Friday, March 12, 2010

OOBH Stew: It'll stick to your ribs

T to the G to the I to the F!!!

As promised, I've prepared a savory stew for you today. It's a little chunky, but something tells me that you won't mind. Get out your sporks and dig in!

Ingredient 1: Gaga's skinny dancing bod.

Let's start with the MUCH-ANTICIPATED new Lady Gaga (featuring Beyonce) video for Telephone! WOOHOO! It's a good day for us little monsters, isn't it? It's not so much a music video but a mini-movie; it's gorgeous and filthy and I TOTALLY DIG IT, despite those handful of bizarre product placements.

NSFW due to some language, violence and some mild girl-on-girl action! Hop in the Pussy Wagon and take an adventure with Lady G & Beyonce, won't you?

Pretty outrageous, right? I think I'll be watching that about 100 more times today. I love how the Ga poked fun at her own rumors early on with the, "Told ya she didn't have a dick" comment!

Ingredient 2: Gary Busey's Tweets

I don't care for Twitter. I keep trying to like it because more and more friends join every day, then I get an email saying, "So-and-so is now following you on Twitter!" so then I feel guilty about never twatting. Well, the other day I was telling my friend Laurie about how I don't get why Twitter is so popular and she told me that I needed to be following Gary Busey, STAT.

Holy crikey, was she ever right! We all know Gary is looney toons, but hearing the crazy come from the (giant-toothed) horse's mouth is nothing short of sublime!

Btw, he's actually not just insane, but he's hysterically funny too. Who knew?!

Here's a selection of some of his recent tweets:

So, Corey Feldman and I now need a new 3rd for our 3-on-3 basketball tourney this weekend. Who wants in?

I've got to go change a diaper. And I have to change the baby while I'm at it.

#Imtiredofseeing people saying "I'm unfollowing you". It's like a hooker telling me I was bad in bed. I don't care! Just get in the trunk!

I just got a painting of David Carradine, and I hung it in my closet.

And that, my friends, is how Gary Busey made me love Twitter.

Ingredient 3: Samsung knows about your profile pic.

HA!!! I love that. It be funny 'cuz it be true.

Ingredient 4: Something tender - an example of excellence in advertising.

I don't know why this commercial gets me right in the throat, but it does. It's just nice to see people doing nice things and acting kindly towards each other, I guess. I know - I'm a big softie. What can I say?

Sorry for all the videos, but it has been a visual kind of week I guess!

Ingredient 5: Goodbye, Corey Haim

I grew up watching Corey Haim's craptastic films, so I'd be remiss if I didn't even mention his death in today's stew. As with all celebrity deaths I always remember where I was when I heard the news that they've finally snorted or injected their way into the afterlife. In Corey's case, I was in the dentist's chair with the hygienist's gloved fingers in my mouth. Awesome, and kind of fitting, yes?

R.I.P. Lucas. We'll always have The Lost Boys, won't we?

Have a good Friday and an excellent weekend!
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Rich Girl Red said...

Love the Ga vid! It's nice and raunchy first thing in the morning.

I heard about Gary Busey's tweets from a friend and they are truly funny. I usually have to reread them because I can't believe he said THAT! Wicked humor.

The Samsung video is inspired. It should make folks on the dating sites ask for additional information (and photos!)

Thanks Bev for starting my day off with some giggles and a snort!

Elliott said...

I just couldn't make it through the whole 10-minute vid, but I did see enough to confirm all my suspicions about women's prison.

And now I need this. How cool do you suppose it would be to rent that truck for your next visit to LA? Obviously it's available from some agency, I just haven't found it. Yet.

And yes, Busey's twit is good. Still can't do it.

Bev said...

RGR - So glad to give you a snort & giggle! I like raunch first thing in the AM, don't you? Gets the blood pumping.

Elliott - I know, the length of the vid is daunting. Even I saw that it was over 9 mins long and kind of groaned inside, and I love the Ga.

And yeah, prison seems kinda fun. I think I'll knock over a liquor store later.

laurieliz said...


did you hear that Telephone is supposed to be a continuation of Paparazzi? And ya, what up with all the lame prod placements? grr

Love Busey's tweets and ALWAYS saying "oh no he didn't..."

Poor Lucas! More and more people going from prescription drugs. Gotta send some of these doctors to jail!

Hope they get to be in Gaga prison...?

