Friday, February 5, 2010

Pour some Friday on me

Hello, cheeky monkeys! Sorry to dump on ya yesterday, but thanks for the nice comments and for bearing with me. As is almost always the case, once I purge on my blog I usually end up feeling better the next day. Call it an "Airing of Grievances," if you will.

One last thing about this voice crap that I have to tell you because it's kind of funny - you don't realize what role your vocal cords play in your every-day life until one of them shits the bed on you. For instance, swallowing is hit or miss (stuff goes down the wrong tube a lot - STFU fellas) which makes me cough, and I currently cough like a 90 year old with emphysema (NTTAWWT), and last, well... yesterday I sneezed a couple of times and BOY was that a shocker! It sounds like an explosion! CRAZY! I am soooooo lady-like. *snort*

BUT, it's getting better - BECAUSE IT MUST - so I'm going to ignore it and move on.

Shall we walk & I'll show you some funny things I've been collecting this week? (linking arms)


First off, we need to discuss two of this week's many Facebook memes. The first is the Urban Dictionary one which involves going to Urban and typing in your first name to get the definition, which you then post to your FB profile. A lot of people couldn't post their first UD name meanings because they were too dirty for Facebook; since that's NOT a problem here at the OOBH, I invite you to share them here in the comments section! Personally, I loved mine and would have it tattooed somewhere on my body if I were into that sort of thing, which I'm not. Check it out - disregard the last line.

one who is bringing sexy back; one who is a mammajamma; one who is straight up gangsta; one who is a BFF; one who takes M-Diddy to prom; one who mingles with chemistry teachers; one who has hott buttery buns; one who is hillbilly

YEAH, baby! I love-love-love it. :) What's yours?

Secondly, there's the one where you're supposed to change your avatar to your celebrity doppleganger, but that didn't work for me because I don't resemble anyone famous! What can I say? I'm one of a kind....

When I asked my friends who I looked like they said:

Liv Tyler & Lauren Graham.

After I stopped laughing and thanking them profusely, I told them I didn't see it.

Do you have a celebrity doppleganger? Who is it?

What about the celebs themselves? Who do they pick as their FB dopplegangers? According to Holy Taco:

Last but not least, I found this funny website where an actress-type chica makes webisodes of a show she calls "Very Mary Kate." She plays everyone's favorite anorexic monkey troll/actress and they're all short and really FUNNY! This one's my fave:

Very Mary-Kate, Episode 3 from Mary-Kate Olsen on Vimeo.

So that's my funny shtuff. Hope you liked it as much as I did!

Big weekend plans? I'm just hanging around with my kids this weekend because my BIL is coming to take my husband out of my hair skiing. Will I be watching the Super Cornhole? Nope! Since there won't be anyone around to force me to pretend to enjoy it for the sake of the overpriced and overhyped commercials, I'm gonna skip it. Will I still buy and eat hot wings? You bet your sweet bippy! Bev likes her chicken spicy.

Have a nice weekend, all!


Elliott said...

I'm glad your spirits are improving. I didn't do the facebook thing, because I'm not a joiner. And I have no celebrity look-alikes since Brad Pitt filed that restraining order.

I bet my sweet bippy once and lost it, so I don't gamble anymore.

Except with out-of-date milk. My record is three months past with no ill effects.

UD: An excerpt: "A guy who loves sarcasm more than he loves himself."

But my favorite, and I'm ordering the t-shirt:

"A man that is found to be very articulate, intelligent, worldly, well-traveled, handsome, creative and considered at the top of his game in regards to marriage material and if married, considered to be a king among men."

Because it's good to be the king.

Organic Meatbag said...

Haaaa! Yes, Luke Wilson is quite reminiscent of Fat Bastard these days...and I never could find a doppleganger for myself...except for a goat's ass...

tracey said...

UD: Tracey: A beautiful and sophisticated woman that will probably never give you the time of day. Generally Traceys have advanced degrees, wear very high heels and know that you are not worthy.
"I tried to buy that Tracey over there a drink, but she was having none of it!"

calicobebop said...

Urban Dictionary:

1. a girl who is secretly a slut, but maintains a clean image.

2. Just about the most coolest person you'll ever meet. a girl so is very mellow and laid back. about the hottest they'll get.

Which is all true, of course.

Secondly - I'm Molly Ringwald circa Breakfast Club. Wish it was cooler!

BTW - I totally see Liv Tyler you hot thing you.

Salt said...

My firewall at work is the suck and I can't watch the vid until I get home, but it sounds marvelous. :)

I hope you have a merry weekend and try to not swallow too many things down the wrong tube.

I didn't participate in the Facebook celeb thing, but according to this website that I uploaded my picture to, I look like Celine Dion. WTF.

I can totally see Lauren Graham, BTW.

Stacie's Madness said...

I don't know who I look like, besides me.

hope you enjoy your weekend.

MtnMama said...

Since we've already discussed some of this, I'll spare the others, but I do totally see the Lauren Graham, plus I've always liked her. (sucks to look like someone you don't)

The vid was marvelous. I am jealous of your non-participation on Sunday. I am dreading it already. *sigh*

WV: Shaff. That's what I got when I agreed to watching the superbowl.

