Friday, February 19, 2010

OOBH Stew: Hot and tasty

Hey now, sexy bitches! T.G.I. mothalovin' F, am I right?

Hope you've all survived another week and are looking forward to the weekend. I've got a date with my special lady friend tomorrow night which will most likely result in more tales of being sandblasted, waxed, and plucked within an inch of our lives by non-English-speaking women who seem to find all body hair abhorrent. Bless their hearts.

For now, I've got another delicious batch of stew for you, so put on your plastic lobster bibs and dig in! This could get messy.

WTF is that?!

I found this picture this week and immediately right-clicked that bad boy because I know you all love it when I gross you out/scare you. I sure hope this this was Photoshopped!

In Ga-Ga we trust.

Apparently there's some sort of trend going on right now where people deface old GW on the one dollar bill and make him look like everyone's favorite freak-bitch-monster! Since you know I dig the Ga, I'm all over it.

Lahve lahve lahve!

Rosie the terrorist

As if she could be any LESS attractive, right? I mean, seriously. Ew.

I am a closet lolcats fan.

I got a chain email this week that I not only did not delete before reading (sorry, Aunt C.), but I actually giggled at some of the contents. These two in particular made me smile.

Last but definitely not least:

Are you watching Modern Family on ABC? No? Well, why in the name of Blog not?! It is seriously the funniest show since our dearly departed Arrested Development. I love every single thing about it! Here's a taste - if you tell me this doesn't make you laugh, I'll ask you to have your funny bone examined.

Btw, the hilarious and beautiful Sofia Vergara is also a thyroid cancer survivor. HOLLA, sistah!

The similarities don't end there, obv. I mean, have you SEEN her amazing rack? It's almost as nice as mine!


Have a nice weekend, peeps! The Bev loves you.


Elliott said...

Surviving the week, barely. One of the greatest joys of working at home: the lunchtime nap.

Just sayin.

Liz Tee said...

LOVE Modern Family! My daughter got me hooked when she was home on her visit last month. Here's some dirt: When she and her roommate (her 'gay husband') first moved to NYC, her roommate briefly dated Jesse, the guy who plays Mitchell. Her comment "I know more about that little boy in bed than anyone should." LOL!

Stacie's Madness said...

i just started dvring Modern Family, it makes me chuckle...and I'd totally consider going gay and motorboatin those boobies. Just sayin

Heather said...

I watch Modern Family every week, or tivo it.

I think you are much hotter than that chic.

I am never disappointed in your stew.

MtnMama said...

Not sure if I have yet "survived" the week, but I'll keep ya posted, k?

Your stew is tasty this morning, sweetie! (bite me, Frank) but esp the Modern Family clip. oh, yeah - love that show.

Speaking as a gal with a not-so-bodacious rack, I see the resemblance to Sofia. You are both gorgeous and funny; works for me!

Bev said...

Elliott - I envy the lunchtime nap SO MUCH. I tried that once, but the space under my desk was a little cramped.

Liz - Ooooh!! Awesome scoop! I love that actor. Is he as nice as he seems IRL?

Another interesting note - did you know that the actor who plays Cam is NOT gay? Crazy, right? ACTING!

Stacie - Aw, thanks! Wait, did you mean me or Sofia? Never mind.

Heather - SWOON! You rule, lady! Thanks so much.

Sweetie-Dahling - Of course you love MF! You and I are totally sympatico on the humor front. :)

You can get through this week, I know it! YOU CAN DO IT! :)

Go sweetie, GO!

Heidi Renée said...

I have been known to partake in a lunchtime nap or four or five during my workday. Gaga bux should be adopted as official US currency before some Caribbean nation beats us to it.

And your boobs are totally better.

Frank Irwin said...

1. Love the sloberrin' seal.
2. Is that last GaGa pic an egg being attacked by a bunch of sperms?
3. MtnMama, I would if I could.

Kate said...

Dang it Bev, you are NOT allowed to get me hooked to another show.

Okay fine. I'll watch it.

Mike129 said...

I like a little lolcat -- some of them are great!

Unfortunately, I have not yet been in a position to judge your rack. I am all for correcting that with your assistance. :)

Mala said...

OMG! There's goes my idea that seals are all cute and adorable! WTF, indeed! I guess after years of being chased by a-holes with clubs, you'd get a little pissy too.

The Ga Money vid just makes me wish a had drawing talents.

And I LOVE Modern Family! Hazzah! Finally a show we BOTH watch.

See you tomorrow night Sista!

BigSis said...

