs were enormous. What? I know you were thinking it.

Anyway, it's hard to believe that two years ago at this exact time, on a day just exactly like this one, I was holding a newborn infant in my arms. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have been given two beautiful, healthy children. They are worth every stretch mark and worry line! Remind me that I said that next time I want to kill one of them for pouring a full cup of milk into the sofa, ok? Thx.

Ok, moving on.

Who watched the VMAs last night? Raise your hands. Hey, you in the back -- both hands where I can see 'em! I admit it, I always watch this train wreck, and last night was no exception. I actually DVR'ed that mess so I could watch the True Blood season finale first (which was just kind of meh, IMO. Thoughts?).

Obviously, everybody's talking about that asshole Kanye West's latest publicity-seeking fuckery, and with good cause. My mouth was literally hanging open when he stole that little girl's moment in the sun, and I just cannot believe he has such cojones! I had no opinion about Taylor Swift before this happened; it's just not my kind of music, but she seems like a sweet and talented girl. I can't believe he crapped all over her like he did! I do think that Beyonce handled it well later in the show when she called Taylor back up on stage and gave her some time to say her thank-yous; she's a class act, that one.

You all know I love the Gaga, and she did not disappoint! OH MY - she brought the crazy! The outfits! The bleeding, and the entire bizarre performance! The random dancer in a wheelchair! W-T-F? I freakin' love it. LOVE IT. I will go see her when she does her U.S. tour, even though I hear she'll be touring with... duhn duhn duuuuuuuuhn, KANYE. (groooooooaaaaan)

Oh, and how amazing was Pink?! Not only did she do an entire acrobatic act, but she sang LIVE - no lip sinquing - and nailed every note. Amazing! She also managed to perform in a glorified pastie and we never once saw her nipple. I know, some of you (& me) were disappointed about that part, but get over it. She's an amazing athlete and performer, and she hates Kanye too, so she's A-ok in my book.

Speaking of lip sinquing, didya see Janet Jackson? Eesh. One word for you, Janet: RETIRE. That was baaaaad. Also bad? That bitch Madonna calling us all jerks for hating on Michael Jackson. "Witch hunt?" Puh-lease.

Ok, this post is already too long, so I'll get off my high horse.

Another OOBH milestone! Today when I logged into my dashboard, I saw that I have hit FIFTY friends/followers! WOW! Thank you & welcome to Nicolasa. Nice to meet you! I'm flattered, and I know it's kind of lame but I DO notice these things and it does make my day, so thank you.

Now, would the readers from Philadelphia, PA and Maple Shade, NJ please stand up? I seeeeeee you, and I want to know you too! Truth be told, I have relatives in both of those areas, so I'm curious if this is them quietly keeping tabs on me. Thanks in advance for coming out of the closet. You know I love ya already.

Finally, I'll leave you with some art work from my oldest son, who is currently obsessed with Star Wars and Batman. I'm fairly certain that we'll be getting a call from the school any day now about his "dark" drawings, but they look just fine to me. What do you think?

Yoda is my favorite part. Heeeeeee!

Ok, that'll do for now. Have a great day, everyone!


Courtney said...

I live in a cave... what's the drama with Kanye & Taylor? Obviously I am to lazy to look it up....

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday youngest son...

You don't look that big.... maybe it's cause your boobs are HUGE!!!

I love PINK!!!!

Thats all for now... I'll be back..(fair warning)

Bev said...

Courtney, I added a link so you can be in the know!

Thanks for the well-wishes! My rack appreciates your kind words. ;)

MtnMama said...

Happy Bday to the little guy!

I could not watch the VMAa but I agree that grandstanding - esp. on someone else's time - is supremely uncool. Nothing I've heard about Kanye makes me want to know more.

Your older boy's art is fab. He's got some big light sabers there, he he.

Organic Meatbag said...

Your boobs are a national treasure, Bev...and happy birthday to your little boy!
Oh, and Kanye is a fucking cunt...

Kate said...

Happy Birthday Little Guy!!!

Nice tits Bev!

Didn't watch the VMAs, but heard about what a cock sucker Kanye was. Hopefully we will hear his career being flushed down the toilet.

Am I the only one who thinks that Yoda looks like a Gremlin?

Courtney said...

Thanks Bev - What in the fuck was that? I'm super surprised no one shot his punk ass for that.

Elliott said...

I don't follow any of the music/famous folk hype, it just plays into their game, so I'll just say Kanye who? That'll learn 'im.

Yoda's great, but personally, I love the Vader. Honestly, it takes some talent to convey Darth Vader as a stick figure, and he rocked it.

Pregnant women are hot, imho.

The Peach Tart said...

Happy Birthday to your son.

Kayne is just a big punk ass. Luckily the two lovely ladies didn't let him spoil their evening.

Bev said...

MtnMama - thx! Big light sabers run in our family.... ;)

OM - thank you! I agree with you on all fronts. heh heh - national treasure. HILARIOUS!

Kate - he does look a little Gizmo-ish, doesn't he? Oh, and thanks... my tits love you back.

Courtney - right?! Jackass.

Elliott - Totally! He did nail Vader, you're right!

