Friday, January 22, 2010

A Friday quickie

Just so you don't all think I've gone and fallen off the face of the Earth, I thought I'd throw something up here on m' blawg for you. Pardon me while I stick my finger down my throat.

Today S-U-C-K-E-D massive ball sack. My boss was a whirling dervish of dinkery, and Murphy's Law was in full force. My crap job bores me, so I won't go further into detail for you. Suffice to say that the highlight of my meager working existence today was a hastily-slurped bowl of low fat chicken noodle soup eaten standing up in the kitchen while I hid from my boss. Go, me!

Now that I've finished my work and am about to blow this frozen banana stand I thought I'd show you a couple of things that made me laugh this week. Just a couple, though, because I really do mean to make this quickie short and rough sweet!

First off, there's's list of the 12 Worst Photoshop Mistakes. Because I love the expression, "unhinge your jaw," I think this one is my favorite, though it was really hard to choose just one fave:

Btw, there are tons more of these at the Photoshop Disasters blog.

Did you know there's a whole website devoted to videos of cute things "exploding?" Yeah, me either, but you do now. You're welcome. Note: the cute things don't really explode because that would be sick and wrong. They just use the magic of graphic animation to make it LOOK like the cute things are exploding, which is only sort of sick and wrong.

Behold, my fave:

Last but not least, I stumbled across this little demotivational portrait of writer Hunter S. Thompson and decided it is my new motto. Sure, he was a drug-addled freak, but I'm not gonna let that stop me from diggin' it.

There. Aren't you glad you stopped by? I know I am.

Have a great weekend!


calicobebop said...

Love Hunter S. - he's the bomb-diggity.

Happy WEEKEND!! No work for TWO WHOLE DAYS! (somebody take the allcaps away from her, she's gone bonkers!)

Salt said...

AHHHHHHHHH!!! That JC Penney ad scared the everlivingcrap out of me!! I think that might be my new favorite website of all time.

I hope you have a lovely and relaxing weekend, my dear! Sorry your day was chock full of suck. *hugs*

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

That was a quickie~! I am avoiding work and playing in blogland. Can't hide from the boss though because I'm self employed. Thanks for the wonderful links!

Cary said...

I got nothing for the pics, but I'll say this: I used to work for an asshole, too, but realized I could do that and be self-employed at the same time.

:::: slide whistle ::::

Try the potato bar, it's fabu.

Senorita said...

Sorry your day sucked hairy, smelly balls.......

I love cute things, but oddly I wasn't offended when that cute little furry kitty exploded into flames.

I think I even giggled.

Elliott said...

As a general rule, I am in shock and awe at the vast number of blogs in my reading list referencing 'the vom' as I read this morning.

I love the spontaneously combusting kitty, because I'm wrong that way.

Sorry work sucks. Work sucks all over. I proudly have a mere four days left of the old suckitude before I start the new and hopefully marginally less sucky job. That means only four more days of people begging me to stay.

Plus, today is National Pie Day, so how can I be sad today?

Mala said...

I totally heart that exploding kitty video. That's wrong, right?

Anyway, I hope your evening was far better than your work day. I envision that it produced some good blog-fodder.
(it's like I'm psychic, eh?)

Have a fabulous weekend.

Carol said...

I know I am still Fear and Loathing where ever I go, thanks Hunter S.

Sorry about your week, mine was pathetically brutal as well, have a good weekend...c.

New England Girl said...

Have a wonderful weekend! I looove the surprised kitty! :)

MtnMama said...

Probably the single best thing about the Internet, besides Google Maps, is that I get reassurance that the twisted sense of humor I've always had is by no means rare. I could have used knowing there were more people "out there" who like the same things I do - oh, like 35 years ago. But it's good now, too.
Hope your weekend is a LOT better. *mwah*

Bev said...

Calico - YES! I AGREE! ;-) TGIF!

Salt - Love "chock full of suck!" You make me laugh, lady. Have a nice weekend too!

Happy Hour - Well, at least when the boss is a bear you can tell her to go to hell & not get fired, right?

Cary - Ha! See the comment above.

Senorita - I'm glad you giggled! I know I did....

Elliott - Work does suck! I hope your new job sucks considerably less.

Mala - Yes, our evening was terrific! Just what the dr ordered. Can't wait to put together our "Pornographic Booze Bottles" post!

Carol & NE Girl - Enjoy your weekends too, sweet girlies!

Mtn Mama - Better late than never!! :) *muah* back at cha!

onebadmamajama said...

Today is my Friday WOOT! I know all about work sucking big hairy ball sacks. LOL But, I'm going use my powers of repression and muddle through tonight cause then I'm off for TWO WHOLE DAYS!

LOVE the exploding kitty! :)

Have a great weekend!

TheDaily Wit's, ahem, Testicle Holder said...

You make it sound like sucking a massive ball sack is a bad thing.

I think I'll now start a site for cute cuddly ball sacks to rival the me haz cheeseburger/kitten thing.

dogimo said...

Man, what is it with people's jobs sucking? Seems like everybody! Where are all the people who LOVE their jobs? Even the rock stars half the time, it's grouse, grouse, grouse. I better not hear Obama complaining! You wanted that job, dude!

I can't even conceive of that missing jaw that came about. Maybe the original shot had an undesirably specific background, I guess. That's disturbing. Her friend seems to be looking at it, too.

w.v. - "mylses" - minor greek deity, patroness of ill-advised workplace romances.

Bev said...

OBMJ - Hope you had a great weekend!

TDW - Um, wow! Nice new name. ;) Oh, and I meant to add a "not that there's anything wrong with that!" to the ball sack thing, but I forgot. In the right situation, sucking ball sa-- um, never mind.

Dogimo - Yes, it's a riddle isn't it? Why does everyone hate their job? Wish I knew.

Jillinator said...

Exploding kitty was... GREAT! (I join the rank of those with a twisted sense of humor). Sorry last week sucked rotten eggs... new week, new start, right?