Monday, September 28, 2009

That's a wrap!

Hiya! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I'm feeling a little sassy this morning, most likely a result of getting more sleep than usual over the last couple of days. Let's wrap this mutha up, shall we?

Friday night I was supposed to go out to dinner with the lovely Malomatic, but I had a spell of tummy troubles so I had to take a rain check. BOOOOOO! It's a good thing I stayed home, though, and that's all I'm gonna say about that. Bedtime was 9:45 PM, because I am cool like 'dat.

Saturday I felt a little better and it was a beautiful Fall day, so naturally I spent the first half inside, cleaning. I scrubbed the floors, the bathrooms, the kitchen, then the kids. It may sound boring, but it was actually extremely satisfying!

Later in the afternoon Jillinator came over with her daughters and we went apple picking. We had a good time and then came back to my place to have a glass of wine and a chat, then ended up making a pie together.

Behold our beautiful (and delicious) apple pie!

Jill was going out that night but I took a rain check on that one, too. I know! Very un-Bev! I just wasn't feeling terrific this weekend and wanted to relax, that's all. I'm sure I'll get my groove back soon!

Bedtime: Asleep on the couch by 10:15. WOOT.

Sunday I did nothin'. Absolutely nothin'. I played with the kids all morning, then J let me have some solo time in my room, which I LOVE. I watched a movie I'd already seen (Burn After Reading), read a little, and just stared at the wall for a while. It rocked. Last night we watched the season premier of Dexter (LOVE that show) and cleared a few other shows off the DVR, but that's about it.

I'm pleased to report that my attention span seems to be making a come-back. YAY! I am embarrassed that I haven't been able to focus much since, oh, April? I'm not sure, somewhere last Spring I stopped reading, writing, and even watching movies and my favorite shows. Yes, it was right around the time when my dad got his diagnosis and subsequently passed away.

I noticed a week or so ago that I was craving a good book, and I felt encouraged. After all, I've always been an avid reader and when this malaise came over me I literally put down two novels in mid-sentence and never looked at them again. Strangely enough, I still don't want to read those two novels anymore; they've become permanently tainted in my mind, I'm afraid. Kind of like how I can't watch Slumdog Millionaire because I tried to watch it the night Dad died, so now the two things are linked in my mind.

Recently I've found myself watching movies again. Over the past couple of weeks I've seen:

Frozen River
Excellent indie drama with a talented cast of unknowns. Very simple but moving.

I have been meaning to watch this movie for ages - AGES - but I was never in the mood to sit through a movie with subtitles. I'm so glad I finally did. I loved everything about it, and about an hour in I realized it was quickly becoming one of my favorite movies ever. I've never had much of an opinion about Penelope Cruz before, but she was outstanding (and gorgeous) in this film. The language was incredibly beautiful to listen to, and it was just well-done on every level. LOVED it.

Now that I know that I have the attention span to read subtitles again, I can finally bump I've Loved You So Long back up to the top of my Netflix queue, too. Yay!

Little Children
I'd seen this one before and liked it, so I watched it again and liked it just as much as the first time. Kate Winslet is one of my favorite actors, and the hot sex scenes with Patrick Wilson are only PART of the reason why this movie rocks. It's smart and intense and makes you think hard about tough subjects. It actually makes you feel sorry for child molestors and adulterers. What I love most about the movie is the growing sense of dread that you feel as you watch it; you feel like you're being shoved towards the inevitable climax, and you know it's gonna be scary and hurt but you can't stop watching. It's sublime. I dig it.

Burn After Reading
I dunno, this movie is just okay. George Clooney is really funny in it, and I like most of the actors in it, but I've tried to watch it twice now and I can't seem to make it all the way to the end without losing interest. I make it to the point where a certain character gets offed, and then I just kind of... drift. Meh.

Ugh, I can't believe I watched a new Nic Cage movie. It sucked, and I'm not just saying that because it's about aliens and shit. It was really, really bad, and really, really long. Not a good combo.

Anywho, it's good to be able to pay attention for longer periods of time again. I've even begun jotting down ideas in my handy-dandy notebook again and spent a couple of hours writing the other day. Could this be the return of Creative Bev? I hope so -- I've missed her.

Stay tuned.

Hope everyone is avoiding "The Mondays" today.


Elliott said...

HOW can I be first???? I'll take it.

Love 'Burn After Reading', it's a Coen Brothers thing. Almost watched 'Fargo' for the 11 millionth time last night until I got the look.

And I so miss apple picking season. Mmmm, pie.

Bev said...

Ah, Elliott! Of course you're first. You're NUMERO UNO 'round these parts! At least until Samsmama gets back from her honeymoon, that is. ;)

I love Coen movies. I love Fargo, No Country for Old Men, Raising Arizona, and OF COURSE The Big Lebowski. I'm a fan, man. However, Burn After Reading just loses me right after they shoot < mumble-mumble-no-spoilers > through the forehead. I don't know why.

Kate said...

I'm the same with Burn After Reading. I have tried and tried but just get bored. The Coen bros. are awesome and I love their other movies, well except The Big Lebowski (I know, I know....) And Little Children, deeply disturbing and sexy all at the same time. I fell in love with Patrick Wilson in that movie!

I haven't been able to read lately either and it is driving me crazy! My world is off kilter because of it. Any recommendations?? Anyone? Anyone?

Frank Irwin said...

What's an attention span?

That's a nice pie you've got there, Ms. Bev.

Bev said...

Kate, not a Lebowski fan? *sigh* It's ok... we can still be friends. I guess.

Heeee! I wish I had a good book rec for you. I'm just going to go to B&N this week and see what hits me!

Frank - If I had a nickle for everytime I'd heard THAT...!


mo.stoneskin said...

