Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What makes my Happy happy this week

It's a Tuesday that feels like a Monday here at my crap job, so I thought I'd tell you all about a few odds & ends that are making me feel all warm & fuzzy lately. We can all use warm & fuzzy feelings, can't we? I thought so.

Peppermint Tea.

Simple, soothing, aromatic peppermint tea. Aaaahhhhh... feels so good on my throat, smells so yummy, and hopefully will make my stubborn left vocal cord feel like singing again! Eventually.

Tik Tok by Ke$ha.

I tried to ignore this song. I really, really tried. I didn't want to like it, and I honestly don't have room in my life for yet another blonde pop star with overly auto-tuned vocal tracks. But this song... dudes, I just don't know. It must contain crack cocaine, pure & simple. The first time I heard it I thought, "Ugh, this sucks. Go away, Ke$ha!" Then I heard it again and started to do the old head bob, then a little shoulder shimmy made an appearance. Next thing you know, I've downloaded it and am full-out car-dancing and making a fool of myself at stoplights. Oh, the shame!

Now, like all good addicts, I want to get you hooked on it too. Try it - you'll like it!

That girl is a hot mess but damn if I don't find her adorable. Crap! It's just a great party/dance tune, what can I say? I can see myself grooving to it in Laurie's convertible! I can see myself peeling Malomatic up off the dance floor after she decides to examine the club's carpeting up close!

In related news, GAWD, I need a night out!

Leap Year

I saw this movie last weekend. Even though I'm not usually a huuuuge rom-com fan, I do like the odd chick flick from time to time and I adore Amy Adams, so I was eager to see this one. Plus, it was filmed in Ireland and I like movies with nice scenery, so sue me.

It was a-freaking-dorable. I loved it, and not just because Amy is cute as a button and the male lead is handsome and has a fantastic accent, though none of that hurts. It was just a sweet little movie - no big surprises, but the way my life has been lately, I don't want surprises! I want nice, and this movie was just that: nice. I likey.

This Old Spice commercial:

I'm sure it debuted during the Super Bowl, but I don't watch that shizz so I hadn't seen it till the other day. Holy crap, we laughed so hard! I actually rewound and played it back, something I never do with commercials. I just love it! Nice job, Old Spice. Hilar!

So there 'tis. Stuff I dig right this very minute. Hope you dig it too!



Salt said...

I tried SO hard to hate that song. I'm going to have to skip the video you posted because it's already been stuck in my head for about a week and I don't want to make the situation worse. :)

I totally thought today was Wednesday, so I'm a day ahead which SUCKS. I hate thinking that the weekend is closer than it actually is!

Frank Irwin said...

That auto-tune crap is driving me bonkers. It's like aspartame. I didn't mind it when it first came out, but now I can't stand it.

Maybe if Ke$ha was cuter, it'd be tolerable.

Yes, that Old Spice was well done.

Cary said...

I'm with Frank. I can't handle that song. I'm digging Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, though.

Elliott said...

I like the song, it has that 'American Bandstand' quality to it. Will I remember who sings it, or know that it's anyone different than any of the other club grind songs out there? Never.

Because I'm old and I can't remember things like that.

And I think I need some of that tea this morning.

wv: fessit - c'mon, fessit! You'd hit ke$ha if she offered...

Mala said...

Ke$ha is the chick that sings on FloRida's "Right Round"... another catchy tune that I wanted to hate but ended up jammin' to at every opportunity. She supposedly didn't get a penny for her efforts. Cheap skate.

This post makes me warm and fuzzy.

And that Old Spice commercial is awesome.

I'm on a horse.

Mala said...

Oh and I REALLY wanted to hate that Alicia Keyes/Jay-Z song "New York", but it somehow became...cough.... very sentimental to me.

MJenks said...

I, uh, adore Amy Adams, too.


MJenks said...

Oh, and this answered my question from this morning, as to who the fuck is Ke$ha and this Tik Tok thing?

It's apparently one of the top five most downloaded songs right now.

I learned that by watching The Weather Channel.


The Weather Channel and I are going to have to have another talk, aren't we?

dogimo said...

I'm loving the track to that tune. But seriously, she's holding out for a dude who looks like Mick Jagger? She knows Don Knotts is dead right?

That Old Spice commercial is pure gold. Two tickets to that thing you love.

Bev said...

Salt - Between this song and anything Rihanna burps out lately, I'm hosed. My iPod doesn't know which end is up!

