Friday, March 26, 2010


Mornin', friends! Well, we've survived another week and all I have to show for it is a raging headache from the Bloody Marys I enjoyed last night during ma' stories. Actually, that's not entirely true - this week I picked up three new followers! Huzzah! Welcome, new peeps! Make yourselves at home; I'm glad you're here. Only seven more till I hit the 100 follower milestone - I'm oddly excited! I am not sure what I'll do to celebrate that momentous occasion but I'm pretty sure confetti will fall from the ceiling and you'll hear champagne corks popping. I really am very easy to please when it comes to the blog. ;)

For now, hunker down and grab a slab of bread to dunk in this week's OOBH Stew, won't you?

First up, I found this during my interwebz travels this week & laughed:

Hot Pockets

This one has been making the rounds on Facebook this week, with good reason: it's hysterical. I especially love this clip because Jim used to take Hot Pockets to work for lunch all the time. One day about two years ago he (finally!) got sick of them and hasn't had them since, yet his cow-orkers still ask him every day, "What, no hot pocket?" He hates it! Ha ha!

Anyway, here's comedian Jim Gaffigan riffing on the frozen mystery-meat concoctions:

Speaking of the hubster, last night he turned to me during a commercial break in my beloved 30 Rock and said, "I gotta tell you, the more I think about this Hot Tub Time Machine thing, the more I wanna see it."

After I stopped laughing I asked him why, and his reasoning was oddly sound. We're both fans of screwball comedies; it's no secret that I have a rather juvenile sense of humor on occasion. Jim is also an avid skier so he loves movies centered around ski slopes, and he was aghast last night when I admitted that I've never seen Hot Dog. He thinks HTTM looks a bit like Hot Dog, so he's in.

I've recently heard it compared to the uber-funny movie The Hangover, so maybe it is worth a look-see?

Sure, the first time I saw this confection with the idiotic title I thought it looked stupid and wondered what had become of John Cusak's management, but Jim is right; the more I see the previews, the funnier it looks. Of course, I might end up a little bit dumber after watching it, but whatever. That's the price you pay for comedy sometimes, ain't it?

Funny cast, screwball antics, no mental heavy-lifting? I guess I'm in, too!

Next, in the "funny yet wrong" category, my BIL shared this yesterday and I admit that I giggled:

So there it is! Hope you all got at least one good chuckle out of this round-up. I know I enjoyed collecting stuff this week, as always.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Elliott said...'ve NEVER seen 'Hot Dog'? How is that even humanly possible?

jessica o said...

Loved the card from your BIL. Really, I don't want to live longer. kidding. James and I sing "Hot Pockets" Gaffigan style on a regular basis. It's a house fave. We are total nerds; whenever we watch Super Troopers we replay the meow scene over and over. Love me some Gaffigan.

And oh dear God, poor young Peter. Shame on his mama!

Mala said...

Doooood! I'm totally in to see HTTM! How 'bouts we go ahead and scoot the kids into Alice in Wonderland while we make a break for HHTM?! What? They'll be fiiiiine.

Elliott said...

And I just saw the link in your sidebar for 'Bang Your Head'. Thanks for killing what little productivity I had left for the rest of the day!

WV: Brousts - they just sound droopy, don't they?

Liz Tee said...

We love Jim Gaffigan. My son even has an official Caliente Pockets t-shirt. Plus, Jim is a Hoosier like me, David Letterman, and Kurt Vonnegut.

Bev said...

Elliott - I know! That was Jim's exact reaction. He informed me that he'll be bringing home Hot Dog and a 6-pack on Sunday after his ski trip. ;)

Jessica - I think the Hot Pockets theme song will become a regular feature in our house as well!

Mala - Totally!! Let's do it! Or we can just make Joe watch all of the kids while we grown-ups go see the silly movie. *evil cackle*

Elliott - Yup, that's a fun site! You know I'm a big fan of big hair.

Liz - I don't know much about him, but I will be on the look-out for more of his stuff in the future. Funny dude!