When you scrub your kids as a follow on from general cleaning do you use the same cloth? Makes sense I guess, we've all got to do our bit for the environment...

New England Girl said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend!! :) I basically did the same... stayed in both friday&saturday and enjoyed alone time. It was brilliant. I didn't get in any good movies, but I've noted your suggestions and am looking forward to seeing a few! :) Hope you're feeling better after your tummy troubles. Those are the worst!

Kate said...

As punishment for not liking The Big Lebowski I just watched David Lynch's "Eraserhead." I'd say we're about even now.

Elliott said...

Eraserhead isn't punishment for anything, you take that back!

MtnMama said...

Mmmm, apple pie... (in a trance now)

I completely get that Creative Bev might have been on hiatus afer your dad died. Um, otherwise you'd be Robot Bev, and we don't want that.

love your movie reviews. I will not be able to watch Little Children, but I do understand your analysis of it. Love Kate, too. Just saw The Reader.

Bev said...

Mo, yes. I just add some extra lye and scrub the little buggers silly using the same Sham-Wow that I used on the toilet and countertops. Wanna come over and have some pie?

NE Girl - Thanks! I should have gone out and enjoyed the weather more, but hopefully this beautiful streak will continue thru another weekend, right?

Kate - yeah, we're even. I want to like David Lynch films, I really do... but I always end up feeling like I've eaten acid and oughtta be wearing a feather boa and a trout hat when I watch his shit.

Elliott - I'll have to take your word on it. Haven't seen Eraserhead.

Oh, and if you and Kate don't hug it out, can I watch the wrestling match? My money's on the 5 ft pregnant chick. No offense, but she's spunky.

MtnMama - Yes, exactly. I've never been able to be Robot Bev, and believe me, I've tried....

Elliott said...

As long as it's Jell-O wrestling, everybody wins.

And I forget that Kate's pregnant, so I'll grant that Eraserhead probably isn't the BEST film to watch during that state of being.

Othar than that, I don't get what's wrong with Lynch films. Nothing says 'hip' like Dennis Hopper huffing pure oxygen.

Kate said...

I am a HUGE Lynch fan but Eraserhead was just a bit much for me. Too fucking ridiculous. And I won't take it back. I dare you to make me!

Elliott said...

(Of course what first came to mind was "I don't make monkeys, I just train 'em!", but that's rude.)

What flavor Jell-O would you prefer?

Cary said...

I like the Coens too but every now and again they underwhelm: Hudsucker, The Man Who Wasn't There, Burn After Reading. Burn was a disappointment.

Now stop wasting your time with shit movies and put All About Eve at the top of your Netflix list like I said. You know not what you are missing.

Samsmama said...

I'm baaa-aaack! Actually, I've been here along, commenting as "Outdoor Wedding Venues". WTF?

I've seen none of the movies you mentioned, because I live under a rock. Which is why I always do so well at Elliott's movie trivia. But mention a handy-dandy notebook and I'm all over the reference. *Sigh*

I know I wanted to say something else but I'm distracted by a tantrum throwing 5 year old. Ah, so good to be back...

Bev said...

Elliott & Kate, get a room! (Then remove all furniture, line it with plastic and fill it with jello. Don't forget to videotape it for all of us. Thx.)

Cary - I have already Netflixed it, my good man! Settle down. ;)

Samsmama - WELCOME BACK! I've been waiting to see you reappear! Yay! Can't wait to hear all about your honeymoon. You'll be posting about it soon, riiiight?

Thanks for getting my Blue's Clues ref, too! I missed you.

Enjoy your "Welcome Home Tantrum." Now get to posting because Elliott is getting all cocky now that he's number 1 commenter. Srsly.

Kristen said...

Well shit. You got your MoJo back! Now I know why I can't keep my eyes open right now. You stole my MoJo!

MtnMama said...

Samsmama: Sydney Harbor Cruises? whatever it takes! ;)

PorkStar said...

Well i am sad to report I have not heard of those movies or of those books either. I've been having the same issue with the reading, unfortunately, as well as the attention span, but I've been told it has to do with age and i think that is what im more inclined to believe, rather than i'm lazy.

Cause that would NOT be true.

onebadmamajama said...

Nic Cage hasn't had a good movie in a looonnnngggg time. Next,Knowing, Ghost Rider blech blech BLECH! Raising Arizona, Matchstick Men..those were good.

As for David Lynch...just not that big a fan. I had to watch Blue Velvet for a Film and Lit class in college and I have to say it just wasn't my cuppa tea. I've not been interested in anything of his since.

Glad you seem to be gettin' your mojo back on! I've been all out of sorts myself lately and have been blaming it on the changing seasons.

Mala said...

Seriously, I'm glad to hear you pooped yourself silly cause I thought you were just blowin' me off.

...oh wait, you don't poop.

Whatev, glad you're feeling all a-new.

You totally turned me on to Little Children. Fabulous movie. And you're so right about the hot sex scenes and feeling sorry for the freak child molestor! You should see The Reader...3 words; frontal male nudity... although I feel a bit dirty about it because there's no way David Kross was 18 when they filmed that. Eek.

Mala said...

Damn, I meant to mention your pie... your sweet, delishious pie. Mmmmmm

Samsmama said...

MtnMama, if you're interested in booking a trip, holla! My rates are very competitive. ;)

Mary said...

arrrrggggg!!!! My comment is soooo far at the bottom of the pile that feel like a loser...harumph.
Anyway, the pie pix look yummy in my tummy.

MtnMama said...

Mala: I agree with you on Kross! I found this - "Although most of the actors in the film are well-known veterans, Kross, at 17, was relatively unknown, with only a limited knowledge of English. He had to learn the language to be able to act in a major role in this all English-language movie."

as you say, Whatev. ;)
(word verif = peeki - as in in The Reader, we get to peeki at his peepi)