Monday, December 14, 2009

Wrap it up, wrap it in, let me begin....

Hello, my gorgeous and intelligent readers! How was your weekend? I hope you all got to relax and spend quality time with your loved ones.

I have an important announcement to make: I figured out how to redirect the new url so none of your links will change and you don't have to do a thing. Yay - you know how I value laziness in all forms! So sit back, do nothing, and enjoy.

Now back to my regularly-scheduled shtuff.

On Friday I went to Target and spent a small fortune on gifts, finally. I got some good stuff but still have a long ways to go before I'm close to being finished. I'm not gonna stress over it, though. What gets bought gets bought and what doesn't, doesn't. BAH, HUMBUG! ;)

Saturday was very, very cold and windy. We started the day with me cleaning and the boys playing superheroes, which is pretty standard Saturday AM fare. M has discovered D's old Spiderman costume, which is a bit ripped and tattered. My favorite part is the ripped mask, which allows for just the right amount of faux-hawk to pop out.

M decided to keep poor Jim up for most of the night on Friday, so I took the boys out to give Jim a chance to catch up on some sleep. I had a lab appointment at my doctor's office and had to bring the boys with me, which was hectic. Thank goodness they're very quick and efficient at the lab so I could get in and out without the boys tearing down a drape and taking out some viles of blood or something equally disastrous!

Quote of the morning: "It's okay, baby. Mommy doesn't mind a little prick."

I kept the boys out of the house for as long as I could, but eventually we returned home and we had a nice fire, then Jim erected (heh heh) an 8 ft. tall inflatable Santa Claus that my mom got for the boys. We had shied away from it because of its extremely high cheese quotient, but once it was up we all had to admit that it kind of rocks. It's lit up and you can practically see it from space. Our neighbors had all gone Clark W. Griswold on us and have twinkling lights, garlands, candles and all that jazz, so now we finally look like we celebrate the holiday too, however cheesily.

On Saturday night we were invited over to the home of some new friends for dinner. Jim had gone skiing with this guy one time last year and had a good time, and for some reason we just never ended up getting together even though he called us several times asking to do stuff. Just goes to show you that I am Julie the Cruise Director (without the coke problem) on our Love Boat; I plan all the excursions. When you leave it up to the men it takes a full year to coordinate a dinner party.

They're a very nice couple, they have a huge, gorgeous home that makes ours feel about as luxurious as a double-wide, and our kids are the same ages and got along well. Turns out the dad is a bit of a wine snob, and while I'm not snobby in the slightest I do love to drinka de wine, so we got along just fine. He is a collector so for every bottle he opened the price of admission was listening to him wax poetic about the origin of the grapes and whatnot for 5-10 minutes. We just nodded appreciatively and ooohed and aaahed when necessary. Hey, as long as somebody is gonna keep opening $80 bottles of red, I'm all ears.

Quote of the evening: "This wine is opening up now. Do you taste the notes of oak and hazelnut?"

Me: "Yeah, sure." [glug glug glug]

It was a love connection for Jim and the guy and for our kids, who had a ball. I can hang with the mom too; she's a nice chick, but I don't see us being tight friends or anything. She's got that patented "MOM" look down-pat. She's my age, sure, but... well, we're just not much alike. I really don't want to be mean, so I'll stop now and let you all close your eyes and envision the frumpy-ness on your own. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Get the picture? Yeah, I thought you would. You guys are smaht like that.

I don't care how long I live, I will never just give up and embrace the frump like that. I am young and hip and THAT IS THAT, damn it!

Luckily one of my many talents is an ability to befriend and have a good time with just about anyone (especially when wine is involved), and Jim really needs some closer male friends and he has a lot in common with this guy. They went snowshoeing together on Sunday, too. I think it's man-lurve. ;)

Sunday was nice and quiet, just as I like 'em. We went and got our Christmas tree in the morning and then the kids and I stayed home while Jim went off into the woods with his new BFF. We just sat around and watched Christmas specials and played, and the day went by in a blur of Legos and cookies and Rudolph. We had a simple dinner and shuffled the boys off to bath/book/bed, and not a moment too soon.

