Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From the Vault


Sorry about the misfire yesterday! Some of you noticed (and bless your hearts for that) that I posted something yesterday and then deleted it before anyone could read it. Oops! I just wasn't feelin' it, so I took it down. No biggie!

I'll make it up to you today by showing you some mildly-embarrassing photos from my misspent youth. Just a few snapshots from my life, nothing too racy today, but be sure to check in tomorrow when I join in on the Lilu's TMI Thursday fun!

For now, we're opening the Vault:

July 1986
Check out this hot ticket in her polyester mini skirt in the July 4th parade! I grew up in a small town in Vermont; not born a poor black child as you may have previously heard. I twirled the baton, and badly. Later I would go on to play the flute, also badly, in between dancing (badly) and doing gymnastics (you got it, badly). Regardless of my lack of dexterity and grace with my baton, I had my glory days, like this one.

Spring 1995

In college I was a big theater nerd. I took every class offered by the Dept. of Theatre and spent most of my free time working on shows. For my advanced stage make up class I needed to find a friend with very short hair to do a bald cap on; any hair longer than an inch and a half looked bulky under the thin latex caps. Since all of my friends were rich kids in a hippie phase, the person I knew with the shortest hair was a girl, my friend Erica.

Here's my masterpiece! Bald caps are tricky - lots of adhesive, base, etc. but I got an A. :)

Spring 1997

Last but not least. This picture cracks me up! Here's a very young Jim on one of the few occasions that he managed to drag me up and over a mountain. We did an overnight trip up Camel's Hump (heh heh, hump) in Vermont. It was beautiful but the mosquitoes nearly carried us off the mountain, and physically it was just hard as hell. Bev no likey.

So here's Jim and his bowl cut admiring a scenic vista. Is it just me or does this look like either a posed Sears portrait OR as if he's sitting on an invisible toilet?

It's his impeccable posture, I think. IDK.

Anywho, hope you enjoyed this little peek into my vault. Have a happy day!


Kate said...

Did you ever find your special purpose?

Liz Tee said...

Invisible toilet. Heh. :)

I got to read yesterday's post in my reader -- it must've propagated before you yanked it -- but I already forgot what it was about. The joys if mid-life....

Elliott said...

Is it just me, or is that an invisible baton, too?

I found the common thread between the photos! Invisible baton, invisible hair, invisible toilet!

Sorry, I'm far too anxious for something productive to do while I'm stuck on a conference call.

MtnMama said...

Love your baton twirling outfit! I had a similarly unremarkable youth - filled with goofy uniforms, stage performances, and parades! It helps to be an enthusiastic person who doesn't mind (too much) making an ass out of oneself. At least I've had a lot of fun! ;)

Heather said...

"sorry for the misfire"
That's what he said!
Haha! Sorry had to.

I love old photographs. Makes me feel less old. Sometimes.

Mala said...

These are fabulous. And I think that Ty-Ty would agree that you worked that first photo head-to-toe. FIERCE!

Can you do that bald cap on me? And then we could go Karaoke?? Please? We would make such an awesome couple!

Looking forward to the TMI!

Hee hee, word verf: supseus - How Dr. Seuss' homies greeted him.

Bev said...

Kate - I'm still a Jill of all trades, master of none!

Liz Tee - Well, oddly enough, I'm glad it wasn't memorable! :-p

Elliott - The baton is there in my right hand!

I like the invisible theme. I think what's really missing from my first photo my pride.

MtnMama - Yes, it does help! I did everything from 4H to ballet, and I'm glad.

Heather - NICE one!!

Bev said...

MALA! Your return to commenting these past two days has been MOST TRIUMPHANT! So glad to have you back.

You have way too much hair for a bald cap, but could I interest you in a nice receding hairline/long mullet? For karaoke I will be your backup dancer. I'll do the robot and the wave while you rock it out.

'Sup Suesse!

Elliott said...

I'm just not seeing the baton. Darn that primitive 1986 film technology!

My WV is 'trout'. No joke, just amused that it's a simple word.

Mala said...

I have major makeup to do! I'm not even on the top commenters roll call. FAWK!

And since I already rock the receding hairline (fuck genetics!) I'll take you up on the femullet. Throw in a little "running man" and you got yourself a date!

jessica o said...

Kate! You took the words out of my fingers... you know, because I'm typing not talking.

Bev, only you can pull off that blue polyester number. Love it.

And, I so missed ya!

Frank Irwin said...

I don't know, Bev, from what I hear (though I haven't seen photos), you play the flute pretty well.

Nice work on the bald cap, but wouldn't it have been quicker to just shave her head?

onebadmamajama said...

Damn! I hate that I missed the misfired post! Love the old photos, though! I'm pretty sure Sears Portrait Studio uses old toilets for folks to sit on whilst taking their pictures!

Cary said...

The marmots hate it when you shit near their holes. I learned that the hard way.

You were always a cutie, Bev. Even bald.

wv: erstr

"You say 'oyster,' and I say 'erstr'... let's call the whole thing off."

Salt said...

Jim is reminding me of the Carrey variety from Dumb and Dumber with that haircut. :)

I love throwback pictures! You walked in a parade and everything? That is something that I always wished I could do. I would even be willing to pretend I know how I twirl a baton to make it happen!

tracey said...

Jim's bowl cutted potty pose made my day. We've been snowed in since last Friday & I'm getting a little stir crazy, so that actually helped. >: )

Bev said...

Elliott - Getting old sucks, eh? Heeeee, I kid, I kid. See the little white blob between my right hand and my face? That's one end of it. It's parallel to my right arm in "marching position!"

Mala - You know I'll do the Running Man! WOOT! Also, welcome back to the Funky Bunch.

Jessica - Wow, it has been a long time! Welcome back. You know I can rock the polyester!

Frank - Only my beaver plays the flute well. I suck at it!

OBMJ - I would totally pay for a Sears portrait on the john. Maybe I'll just photoshop one in!

Cary - Aw, thanks! I've never been bald, but I bet I would rock it. Though I'd rather not try, thankyouverymuch.

Nice Marmot!

Salt - OMG, you're right. I married Jim Carey. Shoot me!!

Tracey - I'm glad I could make you giggle! This snow thing is getting crazy!! Hope you get dug-out soon.

Senorita said...

Love the bowl cut on the hubs !

dogimo said...

There's something very weird about time. Today's kids of baton-twirling age look like kids, you know? Kids!

But then you see a photo like this one, here, and...look, I don't know if its the hairstyles or the fashions or some weird embedded time-signature, but somehow it just takes you back to when you were that age, and you're like "OW! Jump back! Who's THIS hot-ta hot-ta chimichanga?"

Anyway, that does NOT make me a pervert.

jessica o said...

Also, Bev, I should tell you that when I watch whatshernuts on 30 Rock, Alec's latest love interest, and hear her Boston accent, I think of you. There are so many grammatical things wrong with that sentence. Wicked hard.

Heidi Renée said...

I didn't know you're a closet theater nerd! No wonder I like you. I spent more time in the green room during high school than I did in the classroom.