Thursday, March 11, 2010

Seven is my lucky number

Hey there! I'm sorry I've been MIA this week. I just wasn't feeling it and didn't have much to write about, so I just... didn't. But I know some of my regular readers may have noticed my absence; in fact my sister texted me this morning to make sure I wasn't out on a ledge somewhere. I assure you that I'm perfectly fine, not depressed or even overly-busy, just having a prolonged case of the Mondays this week!

Oh, and I won't be taking part in the fun of LiLu's TMI Thursday this week, but go on over there and check out her linkies if you need a dose of debauchery! I don't feel like sharing this week, I feel more like hoarding. I'm sure I'll get my blogging mojo back in time for next week's post though, so never fear!

I think I shall unearth something I wrote a few weeks ago instead. The lovely and talented Señorita recently gave me an award, which made me all a'tingle! Here it is:

Isn't it purty? So homey and... um, crafty. Why is it spelled wrong, you ask? Who f'ing cares! It's a major award!

The rules:
List seven interesting things about myself and then pass them along to seven others.

My conundrum: how do I choose just seven? I love you all equally! I'm a good mama and I don't play favorites. At least, not that you know. HEH.

So here we go. Seven things about La Bev:

1. When I was 13/14 my friend and I were really, really into The Cure. We used to dress up like lead singer Robert Smith and take pics of each other. My mom would get back the packets of developed film and be so ticked off when she'd find photo after photo of us mugging in full-on "goth" garb.

2. I secretly played with Barbie dolls until well after puberty. Long after they'd been packed away I would sneak up to the attic to play with them. My favorite was a Hawaiian doll I called Miko. I had a little girl-crush on her, for realz. She was so pwetty....

3. I went to three, count 'em THREE, Lollapaloozas. In a mosh pit at one of those shows I received a cut on my left eyebrow from my then-boyfriend's tooth. I still have a tiny scar there, which is why I wear my hair over that eye.

4. I like the smell of diapers (in the morning). Not used ones, sickos, but a nice new package of Huggies or Luvs. There's just something so clean and comforting about the scent, and it reminds me of when my babies were little bitty things and not 6 year-old 4'4" brutes with giant stinky feet that are almost as big as mine.

5. In college my friend C and I numbed our brains with pink champagne and our stomachs with frozen hamburger, then we pierced each others belly buttons. Oddly enough, mine got infected and the stud fell out shortly thereafter, but she kept hers for in years. Obviously I am the superior piercer among the two of us. Oh, and you guessed it - I still have a tiny scar. Seeing a pattern here? Who needs tattoos when you've got mad skarz?

6. Last month I sent/received 3,400 text messages.

7. I'm a supernatural mumbo-jumbo junky. I believe in ghosts even though I've never seen one myself, and I have my fair share of psychic moments, but they're never very helpful. I sometimes know things about people that I have no business knowing or I'll know when something is going to happen right before it does. Of course, it doesn't seem to help me pick lottery numbers or anything handy like that. In fact, I have supremely bad luck with the lottery; I've only played a few times and every time I don't get ONE SINGLE MATCHING NUMBER.

Which is why I'm still working at my crap job, obv.

There you have it, 7 facts about yours truly. Now, to tag 7 lovelies.... I'm going to go ahead and pick 7 newish followers because I'd like to learn more about you. No offense to my other regulars - you know I love you long time!

Let's do this thang.

Carol at By The Way

Mike at I can't believe she's still single

Kate at New Life

Mike129 at Livin the Dream

Salt at Salt Says

BigSis at Speaking of Witch

Heather at The Truth As I See It

Spilly spilly, peeps!

Anyone else who wants to play, please go ahead and grab the award too, ok? I really hate leaving people out. See? That's an 8th fact about me that I'm throwing in gratis. You're welcome.

I'm already working on a lovely batch of stew for tomorrow, so bring your appetite for destruction!


New England Girl said...

Haha, I loved these seven tidbits! How fun... and girl, you are certainly not lacking on scars! Bad ass, if you ask me. :)

Mala said...

You know I love some tidbits!
This gets me thinking... you've never suffered a single scar from any of our adventures. I don't think we're trying hard enough. Must rememdy that immediately!!!

In a related note: I'm trying my hand at indoor skydiving this weekend. Care to some with?

Elliott said...

In my history of cell phone ownership, I have sent perhaps 34 text messages. I'm not counting the email I've sent to clients from my phone, because that's email and has to be grammatically correct and complete.

I HAVE missed you this week. I've been moping about my office wondering what I did to deserve such punishment.