I lvoe Modern Family and am an LOL Cats addict. It gets scary when I start talking like an LOL cat...

Bev said...

Heidi - I *heart* "Gaga Bux!" <3

Frank -
1. I knew you would.
2. No.
3. Is that love in the air... or lust? I always confuse those two.

Kate - YOU will love it. Srsly. You will. LOVE. it.

Mike - Oooh my! (fanning self) is it hot in here?

Mala - YAY! Modern Family has united us at last. See you tomorrow!

BigSis - that must be something to see/hear!! Hilar!

Anonymous said...

psychotic seal made me lol.

i couldn't see the GaGa photoshop picture for some reason.

rosie the terrorist also made me laugh, but i also did a little frowny, hiccup-burp-vomit thing at the same time.

lolcats irritate me a little bit with that fucked up TEH INTARWEBZ language. it also doesn't help that i hate cats, but i do smile a bit here and there occasionally when someone fwds me one. :)

during the episode when he said "two things flaming at once", it was hi-fucking-larious! the actors on this show have perfect timing - every single one of them. I LOVE THIS SHOW! can you tell? heh.

yay for friday! i love Bev Stew!
Sooo meaty!

MJenks said...

I haven't seen her amazing rack.

But then again, I haven't seen yours either.

So, I can't really compare.

MJenks said...

Oh, and here...I found this lolcat recently and it amused me:


Frank Irwin said...

Nice one, MJenks.

Liz Tee said...

Bev - my impression was no. :)

Audra said...

I love the one where the baby is locked in the car

Senorita said...

Waxing hurts like a bitch. I don't know how you can stand it.

Those pictures are hilarious, but I didn't see your rendition of Ga.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that I nominated you for two blog awards because me love you long time !

onebadmamajama said...

I managed to survive this week AND I officially got my days off changed so this really is my Friday! YAY ME!

Tomorrow is going to be me sleeping the majority of the day away because NO ONE will be home!

Have a great weekend!

Bev said...

Anon - OMG, I freakin' love "a little frowny, hiccup-burp-vomit thing!" I did the same thing when I saw it, which is how I knew I had to share. :D

Also... I love YOU. But you knew that.

Jenks - You haven't seen my rack? Holy crap! I know, I know - it has been winter for quite some time and I do keep the girls under wrap for logistical reasons. But still... wow!

I shall rectify that immediately, never fear.

And that lolcat is the FUNNIEST (and grossest!) GD THING ever!! Thank you!

Liz - Awww, bummer!

Audra - I almost chose that very scene today, but this one made me LOL more.

Senorita - Yes, it hurts. No doubt about it. But, I'm a dark brunette, so I'll do just about anything to avoid the "instant 5 o'clock shadow" effect, if you KWIM.

Besides, it's worth it for the humiliation of having a tiny Vietnamese woman scrutinize my hoo-ha. Well, besides Tila Tequila, that is.

OBMJ - YAY for a normal weekend schedule! And double yay for sleeping late tomorrow!! ENJOY!

calicobebop said...

Yay for OOBH stew. I keep wanting to pronounce it "boob" stew. But, I'm sure that's not what you intended... *ahem*

Also - yay for lolcats. You know I'm an addict!

dogimo said...

Man, being loved by the Bev is like...damn. Does that really mean me? Wow. Damn. "Holla"!

Love you back, Bev.

tracey said...

LOVE Modern Family almost as much as Arrested Development. Both have given me more happiness than chocolate. Well, that's not a good example, I don't really like chocolate, so lets say more happiness than Merlot.

"Well, we got married & 5 months later...we were 4 months away from having you!"

and yay for sofia being one of us! suck it breast cancer!

laurieliz said...

LOOVE Modern Family!! And are we still debating Gaga's femaledom? Seriously! She is not THAT manly!

And, Girl, YOU DO HAVE AN AMAZING RACK! I have seen it and can testify! BTW, just bought you and eggplant corset top! Who has your back?

tracey said...

my daughter asked me today "which hurts more: period cramps or a kick in the balls?" i gave her the "really? is that a real question?" & her response was "i guess we could ask lady gaga". for realz.

mo.stoneskin said...

I need to find me a dollar to deface.

Salt said...

GA FOR PRESIDENT! That's awesome!
Also, I am going to have nightmares tonight about that seal thing. WTF is going on with that?!?!

I'm a loud and proud lolcats fan! I'm always taking pictures of my guys with the intent of captioning them. No shame, my friend. :)

Kate said...

I'm a closet LOL fan, too. Sigh. If they weren't so freaking FUNNY!