Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm seein' double!

And it's not just the two (ok, three... ish) Mimosas I had at brunch today, either.

Have you all seen those new AT&T ads featuring a (rather paunchy) Luke Wilson? Is it just me, or does he now look a lot like Beau Bridges? Since when does The Baumer look like The Dude's older, fatter brother?

See what I mean?


By this rationale, does this mean that "Butterscotch Stallion" Owen Wilson will soon start to resemble El Duderino, Jeff Bridges?

I think I'm on to something here.


dogimo said...

It's impossible for me to believe those two Wilson boys are brothers. Look at Luke's jaw!

I did think in the AT&T ads, his jaw was a little more in proportion - with everything else swelled a bit. I didn't think he looked bad. Just a little puffy.

Frank Irwin said...

I'm just commenting so that I can break the 3-way tie in "Look Who's Talkin'"

Mala said...

HA! Joe and I were just talking about that the other day. I mentioned how the AT&T guy looked like a bloated version of Luke Wilson.
Joe of course had no idea what I was talking about or who Luke Wilson so I had to explain his pedigree and then go into great detail about who Owen Wilson was. A light bulb finally went on when we got to the Wedding Crashers but by then I forgot what the hell I was talking about.

Really, this is why I just prefer not to talk to him.

Senorita said...

Luke Wilson looks like his wisdom teeth just got removed. Either that, or he has TMJ, a condition that I have which causes the cheeks to look more pronounced.

Not a good look on him, he used to be cuter. But I am sure what is considered to be my trash could be someone elses treasure.

Bev said...

Dogimo - I think they look similar, but not so much now that Luke has gone all Elvis n us! And I agree, he doesn't look bad, just puffy. I just still think of him in top form in movies like The Royal Tenenbaums and Legally Blonde. Yum.

Frank - Thanks for your input, snookums. :) Well done, breaking that tie! That's exactly why I have that widget installed; I like my commenters to duke it out for my idle pleasure. Muahahahahaha!

Mala - HA! That's why it's just easier to call ME and tell me these things when they occur to you, yes? Yes. Good - then it's settled.

Senorita - Yes, he does look like he just had a dental extraction, you're right! Either that or the Mumps.

Btw, I know you've mentioned your TMJ before but you don't have jowls like Luke does. No comparison, darlin! You're gorg!

Elliott said...

I'm sad to say I've never known which Wilson brother is which. Sometimes I think I remember, but I never care enough to verify.

So why, then, am I commenting? Because you said mimosa. Brunch: civilization's way to make drinking before noon socially acceptable.

Samsmama said...

My husband mentions his fatness every single time that commercial comes on, which is roughly 4 times an hour. Never gets old.

Hey! When did we become The Funky Bunch? I like it!

Cary said...

Who's Luke Wilson? Wait, I know. One of the Beach Boys, right?

I love those AT&T commercials. He looks thrilled to be there, like someone is just off-screen with a 9mm pointed at his head. I guess good movie roles are hard to find right now. I bet Luke's writing Bottle Rocket 2: Re-Fuse To Dieas we speak.

MtnMama said...

Bev Darling: The holidays cannot be endured without beverages. It's a rule.
My "almost 2nd husband" looks like Beau Bridges. I think about him every time I see Mr. Bridges, although I always carried a torch for Jeff - Say Fabulous Baker Boys... And I wasn't looking at Beau.

Elliott: Think "ow"-en & broken nose. It works.

Samsmama: Right? And I'm back scrolling through Bev's site trying to find what you are talking about.

mo.stoneskin said...

I think you have stumbled upon the truth, the ultimate truth. Good detective work, I'll put in a word for you at Scotland Yard.

Bev said...

Elliott - Don't look now, but there's actually a third Wilson bro out there! Wild card!

Mmm, brunch. Wish it was socially acceptable to have boozy brunches while at work....

Samsmama - You guys have ALWAYS been the funky bunch, I just finally got the moniker right! :)

Cary - HAHAHA! Totally! Whatev, Luke's gotta pay the bills, and I doubt they're gonna make a Legally Blonde 3 after the giant turd that was LB 2.

MtnMama - Love "Ow-en!" Hilar, and handy too. I've always had a thing for Jeff Bridges too, even before he played the GREATEST CHARACTER OF ALL TIME. *ahem*

Mo - Yay! I've often pondered a career as a crime-fighter. Thanks!

Heather said...

No no no! I refuse to think that the sexy men will soon turn in to the not so sexy men of hollywood. They will stay sexy forever. I mean look at George Clooney. Dude will be sexy till he dies. Like the old 007 dude. Yep.

laurieliz said...

Still think Luke is hawt! and seems like the less disturbed brother.....more cushion for the pushin, I say....

Bev said...

Heather - Some of them will indeed stay sexy forever. George Clooney, yes, and Sean "Famous Titties for $1000, Alex" Connery, also yes. But, others, sadly, are going the way of Val Kilmer. It's just nature & the law of averages, maaaaan.

Laurie - Oh yeah, I'd still nail Luke over Crazy-ass Smoosh-nose anyday! I do love a good chubby... guy.

tracey said...

I thought it was just me! What the heck happened?

Bev said...

Tracey - Nope, not just you! Poor Luke is just not aging well! Maybe if he laid off the Ho-Hos. And the sweets, too. Ha ha