Monday, December 28, 2009

You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

Why hello all of you Who's down in Whoville! How the hell are ya?

How was your holiday? Did everyone get spoiled by the big fat man in the big red suit (or equivalent)? I sure hope so! My Christmas was very nice. I got some lovely and thoughtful gifts and really enjoyed watching my children paw through their new loot. We finally relented and gave D a Nerf gun, and he was jazzed beyond belief when he cracked it open at 6 AM on Christmas morning. The darn thing is like an automatic weapon; you load 35 darts into the chamber (which, incidentally, don't hurt at all when you get pelted with them... ask me how I know) and let 'em rip! I have a feeling we're going to be finding those little buggers everywhere from now on. He's already lost at least 10 of them somewhere in the post-present mess that is my home.

I left my husband at home today with strict instructions to tidy the pig sty in preparation for his parents' arrival this evening. They are staying for most of the week and if I don't make sure things are clean I find his mother passive-aggressively helpfully cleaning out my oven or scrubbing the shelves of the fridge. Trust me, there's nothing like finding your mother-in-law folding a laundry basket full of your ugliest, most tattered period underwear to motivate you to get the chores done before they show up!

On Saturday night we went to an "Ugly Sweater Party" at Laurie & Mark's house. I'm pleased to report that we don't own any ugly sweaters despite my Aunt Carol's best efforts in that area, so I went to Walmart and found a perfectly hideous top for myself. I thought I'd win for sure, but then Laurie's friend Karyn showed up decked out in a snowman sweater with matching earrings, necklace, and socks. She blew me out of the water, and that was one contest I honestly didn't mind losing.

On a side note, last week on Facebook I posted something about having over-tweezed one of my eyebrows. So I'm standing in the kitchen chatting away when our friend Ric blurts out, "I can't stop staring at your eyebrows!" Crap! Lesson learned.

I decided to let the boys look like their usual adorable selves with the exception of D's hair. After his bath I had formed it into a spiky faux-hawk and he LOVED it, so out came the hair products to make it official. He was completely psyched to sport the 'do all night, but Jim wasn't as psyched. He is totally anti-hair gel, which is why my husband is a grown man who rocks a bushy bowl cut no matter how well it is cut. Whatev. I pick my battles.

Our friend Mark designed his own sweater. Looks nice, right?

Look closer:

HAHAHA! Is it any wonder that we are friends?

Towards the end of the evening we cracked open their new Beatles Rock Band game and rocked it out for a while. So much fun! A little birdy told me that we're getting that game for Christmas this week as well, and I can't wait. New Year's Eve jam session, here we come!

This is BY FAR my favorite photo from the whole holiday season:


On Sunday D and I joined the Mala clan for lunch and a movie. We saw the Alvin & The Chipmunks Squeequel and it was... a movie. Mala was cracking up because I made it an hour and forty minutes into the film before leaning over to her and saying, "Well, now that's just improbable!" Yes, folks, I managed to suspend my disbelief during a movie about singing, talking chipmunks right up until they pelted a 6 foot tall man with their tiny little motorcycle helmets and made him fall down. That, well, that I didn't buy. No sir.

ANYWHO. It's another short work week for me. In fact, I'm only working for a few hours today and all day tomorrow, then I'm off for the rest of the week. YAY, me! I have a couple of special posts worked out for your entertainment this week, so stay tuned for those!

I'm going to be eating lettuce and drinking H20 all week in an attempt to lose the 4 lbs of fudge I've packed onto the ol' derriere recently. *sigh*

Enjoy your days, luvs!


Mala said...

Those are some awesome pictures Bevers.

Yesterday was a blast. We'll have to do it again soon... except next time I'll leave Joe home, and ditch the kids, and watch something that doesn't suck. So really, we won't do it again soon. We'll do something far less sucktastic, yes?

Shannon said...

I made sweaty, dirty, peanutty love to my mom's peanut butter fudge. I was good for me, thanks for asking. You got you some cute kids. You can always send your mother in law my way and have her clean my hovel. I am 34 and single and I swear I make twice the mess ten kids make.

Elliott said...

Yay, Nerf! And they really should sell refill packs of those darts, they get lost all the time.

PorkStar said...

Well Santa didn't bring me crap because apparently I was in the "hell no" list. Cheap bastard.

Nice pic Beavers, glad to hear ya'll had fun.

MtnMama said...