Cary said...

hott buttery buns

You sure that's butter?

Bev said...

Elliott, or should I say, Sir Elliott, King of the Nerds? Awesome comment, dude. Good luck with that milk thing. Blech!

OM - Go for the Blobfish! Worked for Frank.

Tracey - Hey, if the shoe fits.... You're such a Tracey!

Calico - Another uncanny definition! Love it, ya ho-bag. Ha ha!! Thanks for saying I look like Liv. maybe if I added some collegen to my lips....

Salt - You are WAY prettier than Celine. Sheesh. Then again, the My Heritage site told me my #1 match was Marcia Cross... so it's crap!

Stacie - and that's good enough, you hottie, you!

MtnMama - Have fun watching the gaaaaaaaame. (said in my best bratty little sister voice)

Cary - Good point. It's probably Smart Balance. What? I'm dieting!

Senorita said...

I'm glad that you're feeling better.

I can definitely see your resemblance to Lauren Graham.

I've been told that my celebrity doppelganger is Adriana Lima. (Of course that was when I was a little skinnier)

onebadmamajama said...

Urban dictionary;

1.A strong, opinionated woman who lives for the day.
Rhonda can be a bitch.

2.A nice,down to earth,good looking woman. She is one in billion. She is a crazy girl in all the right ways. The most beautiful wife a guy could ever have. No one tops her.

Rhonda is so awesome. I wish I could have a girl like her. If I could have her it would be like winning the lottery.

3. a dependable gun, usually no less than an AK-47, a thug's best friend. Made famous by Pastor Troy

Help me Rhonda.
Some fools tried me so I introduced them to Rhonda.

I told ya'll I was OBMJ;)

I'm working on the famous person meme. I can't really think of anyone off the top of my head;( After all, I am one in a million lol.

Bev said...

Senorita - OOOH, good one! You're a lucky gal.

OBMJ - You ARE one in a million and a mammajamma!!! Rock on wit' yo' bad self, girl.

Heather said... heather "Beatiful, creative,smart,spontanious, girl who would be a good catch to bring home to mother. Who is down right sublime." There were many more but this one was the bestest!

Word to your momma! Tehe

Also, I will be watching the Super Bowl because I am a huge football fan and even though NONE of my teams made it in, I still can't pass it up. Enjoy your kid free day!

Frank Irwin said...

Frank: A name for a old man who thinks he is still attractive to young women, usually wears speedos at the beach.

Young woman: "You need help with your bags sir?"
Old man: "No but I need help getting my cock up your ass"
Young woman: " Get away from me Frank!"

Cary said...

I don't get it.

Cary said...

Oh, and as for celeb look-alikes, I get Kevin Spacey a lot, which is okay I guess, except I have all my hair, thanks.

Jillinator said...

Good to hear you're starting to feel better! I already let you know my urban dictionary definition but for the fun of your awesome blog readers (could be "awesom blog" or "awesome blog readers"... you decide) here's mine (I don't think I've added extra letters to my words this time but since I'm too lazy to proofread... oh well if I did ;) )

1. jill
the "girl" a guy is taking home to have sex with.

this girl is really his hand, that he is going home to masterbate with. hold it up and the fingers spell out J-i-l-l. ... See More

makes him sound cool, even though everyone knows he's pathetic and can't get any.

guy1: "me and my girl had so much sex last night"
guy2: "yeah me too, i met this fucking hot chick named Jill."

but I do like # 5...
5. Jill
The most beautiful girl in the world. she is an amazing girl that once you look into her eyes she will make you fall in love with her. she is a keeper ♥ . She is an intelligent girl and a boss =]. she is kind and sweet and you can never get enough of her. she is a princess and deserves everything she desires =].
Jill is an amazing girl and i am glad that i have her. she is my princess and everything.

1 is freaking hilarious though ;)

oh, and my avatar was Tina Fey but my husband says it should've been Tina Fey as Sarah Palin

Brooklyn ML said...

1) When a man sticks his penis into a ducks mouth forcing to quack wildly;
"Johnny don't look!"
"Why Mommy?"
"That man is Maeghaning that poor duck."

2) To use tweezers to rip a mans body hair one by one. Usually a long, painful process.
"Hey Beatrice you see that man over there."

"Yes Noah, he sure is in for a life scarring maeghan."

Hmmmm, bestiality and torture. That sounds about right.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Lauren Graham, you say?

Well...don't mind the shuffling noises you hear out in the bushes under your windows. That'll just be me, perving it up.

Be a dear and leave some paper towels out there for me, would you?

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...


After I posted that comment, the new word ver was "comer".

The internet, it be pervy.

Kate said...

Glad you're doing better Bevvers!

Apparently my celebrity look alike is a mexican boy, gael garcia bernal. No shit. Lovely. I might need a makeover.

Pam said...

Pams tend to be very outgoing, long haired , funny people. They can always make you smile and are the kind of friends that you can never get mad at. And of course Pams are the type of people you can tell all your problems to! :]

Doppleganger - I have been told, Mary Louise Parker and Alanis Morisette.

I can totally see your resemblance to Lauren Graham!