Monday, March 15, 2010

I haz bad breff.

GAH. I'm a wreck today, folks! The time change yesterday really f'ed with my routine & kept my kids up way past their bedtime, so this morning we all overslept. I haven't set my alarm clock in almost seven years because my kids never sleep past 7 AM, so this morning when I woke up around 5-ish to more dark skies and the patter of rain on my window I rolled over and snuggled back into the blankets figuring the kids would be awake soon.

Well, not today. Today I cracked an eyelid open and saw that it was already 7:30 and we need to leave the house by 8:05, so I was a whirling dervish for the next 35 minutes. I mananged to get everyone up, fed, clothed, shod, and into the car on time, but now I'm sitting here with dripping wet hair, glasses instead of contacts, no caffeine coursing through my veins, and missing a rather crucial button on my pants. Oh, and the clincher is my bad breath, because I was so rushed I forgot to brush my teeth after leaping out of the shower in record time. BLECH!

But I made it to work, and only 20 minutes late! Yaaaaaay...?

First order of business (after I finish complaining and grossing you all out with my stank mouth) is to go next door to the grocery store and get myself coffee and a muffin and a travel-sized toothpaste/brush kit. Thank goodness my boss is not coming in today so I can take my time collecting my fuzzy thoughts. I also just MacGuyver'ed my pants with a paperclip, so I'm feeling a little more put-together already.

Other than my hectic morning, the weekend was fine. I had a killer migraine on Friday so I just came home and crashed, but Saturday the fam and I went shopping and bought my youngest his "big boy" bed. Then we had the Malas over for dinner and a movie, but it was pretty low-key. We basically just ate too much and then lay around like bloated ticks. Yeah, I know -- we are so hot! Try to keep up - we's outta control!

On Sunday I spent the day slipping in and out of consciousness. What? I've been overtired lately! It rained all day so everybody was a bit sluggish. We just watched movies, did laundry, napped, and grazed all day.

Since this post has been kind of a big fat turd, I'll reward you for reading it with the world's most boring music video. I've been listening to this song obsessively for two weeks now, but just now when I found the video to share with you I'll admit that it's kind of a stinker. But the song is cool, so ignore the zombie-like performance by the fugly band, okay?

So there it is. How were YOUR weekends? Do anything fun & exciting? SPILL.


MtnMama said...

Your frantic morning made me smile - I am not a morning person and it took, literally, almost a half hour to peel the mattress off of M this morning. Didn't help that it was (unusually) grey, foggy, and cold. Had to throw the overhead lights on to simulate sunlight and harrass my child into wakefulness.

We got one great nice day and one snowy wet blah day, and I got to spend 2 hours helping my folks with their computer needs long distance. Yay! But I did get to dance with my girl on Friday night, and that was pretty great.

(oh, and there's a toothbrush in my purse at all times, for just your kind of morning!)

Mala said...

Rainy, shitty weather... my washing machine is dead - leaving me nothing to wear other than sweats, my basement is flooded and the Ca-Ca-Sucka truck just pulled in to rip up my lawn in order to find the septic tank... I thought my day couldn't get any more dreary... but after watching that video.... it some how did.

Thank you for a fab Saturday night. You rock the Tikki Masala!

New England Girl said...

A fun weekend, but I hate mornings like yours was today. I have overslept a time or two, and I HATE the rush. It's so unnerving. And the not brushing the teeth? Worst. Feeling. Ever. Ugh.
I hope by the end of the day you're feeling a bit better. :) Stupid DST

MJenks said...

*sniffs* Does anyone else smell garlic?


Salt said...

It seems like frantic mornings has been an ongoing theme this morning! This time change is throwing everyone off in one way or another! I couldn't fall asleep until around 3am because my dumb ass took a nap yesterday plus losing an hour. You would think I would have learned my lesson the other 100 times I've done this.

My weekend was low key also. Got my name changed and my hurr did. That's about the extent of the excitement.

Bev said...

MtnMama - Long-distance tech support for the 'rents? Ugh, kill me.

Totally stealing your perma-travel toothbrush idea!

Mala - Sorry to worsen the drudgery of this day! Seriously, it's a great song if you don't look at who's singing it. Eesh.

NE Girl - yes! Stupid DST. I say we skip it from now on. Can we do that?

Mjenks - Pucker up, baby!

Salt - You're right! I saw a bunch of FB updates saying ppl were oversleeping today. Maybe it's the rain covering the entire northeast on top of the DST!

Btw, your new hurr is KILLER. Love! IT!

Whiskey Girl said...

I totally agree with you on the time change shit - screws with me for a week or so before I get back to normal.....

Stacie's Madness said...

hahaha, oh bad breff...I WOULD DIE, if I did that...just sayin

Heidi Renée said...

"Bloated tick" looks good on you. I did my best impression of one of those all weekend. I didn't even leave the house. Not once. I did get goofy on rum twice though, so hey, why bother leaving when the fun's at home?

Senorita said...

When I saw that picture, I immediately thought "cock breath".

Please pray for me and ask Jesus to forgive me for my sins.



Heidi Renée said...

Oh wait! I did do something exciting. I filled out a couple of basketball brackets. On one, MSU wins, on the other, KU wins. The madness starts on Thursday!

Bev said...

Whiskey Girl - Me too! This time was particularly grueling.

Stacie - It was no fun, for rlz.

Heidi - Ooh, getting silly on rum sounds like fun!

Senorita - HAHA! I can't believe I didn't think of that! Hilarious!

Heidi - I know that's about basketball, but other than that, I'm lost. :D

Cary said...

Frantic mornings are awesome.. and frequent in my house. We always oversleep and it's like a scene out of the Keystone Kops, except with the sound of my child yelling and whining. Good effing times.

Ok so I'm halfway through this vid and wondering... does anybody have a gun I can use for a second? I only need one bullet. Thanks.

jessica o said...

I was thinking about going back to working in an office instead of from home, and then I read about your morning. Cured.