Our little 7 yr old buddy has that same Nerf gun and YES -- I find those things in the oddest places. (don't ask) I suspect that I'd rather walk on those unexpectedly in bare feet than one of the million or so BEADS that my daughter got. But no hamster, so I really can't bitch. (or can I?)
My elderly mother was up on a ladder in my living room cleaning my ceiling fan the last time she was granted entry. So I feel ya.
(yes, definitely hide the underwear before they come!)
I adore the pictures of your little rock stars. LOL at your husband's hair - I've noticed that. Sounds like you had a much livelier holiday than I did, but what else is new? *mwah!*

Harmony said...

Love the picture of the kids rocking out..awesome! Austin received one of those Nerf guns, this year for Christmas, too! I love me some Nerf gun war. They DO sell refill packs of the bullets..but it's just more bullets lost...our lawnmower just loves to eat them up. LOL!

Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!!!

Samsmama said...

Sam saw the first picture and immediately whined, "Aww, I wanted that!" News to me. Ungrateful spawn.

Love the reindeer sweater! That is pure class!

Ok, my husband does the same thing with movies. Like point out that there's no way "that dude" could lift something that heavy by himself. But, um, you're totally cool with the premise of Transformers battling it out in the desert? Alrighty then.

Glad you all had a Merry Christmas!

Bev said...

Mala - I agree 100% Next time we need less moping and more drinking! See you Wednesday! :)

Shannon - Mmmm, fudge! I'm glad you had a nice holiday. I'd love to send my MIL over to your house, but my brutish FIL has to go with. It's a package deal.

Elliott - Oh, they sell refill packs. Oh yes, yes they do. FML.

Porky - No love from Santa? He must have read your blog this year. D'oh!! One lump of coal, comin' up!

MtnMama - Yeah, the nerf stuff doesn't hurt to step on... but that's where the umpteen million LEGOS come in. GAH!

No ZZ pet? However did you get rid of the robotic rodent?!

Harmony - Ha, death by lawnmower? Awesome. Something to look forward to this summer!

Samsmama - Sorry 'bout Sam's Nerf-Envy! Oooopsie!

Your husband and I would get along great at the movies, clearly. I'm all about overlooking the obvious problems and honing in on the subtle plot deficiencies! HA!!

Alice in Thunderland said...

nice pictures Bev!!!! I think I want one of those sweaters haha... glad to read you had a lot of fun.

Senorita said...

Your children are adorable ! I hope your hubby actually listened to you and cleaned the place.

I can relate to an old woman rifling through my laundry and seeing my dirty undies. My landlady will sometimes go through my room and tidy up, despite the fact I politely ask her not to. It is mortifying to know that she saw my dirty clothes.

Glad you had a nice Xmas. I did too and got to see my grandparents.

The Peach Tart said...

I love the photographs. I've got some pounds to lose too. But I'm still going to eat and drink to excess for the remainder of the year.

Bev said...

Alice - Thanks! I'll put in your request with Marky-Mark. I'm sure he could whip something up for you!

Senorita - I'm glad you had a nice holiday! The image of your landlady sifting through your dirty duds is cuh-reeeepy....

Stacie's Madness said...

love the picture of the tree all lit up and the presents surrounding it...

then the picture of you all lit up in your hidieous shirt...what a fun idea for a party, seriously, I might have to steal that next year. ;)

Love your friend's sweater, that's classic.

The picture of your boys, in their matching sweaters is SOOOO SWEET...and love the rockin out one. sum this up, YEP FUCKING LOVE THIS POST, every bit of it.

Kate said...

Your bud Mark would be the perfect candidate to receive the gang-banging mustangs as a gift. He obviously has a thing for four legged creatures engaged in explicit acts.

Since no one else wanted to know: Bev, how do you know that Nerf darts don't hurt?

Bev said...

Stacie - Thanks, girl!

Kate - How do I know? Because now, instead of saying "we don't shoot at people," I've changed things to "NOT IN THE FACE!" It's just a losing battle through-and-through!

Stacie's Madness said...

"not in the face" is a lesson he will be able to carry on through his entire life...

just sayin

Kate said...

I suspected it was something like that. We've adopted that rule as well.

Jillinator said...

love the Nerf guns... and the comment about "not in the face!" being a good lesson for his whole life made me laugh so hard Ric had to see what I was cracking up at :)

oh, and about the eyebrows... he said it because he couldn't see any difference (he IS a man so he didn't even notice when I colored my hair from dark brown to auburn). That being said I didn't notice either :)