Frank - It is like aspartame; no nutritional value, tastes ok at first but isn't as good as the real thing... with mildly addictive qualities. Also, may cause cancer, but whatev.

Cary - just wait... it'll grow on you. muaahahahahahahahaha!

Elliott - I'm pretty sure Ke$ha is easy to hit. Just sayin'.

Mala - I f'ing love that song too. SHOOT ME.

"Look at your man, now back at me. Look at him. Back at me."

And yes, that NY song kicks serious ass.

Mjenks - The weather channel, eh? You are too hip for words, my friend! Seriously, your finger is on the pulse of pop culture! :-p

Dogimo - "Don Knotts!" LMAO! Also, how gross is that dude in the video? Plus, he looks nothing like Mick. Sheesh.

MtnMama said...

Pure awesomeness, Bevvers. My morning started out with my girl getting all pissed off at me because I "didn't tell her today was a school day!" - uuuuuggggghhhhh!
So I needed this funny, upbeat post! I had no idea about Ke$ha, so thanks for keeping me in the loop, yo, although I'm feeling a bit like Frank on the synth stuff.

Old Spice commercial is FUNNY! and he's hot, and that's nice when it's FUNNY.

Come to Colorado and I'll take you on the Celestial Seasonings tour. It's fun. And you get samples at the end. And it smells good. I drink that stuff all the time. Yum!

Lindsey Himmler said...

I'm pretty sure Ke$ha has some kind of contractual obligation to look like a hot mess wherever she goes. And maybe I'm crazy, but I think she'd be fun to party with!

Anonymous said...

i don't know the ugly blond pop tart song. but the fact that she spells her name with a fucking dollar sign? annoying as $hit!

i hadn't seen the old spice commercial until now. VERY well done!

i am FAIL when it comes to knowing what fucking day it is anymore. after 2 fucking weeks stranded in the house with my darlings, i was SO ready to get back into the office today. yeah, me and eighty fucking seven million other DC drivers... FML.

calicobebop said...

Oh. Gawd. That is the funniest commercial since Terry Tate Office Linebacker. Diamonds! I'm on a horse!

Thanks for the pick-me-up - I sure needed it.

Bev said...

MtnMama - Oh my, that sounds like one of my oldest son's whiney moments. Kids! So unreasonable. >:-(

I would LOVE to come to CO and go on a tea tour with you! I mean it. Don't tempt me.

Lindsey - no doubt! Just be careful - I think "skank" might be contageous!

Anon - Yes, the $ is a bit much. I read somewhere that she added it to her name after not being paid to sing back up tracks on a bunch of hit songs. So there's that.

Glad you're not house-bound anymore! Hope u can avoid the traffic on the way home.

Bev said...

Calico - You're very welcome!! Glad it helped. :)

laurieliz said...

As you well know, I luuuuuOOOOVVEE that song! I have already made it a friend's ringtone and just kinda grove a little when she calls me instead of picking up right away. I can just picture the 3 of us gals after a long night of dancing at some beachy dance club (Hampton?) getting all hot and sweaty, throwin on some cuteness and headin to the MINI to ride along Rt 1 with the top down and hearing this...As a former party girl turned mummy, I remember and yes, YES sometimes miss the days when it was the norm to wake up after a long night of partying to get it together enough to go out again and again...I, too, was a mess...but a cute one. So, yes, yes and Triple YES...let's do this...this summer...

Loved Leap Year...Was cute and light and fun...even though where did she get her outfits? Bostonians DO NOT dress like that...and they accents themselves... Her BF was a (word of the night) TOOL!

Loved the commercial and yes it was on during the Super Bowl which you really should not boycott...think of the pizza, beer and wings you missed out on? Travesty!

Melissa said...

I like it the first time around. I'm popping/dancing in my chair right now... I also couldn't get over Sexy Back for a long time... ahem. What? I like dancing!


*Hanging head in shame*


Still dancing in my chair though.

Kate said...

I have a strict policy that the only music I listen to be performed by people who only use letters in their name. I hated to drop Prince when he changed, but I had to.

Amy Adams rocks. I want to be her when I grown up.

Well played Old Spice, well played.

Jillinator said...

all good stuff :) now I had to listen to the damn song and found myself movin' to the groove too.

SP said...

Woman, you make my Happy happy! Who the hell is that chick in the video and why can't I stop singing it now. She's like Pink. I have no idea why I like Pink. She's infectious like a disease you can't get rid of. That's it. Pink and that chick are the Herpes of music. Only in this case herpes is fun... wait... yeah.