Friday, December 4, 2009

Pop Culture Stew - it's piping hot!

Because I can't be bothered to organize my thoughts today, here's a random sampling of some stuff I've come across this week that I thought was noteworthy. Bon appetit!

Behold: the world's biggest bikini model.

No, this is not Photoshop at work, "Amazon Eve" is really 6'8" tall and a working model in Australia. Wowza! That's alotta woman!

I suddenly feel very short and stumpy in comparison.

What do you think, guys? Is this super hot or kind of intimidating? Spill. (not like that, ya pervs, I just shampooed the carpet in here!)

When did Helen Hunt get so scary-looking?
Sure, she's almost fifty and you've got to hand it to her for still rockin' a bikini. Who am I to judge? I haven't worn a bikini in public in over a decade.

But, well... she looks kinda rough, no? Maybe have a sandwich, Helen. Women with some plump don't look quite so... um, Crypt Keeper-ish. Just sayin'.

I am not sure why, but this photo made me think of the dark comedy Death Becomes Her. That's yet another one of those 80's/90's movies for which I have an inexplicable fondness; they're not good, per se, but I find myself watching them whenever I find them on TV. Kind of like Love Potion #9, The Money Pit, Baby Boom, Working Girl, and Overboard, to name a few. Yes, I acknowledge that I'm a shameless cheeseball. Sue me.

Puff, puff, pass, Marilyn!

I knew I liked her. What? It's clearly a rolled tobacco cigarette. What did YOU think it was, ya deadbeats? ;)

Are you all aware of the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt phenomenon? Click that link to see the explanation on Dlisted.

I find it hilarious, but then again, I love it when people proudly wear cheesy stuff in an ironic manner (*cough* blue pleather jacket *cough*). I always loved how Bret would wear those funny animal shirts on Flight of the Conchords, for instance.

And for some truly hilarious parodies of the 3 Wolf Moon shirt, look here. I want the Rowlf the Dog one, I think, or Teen Wolf. The Keyboard cat one makes me think of Samsmama!

Mrs. Keaton just came out! Good for her, and better late than never. I saw her at my sister's college graduation ceremony; her daughter was graduating as well. She was the first celebrity I'd ever seen out and about doing real-life stuff, not on stage performing or anything. It was cool. She looked hot.

So, there it is. My stew is always full of fiber and empty calories - the secret ingredient is saw dust. Shhh. I hope you enjoyed it. I know I enjoyed making it.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


MtnMama said...

Ah, Bevvy, you made me laugh this morning!
As an "almost fifty" woman myself, I agree that poor Helen looks a wee bit too haggard there. And I still break out the 'kini, but I admit the south piece has more material than in days gone by. Still, when one doesn't have your bodacious ta tas, one must flaunt the still-nice abdomen. It's fair.

LMAO at the moon tees. I'd wear the Virginias version in a heartbeat. And no one would get it. The Rainn one is too close to home (inside joke?)

Love you to pieces, have a great weekend yourself!

Senorita said...

Wow, Amazon Eve is a whole lotta woman. That is a lot of leg. Looks pretty in the picture, not sure about real life.

Helen Hunt's pic looks like it was taken in very bad lighting.

Organic Meatbag said...

Meh...Too Tall Jones does nothing for me... nothing at all...

I remember back in the day, I would have gladly had Helen Hunt saluting up and down my flag pole...just something homely but still cute about her... wow, she looks kinda...rough...

Bev said...

MtnMama - Yay! Glad I made you laugh, lady. I'm jealous of your rockin' abs, for sure. My mid-section is admittedly my softest body part. I'd blame my children, but I think it has more to do with my lack of exercise than anything else. I'll get right on fixing that... later.

Rainn is too close to home? Dwight? Why don't I get that? (pounding forehead) "Be more smarter, brain!"

Senorita - Yes, poor Helen was just having some coffee on the beach. I can sympathize, definitely! If anyone took my picture at the beach I'd probably wind up looking like a manatee.

OM - LOL @ "too tall Jones." And really? You had a thing for Helen? Huh.

Elliott said...

I realize that the media will immediately take the least flattering photo they find and post it everywhere, but really? Helen Hunt? What have you done?

I love 'The Money Pit', and 'Death Becomes Her' is always an easy watch.

Being as I'm 5'8" and always self-conscious about it, 6'8" is a little extreme. 6'1" is about my limit. And 4'2".

Frank Irwin said...

Tall. Short. I'm easy.

Helen would look better if she'd put her teeth back in.

Shannon said...

Dwight totally rocked that wolf shirt. I find him oddly sexy.
Bret's animal shirts are one of the best things about FotC. He sports a zebra one during Suga Lumps that is just astounding.

Bev said...

Elliott - between 4'2" and 6'1", huh? That's a good spread. Oh, and you're still taller than me - I'm 5'7".

Frank - HAHA! Touche.

Organic Meatbag said...

Yeah, Helen was kind of cute ohhhhh say 15 years ago... and she looked good naked in a movie I saw...can't remember the name of it...

Kris said...

I think that the model photo looks a bit odd, but I think that is just the perspective. If it was another mostly tall person with her it would look more realistic to me.

