Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More office peeping, yay!

Hey there, sexy sexersons. How are you all on this fine Tuesday morning? I'm pretty good, although my youngest woke up later than usual (yay!) at 5:45 AM with a barking cough again (boooo!). CRAP! Not again! He just had Croup about two weeks ago, and I got sick and then D got sick... ugh.


Since he has no fever and seems to feel fine I did what any loving mother would do -- gave him a hit of Motrin and sent him to daycare. Hey man, we're all off tomorrow for Veterans Day, so we'll rest then. Of course I've got a list of shit to do tomorrow that's as long as my arm, but so be it. Gots to go to work today.

More of my lovely bloggy buddies submitted their office spaces for our prying eyes, so THANK YOU for that! I just love seeing these, maybe because then I can picture you all sitting there at your little work stations, writing love letters to your ol' chum Bev. Here are the latest and greatest submissions:

Kari - Not only did she comply with my request, she confessed that she *hearts* me in a girl crush kinda way! Awwwwwww! I assure you, the crush goes both ways -- this chick is a hot ticket! BONUS points for having my blog up on her monitor in the first photo.

Frank - Made me laugh while disturbing me ever-so-slightly, as always. I'm still trying not to be shocked that he reads cycling mags on the can and nothing racier (no pun intended). Also, all of our fears that Frank is writing to us girls without any pants on have now been confirmed. So there's that.

One Bad Mamajama - Even though she just moved her entire family, this cool chick managed to take a pic of her desk AND her unfinished novel! YAY! Well, not yay for the unfinished part, but I feel your pain on that one, girl.

Elliott - He swears he's gonna get us a pic of the rat maze he calls his day job today, so I'm linking to him prematurely. Go on over and say hi, won't you? He's a righteous dude.

As always, if anyone else wants in, just let me know and I'll add ya.

One last funny before I go. This morning our friend Organic Meatbag posted this hilarious video on his Facebook page, so I'm borrowing it to show all of you. You know how I love the Muppets, and The Count in particular, so this REALLY made me laugh. Enjoy!

It's the (bleeeeeeep)ing Count!



onebadmamajama said...

Thanks for the shout out! Franks workspace didn't really suprise me either LOL!

Organic Meatbag said...

awwwww, thanks Bev! I am YOUR friend, at least...hehehee... and The Count? Well, he made no bones about it...he just flat out loves to *BLEEP*!
I'm still laughing about that shit...hahahaha

Stacie's Madness said...

I've seen that video and it makes me pee my pants laughing everytime.

*bleeping* never gets old.

Frank Irwin said...

Fears? I think you meant "dreams."

Elliott said...

Okay, it is done. The office, such as it is, has been posted.

Mock away.

Mala said...

Oh man, we all know how vampires make Bev horney!!!!

The Peach Tart said...

I adore that video

Cary said...

I never liked the motherfucking Count. I liked the dude who fell down the stairs with all the pies. Drunk-ass bitch cracked me up.

Elliott said...

All the cake-dropping can be had here:


MtnMama said...

Bev, booooo on being sick! I think we may need to do a cleansing ritual on your environment. I'll bring the sage.

Hadn't seen that Count vid before. cute!

Bev said...

OBMJ - Anytime! Thx for playing with me.

OM - You're welcome, and thanks for the hilarity!

Stacie - I agree!

Frank - Ha, yes. Sure I did.

Elliott - Love it! It's just as I imagined, complete with the cube wall blocking out all daylight.

Mala - It's true.

TPT - Yay!

Cary - I forgot about him until now! Yes, watching people fall is always funny.

MtnMama - YES! You're right. I need to burn some sage pronto!

Samsmama said...

Alright, so I'm really late to the party. Or "Tardy for the Party", if you watch the kind of trash on TV that I do.

What's the deal with the sick kids this year? I'm over it. Because of his "frail condition" he's holed up his room playing computer games. For that reason I've moved my "work area" to my bed. And nobody wants to see a picture of that.

I love that video! I'm going to send it to my ex with the brief message: "Count yourself."

I've used an absurd amount of quotation marks in the comment.

Headphones Monkey said...

I'm a friend of Kari's and I just wanted to say
1-you have foxy hair
2-I love your blog description
c-SHUT THE F UP at your Maude bobble head, complete with horns.

Bev said...

Smama - I'm still giggling over "Count Yourself!" HA!! Perfection.

Oh, and don't be so sure that nobody here wants to see your bed. A lot of horny dudes read this blog. ;)

Headphones Monkey - Welcome! Any friend of Kari's is welcome here, that's for darn sure!

2. It changes by the day depending on my mood and/or what I heard on the radio that morning.
3. Oh, I'll shut up! My Bobbleheads keep my happy, happy!