And right on - pregnant chicks are hot! Ripe and womanly. Hear that, Kate the Great? :)

TPT - Thank you, and you're totally right. They didn't let it bother them... but I could see poor Taylor's face just fall when he did that, and it was just so sad. Beyonce saved the day, though, and I have a newfound respect for her as a result.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to your little man, our guys are only a few days (and a couple of years...hehe) apart! Nice pg pic too, holy boobies, Momma! I don't think I have a single picture of me preggo and I regret it now. At least I have the stretch marks? **boo** :oD

I missed the VMA's but not surprised to hear Kanye was being a douche. Sheesh, his Momma must be turning over in her grave.

Great artwork, make sure you frame that one!

Anonymous said...

hey, too bad Plax wasn't there to pop a cap in Kanye's ass. i haven't seen any of the footage, but everybody was talking about the debacle this morning - the news, my coworkers, facebook, etc. funny, one of my fb friends changed her status to something about how she was mortified by lady Gaga and how she needs to "Gogo". i thought that was funny.

i'll have you know that my husband and i have started watching season 2 of true blood. we have only watched up to episode 3, but i look forward to #4! what's funny is that i know all sorts of shit about vampires - having read a lot of anne rice when i was in my teens - so i have to explain things to him. stuff like, "he's giving sookie his blood because..."

is is inappropriate for me to say how much i LOVE LOEV LOERV your son's artwork? it's truly awesome! of course, i realize that i may only be saying this because my son is in the same phase and draws the same stuff.

happy bday to your youngest! and yes, your gigantic cans dwarf your huge stomach in the pic. beautiful as always. :)

Mala said...

Oh my good ness, where do I start? You've served up so much on our plates... and it all looks DEEE-LISH!

First, Happy Birthday to the M-Man! He is one super sweet kid!

Your boobs are fab... as always!!!

Oh the VMAs - Who ever sent out Kanye an invite to the award show - FIRED! But of course it would be niave of me to think they don't salivate over the press.
He opened for the Stones one year (really? WTF?) and Joe kept asking, "who the hell in Kenya?". I know, shocking, the Stone's fans did appreciate Kanye at all.

Gaga - was a freak - as expected. But during her speech when she finally lost the crazy red, lace bag over her head, I think she had even had enough of her.

Pink once again rocked out the best performance.

And yes, Mapleshade, NJ - who ARE you? Come out, come out! We don't bit.... hard.

And while we're at it.... Camden, CT... I'm looking your way...

onebadmamajama said...

Happy Birthday to your little man! Love the preggo pic! You had the perfect ratio of boobs to belly ;)

I just got done watching the VMA's. I only DVR'ed them because the future Mr.Onebadmamajama (Gerard) was on there for like 5 seconds! LOL

I guess Kanye has to pick on poor little girls. I think things would have went way differently had he tried that shit with, say, Eminem or Greenday or even Lady Gagme LOL

Bev said...

Laura, thanks! And thanks for being #51, too. WOOT!

Anony - thanks, girly! I hope you guys love True Blood. I got Kate hooked despite the fact that the acting sucks, and I'm very proud. :)

I'd love to see your son's art work, too. Maybe you should start a blog. *AHEM*

Mala - You rule. Also, you rule. Oh, and I love you, but you knew that.

OBMJ - I totally thought of you when I saw Mr. OBMJ on the show! He looked pretty fine, I must say!

onebadmamajama said... sweet! I would have totally been good with it being the Mr. OBMJ awards..but they didn't ask me LOL

Samsmama said...

Alright, I just watched it. Kanye is such a douche nozzle. Seriously. And Beyonce has so much class, good for her!

Pink rocked it, that's for sure. Although I didn't understand the blind fold she had on for 10 seconds.

Lady Gag scares me. She looked like the cowardly lion there at the end. Don't get me wrong, she's got a bangin' body (when her schlong isn't falling out) and great voice, but troubling to me.

Hope you little man had a wonderful birthday!

Cary said...

Kanye is a wankstain.

Janet sucked 20 years ago; she can't be any better now.

I hate Madonna. Always have.

The kid draws better than I do.

My eyes are bothering me and my balls itch, which is why I'm crankier than usual.

Love the photo, though. Didn't realize you had triplets. Congrats!

Cary said...

p.s. Not sure if you aware, but you have enormous knockers. I think those even qualify as juggs (with two g's, no less).

Congrats on that.

Bev said...

Samsmama - "douche nozzle" never fails to make me laugh. THANK you for that!

Yeah, I laughed at every single one of Gaga's get-ups. The bird's nest/cowardly lion mane she was sporting at the end was particularly ridiculous! But, you all know I love freak shows and I love a spectacle, so... loves it!

Cary - As you know, I didn't get the triplets remark at all and emailed you so you could clarify. Thank you for meaning the girls and my massive pg belly, and not (as I thought) that I looked like I had three babies in there. ;)

Also, "wankstain" is my new favorite phrase. Apologies to "douche nozzle."

Heidi Renée said...

Who is the four-armed Star Wars guy?

If manage to stalk down Pink on Friday night, I'm going to tell her what you said about her boob. And yeah, I was totally hoping for a litle slip, too.

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Stacie's Madness said...

omfg, I missed the awards, i love pink and that crazy bitch lady gaga.

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