On a another note, 6'8" is so fucking unfair. She could give me 4" and still be way tall, and I could be able to reach the damn top shelf. (WII Fit says I'm overweight, unless I tell it that I am 6'2"...;))

Anonymous said...

overboard is one of my all-time favorite cheesy 80s movies. goldie hawn was the shiznit! i quote the movie in my head all the time...

i thought the same thing with the death becomes her picture. in fact, i assumed it was a still from the movie. if it isn't, then wtf is it?

i've been told i resemble helen hunt before... hoping that i am more of the HH in As Good As It Gets vs. this. yikes! you're right - eat a steak and cheese and some pie or something.

i like the Mrs. Keaton/college graduation story. my celebrity sighting story is lame... i saw Nipsey Russell on the street in NYC back in the early 90s. he winked at me.

Stuart said...

When foreplay involves travel, you're too tall.

Helen used to have that homey cuteness to her, but it was easy to see how she could really show her age, at least facially. But then, it's nothing a zipper mask won't cure.

Bret? Dude rawks the animals. In a good way, I mean.

That's all I got for now.

wv - gotho: the last cruel taunt uttered before the shootings.

I'm sorry. that was so wrong.

Anonymous said...

oh i get it, the picture of helen hunt made you think of death becomes her.

forgive me, i was up late watching recorded episodes of the thurs night comedy lineup on NBC and drinking red wine with high alcohol content... *yawns*

Bev said...

OM - Well, naked, sure! I think she also looked amazing in that Mel Gibson movie... What Women Want? Yeah, that's the ticket.

Kris - Yes, that's true - anyone would look huge next to a shorter model I guess. Plus, check out Amazon's lucite stripper heels! Those have to add a couple extra inches too!

Oh, and don't even get me STARTED on the Wii Fit. I refuse to get on that P.O.S. after it told my skinny husband & BIL they were overweight. I figured the thing would gasp and shriek if I got on it!

Anon - LMAO!!!!! Nipsy Russell?! That = hilarious.

And you are much prettier than Helen Hunt, now or then! Um, at least I assume. You know, 'cuz I don't know you or anything... Anonymous. :)

Bev said...

Stuart - That foreplay comment was brilliant! Wow! I'd bow down to you but I don't want you to get the wrong idea. Ha ha!

Oh, and zipper mask! Rawk on, kink-meister.

Anon - Wow, your Thursday night sounds exactly like mine. EX-ACTLY. mmmm, delicious wine.

Cary said...

6'8"? Whoa. Not your average va-giant. I hope she doesn't like 69 -- she's SOL.

I've never cared much for Helen Hunt, but I agree that the photo isn't doing her any favors, kind of like that Eddie Van Halen pic that makes him look like Gollum with Smeagol's hair.

So many lost 80s movies that I love, thanks to many years in TV promotion. Overboard is one, as are The Big Picture, Three O'Clock High, Neighbors, The Dead Zone, Midnight Run.

wv: emega... which naturally made me think of smegma.

New England Girl said...

That model is freaky! Her legs must be taller than I am!

Helen Hunt looks way rough. I never thought she was particularly pretty, but the time ain't doin' anything for her. Ouch!

I applauded Mrs. Keaten. I watched her interview with Matt Lauer and liked her even more afterwards! :)

Mala said...

Wow, late to the party again.

I love The Money Pit. Joe never did get it when our contractor kept telling him "two weeks" and was here for like 4 months.
And I can't pass up Overboard when flipping through the channels. My inner monolgue actually sounds like that one son.

Also I'm convinced Leelee Sobieski is just a mini close of Helen Hunt.

That was some good stew Bevers. Yum.

Mala said...

Oh Kris, Wii Fit is a f'ing little bitch who needs the shit kicked outta her!
If that little bastard mutters that sad little disappointed "oh!" when I step on one more time I'm ripping the batteries out!

And lastly, I'm so happy I made it within Elliott's acceptable height limits. SQUEEEE!

Samsmama said...

Even later than Mala...sigh.

Helen has way more forehead than one person needs, in my opinion. She should be a donor.

I watched the interview with Mrs.K and was so happy for her! I loved that when she told her stepfather, "I date women", he said, "Me, too."

Is it pathetic that I tear up at the ending of Overboard every effing time? "A little girl...". Got misty just typing that. Luckily it's on almost daily.

"I just...ate a bug!"

Loved this post! It's sort of like when I was getting US Weekly. Man, I miss that. Seems they stop delivering if you quit paying. A-holes.

Bev said...

Cary - hahahaha!!! Comment WIN. :) Va-giant? SOL for 69? GOLLUM? Love it. Thanks!

NE Girl - I know! Her legs are almost as tall as that other model's whole body. Crazy!

Mala - Glad you liked the stew! The Money Pit is one of those underappreciated movies that is just infinitely quoteable! I can't hear about someone "passing the Bar" without throwing out "You've never passed a bar without going in!"

Samsmama - HA!! Forehead donor? You so funny. :) I totally get mushy at the end of Overboard, too! How could you NOT? That movie is Goldie at her finest, although I do also love her in Private Benjamin and Protocol.

Kari said...

You lost me at everything before and after the Flight of the Conchords shout out. I love those Kiwi bastards. *sigh*

wv - pelyze: a paralyzed pelvis

mo.stoneskin said...

The saw dust in your stew, you use clean fresh stuff right? I mean rather than, um, the soiled stuff from a farm or something.

Bev said...

Kari - I love 'em too! I am their 2nd biggest fan, right after Mel.

Mo - Um, yes. It's mostly all fresh shavings. *cough* Yeah, that's the ticket....