Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Can you imagine

a world without cancer? Yeah, gonna talk about this today, sorry to bring the room down and all.

Don't get me wrong, I'm in a great mood today. I'm pumped to see Lady GaGa tonight in Boston! Laurie picked up the tickets last night and the seats are actually really good - 2nd row balcony! So I think we'll be able to see & hear the show perfectly. The Wang (heh heh) Theater is an ornate opera house with big chandeliers and oppulant decor, and we're both thrilled to see her at a smaller venue before she does her next tour which will likely be a big stadium event. I'm very excited to get glammed up and see a great show! As always, I'll be armed with my trusty Nikon and will have my review for your entertainment sometime tomorrow... or Thursday, if I'm too hungover tomorrow.

But anyway, back to my original subject. This morning on Good Morning America I saw a segment about a doctor whose wife died of breast cancer 7 years ago, so he made it his personal goal to find a cure for cancer. He has made a research break-through that so far has been killing the disease in mice, and they're hopeful that it will translate to human anatomy as well. You can watch the clip here.

So far this experimental treatment has been successful in curing 86% of small cell lung cancers in mice. That's the kind of cancer my father had and it's basically considered a death sentence in humans; most people who receive that diagnosis are dead within a year. This doctor discovered a hormone made by our own hearts that may be able to kill cancer cells -- wouldn't it be amazing if it turned out that the cure to one of the most devastating diseases known to man lay in our very own bodies?

I know that there's a vast amount of research to be done before they can even green-light human trials, but I can't help but feel a little spark of optimism in my heart of hearts. I've lost loved ones to cancer. I've heard terrible words come out of a doctor's lips, felt myself turn cold as the blood drained from my face, felt like I was floating above my body as I tried to take it all in. I've attended the funeral of a friend younger than myself who died from brain cancer. I worry every day about having a doctor give me horrible news about myself or someone I care about again. Just having hope for a cure means something to me.

So, today is a good day. Every day is a good day when you're healthy and have hope for a healthy future. Going out with a great friend to see a beautiful freak in concert is just the icing on a delicious cake.

Enjoy your day, everyone!


Stuart said...

This strikes a huge chord in me, Bev. Having lost my father and way too many friends to cancer, I find solace in every breakthrough made. Of course, the cynic in me says that the AMA will curb such findings in the interest of recurring revenue, but then that's just me being a dick. Maybe.

Anyway, great post.

wv - ststru: either the sound made when a cat sneezes or the patron saint of little-known facts

Mala said...

That is awesome news! Lets just keep the drug companies away from this Dr. There's too much money to be made in the business of dying to find out the cure is within us all.

Have fun at the Ga tonight!

MtnMama said...

Well said, my friend. I have buried far too many loved ones. I am all for scientific research and I've always felt that those who oppose it need to walk in the moccasins of someone who has either gotten a miserable disease or spent years caretaking for someone who had an incurable disability.

Good health is something I try not to take for granted, because losing it changes everything.

Have a fantastic time tonight - I know you will - and I look forward to the review!

Elliott said...

This would be an awesome breakthrough.

Organic Meatbag said...

beautifully written, Bev... you go out and have a hell of a time tonight!

Carol said...

I saw that segment on GMA and am hopeful too. Have a great night in Boston.

Anonymous said...

beautifully written, bev.

stuart, you cracked me up with the patron saint of little-known facts.

have a great time seeing The Ga!

PorkStar said...

This is a very nice post, Beavers... and I'm glad to hear there is still hope out there to cure cancer.

Have fun at the concert tonight... and i can't stop giggling like a 13 year old girl at the Wang thing cause it sounds like...

Sergio, behave

Bev said...

Stuart - Thanks, man. I have the same fear, believe me. Also, that wv made me laugh so hard! It's the little things, dontcha know. Besides, I love pussy jokes.

Mala - Well-put! Wish you were coming to the show tonight! WAH.

MtnMama - Truer words have never been spoken. Don't know what ya got till it's gone and all that good stuff. :-/

Elliott - Yes, indeed. A whole new world!

OM - thanks, and you got it!

Carol - Thanks girl! I plan on it.

Shannon said...

My mother works in a hospice facility and yesterday she told me a heartbreaking story about a patient with breast cancer. Any steps taken to end cancer of any kind are more important than just about any work done in the world.

Cary said...

Bev, try to get a crotch shot of her, okay? I'm totally confused about this penis thing she may or may not have.

Cancer sucks and has killed too many people I loved, especially in the last couple of years. Such bullshit. We have to cure it.

Be safe tonight and have a blast.

onebadmamajama said...


onebadmamajama said...

That is wonderful news! A world without cancer...kinda boggles the mind, doesn't it?

I hope you have a good time on your date with Lady Gaga tonight! ;)

Bev said...

Porky - Oh, I know, believe me. The Wang gets me every. time. Yes, I am 12.

Anony - Thanks, lady. Isn't Stuart da bomb? :)

Shannon - Your mom must be a saint. I can't imagine giving so selflessly every day. Bless.

Cary - Thanks, dude. I'll be safe, I promise. The Bevers will live to blog another day!

As for the crotch shot, I'm not sure my trusty Nikon's zoom is quite that good, but I'll do my darndest to prove that Ga is a Gal.

OBMJ - Thank you! That's a world I wanna live in, fo' sho'.

Shannon said...

Bev-my mom is a saint. After all, she's put up with me for 34 years and I ain't no prize pig ; - )

On a happier note-Wang, he he he!

Kris said...

I had to deal with that cancer crap when I was 20, it sucked bigtime. 17 years later, and I'm good, but I have lost family members and watched my dad suffer treatment, and I really wish it would just go the fuck away, it ain't wanted.

Brooklyn ML said...

I hope you have a GREAT time at the show! Thinking of you...xo

Samsmama said...

Wow, what uncanny timing on this post! About a month ago my friend told me her mom was dx'd w/ colon cancer, which is ultimately what I lost my brother to. I told her they'd caught it early, treatable, etc. Was chatting with her today and she mentioned Hospice. WTF? Her mom's cancer has spread, causing liver failure, and she has about 2 weeks to go. My heart is breaking for her, and we discussed what a special type of person it takes to be a Hospice Nurse. No way I could do it! Moral of my story? Screw cancer!

Hope you enjoyed Lady (?) Gaga!

Samsmama said...

Ugh! Comment moderation? Fucking OWV ruined it for all of us! But this now explains why OBMJ was stalking before commenting.

Samsmama said...

Hahaha!!! Word verf on this one is "aremica". Ask a dyslexic what country we're in!

Alright, it's funny to me.

Harmony said...

What a beautifully written and great post Bev. I agree that every breakthrough causes hope, and what wonderful hope this breakthrough has brought us.