Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday, Monday

Hey all! Hope you all had a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving holiday. I will be making an effort to get around to read all of your blogs today if I can, so please don't think I'm ignoring you. I admit that I took a giant step back from the computer over my five days off, and oddly enough -- I liked it. Not that I'll be making a habit of it, so never fear.

Let's see. Quick recap: Thanksgiving was nice, and quiet. I made a shit-ton of food, going through about a pound of butter in the process. My family agreed that I outdid myself; everything came out perfectly, even the gravy, which tends to be my nemesis at holiday meals. Other than eat, we mostly spent the day playing Rock Band 2 and drinking. It rocked. At the end of the day Danny proclaimed it the BEST DAY EVER, but that might've just been the beer talkin'. Ha ha - I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Don't call the cops on us.

On Saturday morning I was lying in bed trying to muster the energy to get up when I heard a loud BOOM and the power went out. Apparently the 50 mph winds had taken their toll, and as usual our town was the first to lose power and one of the last to get it back. FMFL. I admit it: I sulked and pouted all day. Last winter we had an ice storm and we lost power for a full 5 brutal winter days. For the first time in my 30-odd years on the planet, I threatened to move South. Jim the mountain man got worried and promised he'd buy a generator for times like these... then promptly didn't. So Saturday as the hours ticked by and the house grew colder and darker, I started to seethe. Eventually he found me back in bed with the covers pulled over my head and he knew that it was time to bite the bullet. Two hours later he came home with the biggest generator Lowes had and a promise to get an electrician out this week to get it hard-wired. Fuck this shit. Leave the candles and shivering for the other chumps. I'm OVER it.

Saturday night we wriggled under the dangling power line on our street fled to Mala's house, where two teeny tiny teenagers took charge of our children (and by that I mean, let the kids run wild while they watched TV) so we could go out. I was so ready to get out by then, lemme tell you. M has gone from angel child to devil spawn over the past week or so; the Terrible Twos have struck with a vengeance. He's been sleeping poorly, refusing to nap, throwing tantrums, and tossing just about every morsel of food you give him onto the floor while saying, "I make mess!" So yeah, some adult conversation in a non-chain restaurant with actual linens on the table was just what the doctor ordered!

The food & wine were delish, and the company was fantastic as always. After dinner we went to the world's cheesiest bar and did some karaoke. Mala and I got our angry girl-power on not once but twice, but the second time we really stunk up the joint. Thankfully, none of the portly bleached blondes in trucker caps and Nascar sweatshirts seemed to notice, so we cool. By the end of the evening Mala and I were cutting up the dance floor... right up until the point when Mala fell over backwards like a mighty Redwood. One minute we're dancing like the naughty tarts that we are, the next she's lying on her back like a turtle with a confused look on her face.

Being the good friend that I am, I went over to help her up and the goofball tried to pull me down too! WTF? I'm a pretty sturdy chick so I managed to convince her that lying on the sticky carpet of a karaoke bar was not advisable and get her back up on her feet, but really that was the beginning of the end. As the following pictures show, I was in full-on "Crazy Eyes" mode, and Jim had just sung some Ozzy so he was feelin' it as well. I texted this picture to my BIL who is a Psychiatry resident in Philly and he wrote back and said he loved us, but we're crazy. I asked if that was his professional opinion & he had no further comment.

Believe it or not, these are Joe's crazy eyes. He's a wild one, that guy.

That night we went back to their place and they put us up in their comfy guest room because why rush home when we STILL HAD NO POWER? Best part? The next morning Mala made us pancakes & bacon, and when we got home we found electricity and order restored once more. I love a happy ending.

So now I'm back at my crap job and hating every second of it, and this week will be a doozy. I'm overtired (my own fault - staying up too late, getting up too early) and over-stretched this week. HOWEVER....

The awesome: tomorrow night my amazingly tenacious friend Laurie scored us tickets to see LADY GAGA in Boston at the Waaaaaaaang (yeah, I said Wang)!!!!!!! Even cooler? The tix are going for ridiculous sums of money - $200+, but Laurie somehow found us a pair for $75 each. I have no idea how she did it but she is just one of these folks who always gets what she sets her mind to getting! I am really hoping some of that quality rubs off on wishy-washy old Bev. ;)

Oh, and she just sent me a picture of a crazy outfit she's getting for me to wear tomorrow night. How cool is that?!

The not-so-awesome: I need to have a little medical thingy (don't ask) on Thursday that involves a very long needle... in my neck... and no good pain meds after! UGH. Not looking forward to that part of the week. No sir. But I am choosing to forget about that and focus instead on seeing my current favorite performer tomorrow night instead.

Ok, enough is enough. I've been working on this post for entirely too long in between actually doing my, ya know, JOB. I need to figure out a way to get paid for blogging. Where are we with that?


Elliott said...

I'm with you on the 'paid for blogging' and the 'no power sucks' fronts. Glad you got to have a nice night out, though.

I can't imagine five days without power, I'd have the generator at home after five hours since Lori works from home.

'Happy' Monday.

onebadmamajama said...

Yes, move South! We very rarely have power outages and usually only after some freak ice storm comes through in Feb. Of course, we have crazy humid summers, huge mosquitoes and killer tornadoes. Life is all about trade offs, right? LOL

I'm glad you guys had a great Turkey Day:) When you figure out the paid for blogging thing please don't hold out on the rest of us, k?:)

onebadmamajama said...


word verf: stanityr WTF?

mo.stoneskin said...