Quote of the evening: "Life is not just broccoli and corn, Danny."

Did anyone see last night's season finale of Dexter?! HOLY CRAP! I won't spoil it, but... HOLY CRAP! Mind-blowing, am I right?!

Ok, that's all I've got. It's actually more than I thought I had, but you know me - once I get chatting, it's hard to slow my roll. Have a nice Monday, everyone!


Mala said...

I find dragging two rugrats to any professional appointment tends to hurry things along.
Another good hint, if you're ever going to the ER, bleed! They'll get you into a room much quicker if you're ruining the upholstery.

Cary said...

Thanks for reminding me that I need to add "Go snowshoeing" to my bucket list. Just the thought of tromping through the snow with tennis racquets on my feet makes me tremble with glee.

Not on my bucket list: "Spend $80 on a bottle of wine."

Kate said...

I thought that you were going to get all uppity when I read the whole "my own domain" thing, but then I saw the chugging of the Franzia and knew that things weren't going to change.

I am jealous, jealous, jealous of your snow. It's 70 degrees here. Fucking Texas.

Alice in Thunderland said...

Sounds like a good weekend. Mine, not so much.
New reader here. Porkstar or Whiskey girl sent me here, i can't remember who of the filthy bunch was.

I like your blog
= )

Anonymous said...

was she wearing Mom Jeans and a festive holiday sweater? i just don't get those moms. i, too refuse to let myself turn into Madame Frumpsalot.

ugh with the wine snobs! i can totally appreciate an $80 bottle of red, but i don't need to listen to you wax pretentious on its oakey aroma and shit. STFU and drink.

your weekend sounds eerily similar to mine. except, i would never take the children out of the house in order for my husband to sleep in. because there is no fucking way HE would ever be the one to be "up all night" with a kid. (sorry, evidently i have some issues i need to work out. ahem.)

no xmas tree for us this year... just hanukah and lighting the fucking candles on the menorah every night for about the next 4 nights. until we go to my sister's to celebrate MY holiday with MY family. WOOHOO!

love the outofbevshead url. AWESOME!

MtnMama said...

How very cool of you to get your own web address. Thanks for making reading your blog more complicated... ;)

I hung lights outside and the neighbor guys implied that not hanging them using a laser level is breaking some kind of code. Pfffttt! I let them hang like a garland ON PURPOSE! It is ARTISTIC. I love how D is holding M's head so he's facing the camera. What a good brother! :)

As a former food service chick and wine afficionado: $80 is a LOT to spend on a bottle of wine. Snootypants doesn't necessarily have to break out the Chateau le Cardboard, but taking it in the trousers isn't required, either. I knew a Trailer Queen who married a disgusting rich creep and started buying $100 bottles of Silver Oak so that everyone would kiss her ass. It didn't taste any different than the $30 bottles we were served, but it was fun to encourage her to keep spending the money!

Lastly, retaining your style is something you can have for a lifetime, aging be damned. No one looks good in the festive holiday sweatshirt, bells or no bells. Some women just decide that the Mormon look validates them. Rock on, Sista!

Mala said...

Hahahaaha "Chateau le Cardboard" LOVE IT!!!! I'm storing that gem right next to Carton du vin.

WV - shorme... didn't you say you were gonna shorme yours???

Heidi Renée said...

I'm going to give you a pass on the blow-up Santa because you, unlike my crazy neighbor, have SNOW in your yard. It also cracks me up that it is twice the size of your child. Go big or go home!

The Peach Tart said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. I couldn't forget the Dexter ending. Wow. Still shaking my head.

Elliott said...

Wow, new domain! I'm jealous. And by all means, that's a sin. (and yes, I'll be popping in the old skewl hip-hop CD for my drive home).