And, of course, you know Im all about the artsy fb profile pic. That is just good manners in my book! Do I want to hurt peoples eyes with me in bad lighting and no makeup? No! I do it for the people!

Jim said...

Happy Friday baby! I had to comment on how much I like twatting as the verb for twitter. Also love the Busey reference. My favorite quote of his is from Entourage. "I will pull your endocrine system out of your body."

Stacie's Madness said...

the gaga video just is f-ing crazy...and yeah kinda makes me want her, um, I mean like her even more....

Gary Busey is crazy...but i like crazy (see above about gaga)

Frank Irwin said...

Women's prison duds have changed a bit since I was in the slammer.

MtnMama said...

Well, RGR said it for me, but I thought I'd still chime in.
Have you seen the new Amex commercial that features the guy from Patagonia? That one choked me up. But it was an emotional day yesterday. My dentist had bad news. Not a celebrity death, just the death of dreams.
Who knew Gary was so sharp?

Mala said...

Wow am I full!!! Deeeeee-lish!

The Gaga video was awesome! I too enjoyed the loud and clear (OK, well, blurred out) answer to the long-standing *giggle* does she have a dick question.

Gary Busey IS batshit crazy...and yet, surprisingly lucid.

The Samsung clip confirmed many suspicions... Well done.

Corey, Corey, Corey... seriously if and when I ever off myself by overdosing, please don't let it be cold meds! I'm hoping it'll be far more illicit and FUN!

And hey, was that Jim that just strolled on through?

tracey said...

Loved this chunky post. I didn't bring lunch today so I'll fill up in this instead. Better for my hips anyway. Can't wait to start following Gary Busey - who knew he could compose a coherent thought let alone get it down to 140 characters?

MJenks said...

I think Gary Busey just made me love Twitter, too.

Mike129 said...

Sadly you are all video/audio centered here, and the sound has just decided to take a holiday on my laptop From just viewing the vids (without sound), I can say:

- The Gaga/Beyonce vid looks tasty! (And the product placements are very strange.)

- The video on how to take you profile pics is excellent! I might have to steal some of those tips. :)

Bev said...

Laurz - Good manners! LMAO! Love that.

Jim - Whoa, what are you doing here? Um, I mean... thanks for stopping by! :) Now get outta here, I have decent people coming over.

Stacie - Yes, sometimes crazy does up the sexy factor! But not in Gary's case....

Frank - When were you in a womens prison?

MtnMama - Ok, I have to know about this death of dreams thing. Are we talking the death of eating hard foods?

Mala - I agree, if I'm gonna OD I want it to be on something that makes everything look like a Tim Burton film.

Tracey - Exactly! OOBH stew is always low-fat!

Mjenks - Oh, you will LOVE his tweets. I chose some not so out-there ones; there are way worse ones. I recently retweeted "Spit on it before you sit on it," for instance.

Mike129 - Your pic is already adorable! I can't even see your Frankenstein bolts!

tracey said...

mw again - there are about 10 different gary busey's on twitter - which one are you following?
i posted my "7" - that was fun. : )

laurieliz said...

GaryJBusey and add the less often but still funny nick_nolte and thatkevinsmith won't regret it!

tracey said...

sweet! thanks! that's a lot of exclamation points for two words. bringing it down a notch. thanks.
: )

tonya said...

ok watched the gaga video twice lol, it was interesting, and corey haim, yeah that sux, makes me feel really old!!!

Heidi Renée said...

Go figure I arrive on California time and the Gaga video has already been pulled. Off to Youtube, then...

Heidi Renée said...

And now it works. Magic!

Senorita said...

I love Lady Ga Ga, but I really do think she is a hermaphrodite.

No way that face is all woman.

I won't join Twitter. If I did, all I would be tweeting about is the massive bowel movements I've been having lately.

onebadmamajama said...

LOVE the Samsung true!

Poor Corey Haim! Lost Boys RULE!

Elliott said...

Actually, San Dimas High School football rules, but that's neither here nor there.

Gaga was on 'Jonathan Ross' last night, I'm far more impressed with her now that she's proved the over-the-top clothes aren't there to make up for a lack of musical talent. She rocks the piano!

Frank Irwin said...

Gary at the Oscars.

Melissa said...

Sorry I'm always late!

I love the Samsung ad, I may repost on FB. The Liberty Mutual one is sweet. I'm a huge sap too. Huge. I've been known to cry at...well, anything, really.