And I have some cool scars, but they never come from cool things. I'll need to make up new stories for them all.

Senorita said...

Awwww, thanks Bev !

I've missed you !

I like the smell of new diapers too.

I got my navel pierced on new years eve 2005.

I took it out last year, just to clean it, and when I tried to put it back in, I couldn't. I bet it's closed up now.

I want it back, but it hurt like a bitch to get it pierced in the first place.

Mike said...

Thanks Bev. Sorry I don't miss anything about diapers clean or other wise.

Frank Irwin said...

I played with dolls when I was a kid. Pre-school. I had three older sisters, what did I know?

No, they weren't the inflatable kind (the doll, not my sisters). I didn't start playing with those until much later.

Have fun with your indoor skydiving, Mala, it's harder than it looks! I did it in Vegas many years ago. On a subsequent trip, I asked someone where the place had gone, and they said that they had closed up shop because someone broke their neck. They've since re-opened, though, so I guess they have that "kink" worked out.

MtnMama said...

This may have been one of my favorite posts. I've got to run off to the dentist now, but I'll be reading up later!

tracey said...

Love me a good list and I may play along just 'cause you said we could. Thanks for sharing, though we're all looking forward to the overshare you promised we'll see again soon. Hope you get to give the Mondays a boot to the berries & feel like your saucy self again soon.

Bev said...

NE Girl - Oh, I've got scars on my scars! I'm the ultimate bad ass!

Mala - You're right, you've never wounded me! Of course, I do know enough to take a pass on certain activities of yours that would put me at risk for bodily harm. Things like indoor skydiving and trapeze training, for instance. You have fun, though! ;)

Elliott - Aww, no moping necessary! I didn't mean to punish you. Here, have a cookie. Feel better? :)

And yes, making up stories for your scars can be fun. When my major neck scar was at its worst (red, raised, and 6 inches long... heh heh), I used to tell nosey people it was from a shark bite just to fuck with them.

Senorita - Funny, I felt no pain when I had mine done.... Thank you, pink champagne!

Mike - Yeah, diapers aren't my favorite thing either, trust me!

Frank - Aww, we could have played dollies together! And there's nothing wrong with a blow-up girlfriend. I hear they're very agreeable to just about anything, unlike a real girlfriend.

MtnMama - Thanks!! Good luck with Dr. Pain, DDS!

Tracey - Yay! I need to go check out your answers. Thanks!

MJenks said...

I had some blog apathy at the beginning of the week, too.

Fortunately, it was mostly because I was up writing my manuscript until almost midnight, and then was too tired to blog.

But, I understand and feel your pain.

Salt said...

YAY!!! An AH-WARD!!! It seems like the net as a whole has been slow this week with people not really feelin' it. :)

Thank you so much! As I suspected, we have a lot in common. Such as the supernatural stuff. And I never played with Barbies but I have a doll collection now as an adult (Blythe dolls...not blow up dolls). And I used to love the cure.

Now if you will excuse me, I have some Huggies to go sniff.

Mala said...

If I end up breaking my neck, I'm blaming Mr. BuzzKill... I mean, Frank.

Frank Irwin said...

I didn't mean to kill your buzz, I was just trying to make you more manly. Heh.

It was fun. Really.

Is this place called "Fly Away" or something else?

Heather said...

Thank you so much for the award! My first!

I already did a post on it and everything. That is how excited I am!

Mike129 said...

Yay! I got an award. Sort of, I guess I actually have to write the blog. And I am not all that kreativ.

But I do already have a "25 Things" type blog right here:

Anyway, thanks! And scars are sexy! And since you like babies so much, you can have all of mine. (Or something like that.)

And what exactly were you doing with your Barbies all that time??

Mike129 said...

Well, that was not a very friendly way to insert my URL. Try this link to my blog instead.

Heidi Renée said...

Mala, are you going to SkyVenture in Nashua? I always wanted to go there when we lived just over the border in Massachusetts, but my husband was not on board.

I got my navel pierced in college, too, but at a tattoo shop and without champagne. I took it out a few years ago because it got infected and it closed up practically overnight. I still miss it. I might get it repierced someday... if I lose 50 pounds.

Mala said...

Yes Heidi, that's the place. Unless Bev finds a high-power fan by Sunday.

My husband and my Mother have plans to do the real skydiving just south of the border. I think I'll stick to bashing my face against plexiglass.

BigSis said...

Love it - the scary 4'4" six year olds, especially. I have many fuzzy memories that involve some pink Andre. And a few scars too. Good times :)

Thanks for the tag. I will work on that for next week!