No power for 5 days and you remain chirpy? I get grouchy if it goes for 5 minutes!

PorkStar said...

I can't picture Mala falling and on the floor, on her back and...

or well maybe i can... hmmmm

LMFAO that was a pretty funny read. And we had some strong winds in NY as well and no major aoutages but certainly some rocking back and forth of the building which is pretty damn scary, not to mention it gets you pretty sick.

Good luck at the doc with the big needle and I hope all is well with your sturdy cute self.


MtnMama said...

Love your version of TDay.
Ah, darlin', here in the Mile High area we lose power from time to time. Back when I had my (old) house, I had a big-ass wood burning stove, and a gas range, so I laughed at the weather as I cursed the power company. I once went several days w/o power and it was just sucky not to be able to blowdry my hair.

I am SO jealous of your adult night out. I could so use a little of that right now; far more than going to a concert, although that looks great, too. *sigh*

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

"the next she's lying on her back like a turtle with a confused look on her face."

Incidentally, this is how I like to find my women.

Bev said...

Elliott - When I figure out how to make money with this here thang, you will be the first to know! Us cube-dwelling dreamers gots to stick togethah!

OBMJ - Hmmm, you had me up until the giant insect part. Honestly, the main reason I live in New England is to avoid big spiders. Truth.

Mo - Chirpy? Moi? Yeah, ok. You got me. And no, after 5 days of no power I was anything but chirpy!

porky - wow, the swaying buildings must be interesting. Didn't think of that! eek!

Mtnmama - Yes, we've got the woodstove and all that good stuff, but running water is a MUST for me! I can make do with just about anything as long as toilets flush and showers run.

Jenks - As I suspected. ;)

Mala said...

I just want to report that despite the chorus of "you're going to feel that fall in the morning." I didn't. HA-ZAH!

Good times as always Bev.

And I still loves ya even though you compare me to large trees and daft reptiles.

And wait... why is there no picture of this outfit????

New England Girl said...

It sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving, followed by a hilarious and much needed weekend! :) I am happy you got a night away from the monsters. I always get a kick out of your stories, too, so while I still keep tending to Mr. J and his bed ridden body, I'll laugh and live vicariously through you. :)
I am also SO jealous you're seeing Lady Gaga! Have funnn! :)

Cary said...

I got your needle right -- wait.. never mind.

We lose power fairly often and it chaps my ass like nothing else. No computer, no TV, no XBox -- even reading is hard by candlelight. If I'd been born in ye olden days, I'd be super pissed.

Cary said...

Oh, sexy photos btw. Googly eyes turn me on big-time. I like my women like I like my glue: Krazy.

Bev said...

Mala - I suppose after the beating you gave yourself last week on the trapeze, a tumble off the dance floor ws nothing! Also, I call you a tree with LOVE. I love trees! :)

NE Girl - Good luck nursing Mr. J. Don't worry - you know I'll give a helluva recap on the Gaga show.

Cary - needle, eh? How, um... nice. For you.

And yeah, ye olden days can bite me! I'm giving them the stink/googly eye right now!

Samsmama said...

"portly bleached blondes in trucker caps and Nascar sweatshirts" went to Bar?

Sorry about your power loss. 15 minutes into it and I'd have checked into a hotel. Because I'm a pioneer like that.

Stuart said...

Awesome story. And who doesn't love a happy ending? I mean, you know.

Oh and hey, good luck with the goiter thing. I'll think good thoughts for ya.

wv - crati: the plural of cratus

Heidi Renée said...

I remember that storm last year! I wrote about it too. We wussed out and went to a hotel. Now that we live in California, I miss weather.

Bev said...

Samsmama - I was totally thinking of Bar when we were there! And yeah, I did check into a hotel - the hotel Mala. Very accommodating... and you can't beat the price!

Stuart - It's not a goiter (NTTAWWT)! I just love spending Blue Cross's money.

mmmmm, happy endings....

Heidi Renee - Oh, I'll have to go look! I didn't realize you were still in MA so recently! I would have gone to a hotel last year but we had to stay home to keep the woodstove burning. Because we are mountain folk, apparently. FML.

Kari said...

Bev, you slay me. I would totally pay you to blog, but sadly my currency consists of grits and gravy. Love the crazy eye pictures! You and Mala are the bestest besties ever.

I usually ask people to throw some panties onstage in my honor when people go to concerts. However, in this case, throw some Valtrex onstage in my honor at the concert for La Ga Ga Goo Goo.

wv - renis. I have nothing to add to that.

outdoor wedding venues said...

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Elliott said...

Because it really is about keeping it up. And if you're going to keep it up, why not share it?

Just sayin.

Proud Goiter Owner said...

i love your stories, bev. when our power goes out, which is pretty often, we usually whip out our ghetto candles (you know, a half-empty water bottle with a taper candle coming out of the top) and lament over the cost of moving into a hotel for the evening. jewish husband and all.

anyhoo, have a fabulous time at GaGa and Don't Fear the Needle.


Bev said...

Kari - as always, your comments make me LOL! I would totally accept grits & gravy as payment. From you, anyway. Everyone else needs to bring cold hard cashola.

OWV - I don't mean to be rude, but fuck off and die.

Elliott - True 'dat! Keeping it up and not sharing it is just plain old selfish and wrong! And painful, I've heard.

PROUD GOITER! I love you, ya freak. I won't fear the needle. Ok, well maybe a little. It's a big-ass needle, yo!