Man-lurve is underrated. I have very few close friends, and I value them greatly.

And I love $80 wine as much as I like some $10 wine. And having a friend who gives me $100 bottles for free doesn't hurt.

Carol from said...

Yeah my husband has our house lit up a la Clark. I have not done any decorating inside yet, as I had to clean the joint first. Yes, if i'm putting up a tree and garland there can't be any summer dirt in the corners, I know I am so picky.
I love wine too but I am still in the $15/bottle limit, but I'd listen to some oakey fruity ramblins for some private stock.
I can't get in on the matronly thing either. Even if I am size large, no Christmas sweaters or mom jeans here, or jingle bell earrings either. Funny post.

Samsmama said...

One of my favorite wines is a Charles Shaw Chard. I don't want to give away just how cheap it is, but it has the nickname "Two Buck Chuck."

Love the lawn ornament! I'm pretty sure I can see it from here.

Stuart said...

It's Official: your new nickname is Franzia Pleather, which would be a great name for a lesbian bar band.

Just sayin'.

wv - ectio: the Italian term for that stuff that covered Venkman and the boys

Samsmama said...

UGH! I just figured out why I've had "Jump Around" in my head all day.

dogimo said...

The best cheap wine is somebody else's expensive wine.

Bev said...

Mala - Ugh, I loathe the ER. Last time I went (after falling off your horse - D'oh!) I sat next to a chick who I swear had TB. She hacked on my shoulder for 2 full hours before they called me in.

Cary - You & me both, brotha. That's why it's good that Jim has a new BFF, not that he ever expects me to join him on his woodsy treks.

Kate - You're welcome to take ANY of our snow. It's all yours because i'm generous like that! Oh, and uppity? MOI? Beyotch, please. ;)

Alice - Thanks! Any friend of those two hooligans is a friend of mine. Glad you like.

Anony - We usually take turns with the overnight wake-up calls, but lately he has been shouldering the burdon a bit more. He really does get along with less sleep better than I; I turn into Mama Bear. GRRRROWL.

No Xmas tree??! Sheesh.

Bev said...

MtnMama - I know, I know! I worked on the url thing for far too long last night, but like everything else Blogger/Google don't make things very self-explanatory to idjits like me. But I finally fixed it, so TRA-LA! :)

LMAO @ "Chateau le Cardboard!"

Mala - I did say that, yes. I say a lot of things. heeeee

No, I'm saving the next Show Me Yours till after Christmas. I need to find two last pics to scan in for mine.

Heidi - Oh, we have snow alright, and that Santa is no shorter than 8 FEET TALL. Thanks for the pass - we clearly need it!!

TPT - Oh man, Dexter shocked me like never before! Best season finale EVER!

Elliott - Yup. I brought a bottle of Zin that cost me about $15. We drank it first and I thought it was just as good as the subsequent $80 bottles he opened. Go figure.

Carol - Agreed, size has nothing to do with it! Style doesn't have to be trendy either, just wear what looks good on your body, right? And that never, ever includes snowman sweaters. Ever.

Samsmama - Can you see me waving? HIIIIIIII! Love that - "Two buck Chuck." You rule.

Stuart - LMAO! Franzia Pleather? That's totally my new Rock Band persona. Thx.

Samsmama - Ha ha! Gotcha.

Dogimo - Agreed! Free wine is my favorite wine.

Senorita said...

I got a new domain name too, but haven't found anyone yet to help me design the website. Plus, I am just plain broke and too busy for the upkeep. This blog is free and it works for now.

I totally feel you on the frumpy factor. I don't think you're being mean at all. I hope that if I ever marry and have children that I NEVER become the wife that.........

1.) Cuts off my long locks of hair
2.) Wears granny panties
3.) Lets all my hair grow out everywhere
4.) Drives a minivan

If I become that woman, just kill me.

Elliott said...

In your case? Preferably your intestines.