MtnMama said...

I love Jim Gaffigan. I especially enjoy how he does the little bits of "reaction of others" asides, because I do that - to the annoyance/confusion of my friends/coworkers. It pleases me to see Jim Gaffigan do it, too. :)

I've never seen Hot Dog and I am looking forward to HTTM. The concept amuses me.

And the card from your BIL made me snort. I love snarky humor.

Have a great weekend, Bev! I'm in 6 year old birthday heaven this weekend, so let the good times ROLL! :)

Elliott said...

MM, why is it that to me, six-year-old birthday heaven would be a weekend withOUT a six yo's birthday party?

And Bev, the 80's were rife with awesome ski movies. You have, at least, seen Better Off Dead, right? I know it seems a stupid question, but really, no Hot Dog makes me question all of reality.

MJenks said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the Peter Griffin kid isn't named Peter Griffin. His real name is Justin Spaeth.

But, like my boss said, you wonder who he pissed off and what he did in order to get that person to photoshop his name like that.

MJenks said...

I love me some Jim Gaffigan. I have a soft spot in my heart for pale blond guys from Indiana. For obvious reasons.

AND...I'm the same way with HTTM: the more I see the commercials, the more I want to see it. Even though I know it's going to be terrible.

"Hot Pockets..." That's some of your best work since "By Mennan".

Bev said...

MtnMama - Thanks, girly! You have a great weekend too, and Happy Birthday to the Divine Miss M!

Elliott - Don't question reality all THAT much, bro. Of course I am down with Better Off Dead! Give me SOME credit. ;) As a matter of fact, I could quote that all the livelong day. It's in my repetoire!

Don't worry - I'll fix the Hot Dog gaff this weekend, I promise.

Jenks - No bubble bursting, I figured it was Photoshopped! Poor Justin - as if it didn't suck just looking like Peter Griffin, but to become a viral internet sensation worthy of a Snopes entry? If that doesn't make him call Jenny, I don't know what would!

And yes, I've heard nothing but good things about pale blond guys from Indiana. I hear they have really big... feet.

onebadmamajama said...

Normally, I wouldn't give HTTM a second look, but if it's from the same guys that did The Hangover, then I'm all in!

For the record, I have never seen HDTM, either.

word verif: alogna...bologna's lonely sister:)

laurieliz said...

Mmmm....Love Gaffigan and have seen and love the hot pockets sketch...

I am with Elliott, how have you never seen Hot of the first boobie movies I saw!

Will def. see HTTM! Mark and I have been saying the same thing!

Love the card!

jessica o said...

I got this award yesterday, and it has to do with sunshine, which makes me think of you. Lucky you. Go get 'er.

wv: scouncur - scoundrel and cur mix. A hermaphrodite dog.

Bev said...

OBMJ - You made me giggle HARD with "alogna." Well done!!!

Laurz - So funny, because I remember seeing Hot Dog in the video store as a little kid. I'd be there with my dad and sister, picking out a couple of movies (not to illegally dub or anything, 'cuz that would be wrong) and I always wanted to get it but Dad said no. He had no problem with Revenge of the Nerds or any of the rest, but for some reason the bikini'ed bimbo on the front of HTDM gave him pause....

Jessica - Thanks!

dogimo said...

I definitely want to see that movie! I'm interested to see which spacetime model of the universe it invokes to resolve the inevitable time paradoxes!!

Nah, I'm kidding. It just looks good.

Nej said...

Hmmmm...I don't believe I've ever seen Hot Dog either. Even worse, I don't know as that I've even heard of it. (gasp!)

HTTM is on the list of movies I want to see. The first time I saw the trailer, I just sat there, in silence. I couldn't decide if it looked funny or horrible. :-) Love me some John Cusak I'll give it a shot. :-)

meleah rebeccah said...

I *heart* Jim Gaffigan! His stand up on bacon kills me every single time, as does his Hot Pocket bit!

My brother is dying to see Hot Tub Time Machine too, and I do love me some mindless comedy, so I might check it out.