Monday, March 22, 2010

TV Pimpery

Greetings, Earthlings. How goes it?

Okay here, just plugging along on another dreary Monday. The weekend was good but definitely nothing to write home about; my in-laws came to visit and by the time they left one of them was violently ill with a stomach bug and another was limping due to a sprained knee from skiing with the J. Two out of three left us in wheelchairs, essentially, which is no testament to my mad hostessing skillz, I assure you! I swear I washed my hands before serving the shrimp cocktail, I swear!

The super fun part of this equation is that in about three days I fully expect us all to be retching as well, so thanks for that lovely parting gift! E-Coli, the gift that keeps on giving. You really shouldn't have.

Other than that I have nothing exciting to report except for the return of a couple of my favorite shows this evening, so I'ma go ahead and talk them up so those of you with Showtime can join in the merriment.

U.S. of Tara and Nurse Jackie return tonight!

Both of these terrific shows are coming back for their second seasons tonight, and I adore them both. They are each extremely funny but also have a deeper vein of reality running through them as well. Nurse Jackie stars Edie Falco as a pill-popping RN who is juggling a high-pressure job, a family, and a pharmacist/boyfriend while trying to keep herself as numb as possible in the process. The show is smart and fast-paced, and I guarantee that you will fall in love with the character of Zoey pretty much immediately.

U.S. of Tara is written by Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody, and as such it has her usual flair for pop culture references and 100 mph dialogue. Toni Colette is brilliant as Tara, a wife and mother who battles multiple personality disorder.

Tara's family is as tolerant as you can expect them to be when one of the alters is a tough-talking MAN, another is a 1960's housewife type, and another is a sassy teenage girl. According to Entertainment Weekly, this season we'll be introduced to another alter, one who thinks she's a shrink.

Awesome, Blossom.

Again, the show takes a difficult subject-matter and somehow finds the humor in it all, the characters are likable and complex, and I guarantee that it will make you laugh AND think.

So, give 'em a look-see, won't you? If you don't get Showtime you can always catch up on the first seasons of both on DVD! And no, I didn't get paid to endorse these programs... but I wouldn't be opposed to that. Hint, hint....

One last thing. Twilight's New Moon came out this weekend and my ILs were interested in seeing it, so we watched it on Saturday night. As some of you may remember I saw this film in the theater with some girlfriends, but I, um... didn't quite remember much of it. *cough* Not sure why... perhaps it was the multiple cocktails or something, but at any rate I dozed through most of it.

After watching it again on Saturday night it's clear why I slept through it: BOOOOOOOORING. Damn, that movie sucked! They could have cut out about 30 minutes of moping and it would have been much better, IMO. Of course, New Moon was my least-favorite book in the series, so maybe that's why it did nothing for me. But still... major suckage.

See ya!


Senorita said...

I've never watched either show. I have to catch up on everything via because I don't know how to work the damn remote here in my house.

Elliott said...

Did you really just refer to a vampire movie as 'major suckage'? He he he!

"Dear, you didn't use canned salmon, did you?"

"But I didn't eat the mousse!"

I refuse to pay even more for the 'pay' channels on top of paying for my already inflated cable bill, so I don't get to see those. I can only hope that past seasons of US of T get run late night on F/X or some such thing, I really want to see it.

BigSis said...

I love my Monday night House. Is it worth skipping for the other? I'm really going to have to get a DVR one of these days.

Bev said...

Senorita - Ha!! I'm a techie kind of gal, so I am down with my remote. Definitely give these shows a shot if you can manage!

Elliott - I did, indeed! I didn't even catch the irony of that expression either! I'm slipping....

BigSis - If you have On-Demand you can watch these shows anytime and still watch House tonight! But, I do recommend a DVR... I don't know how people live without them. *blush*

Salt said...

I hear ya...New Moon was my least favorite in the series also. Bella is so farking NEEDY. I want to push her down a flight of stairs.

Sorry for the violence, it's just how I feel.

In other news, I'm sorry everyone left your house with the plague! Hubs is just getting over a stomach bug now and somehow I have managed to not get it, so you still might be ok.

Also, my word verification is "gynorra". It just made me laugh for three minutes. Just thought I'd share.

onebadmamajama said...

I caught the "free" pilot episode of Nurse Jackie and loved it but, like Elliott, I refuse to pay for (read: can't affford) any additional channels:( I'll have to dig around the interwebz to see if I can find it. I've seen the ads for US of Tara and it just didn't appeal to me.

As for New Moon...after watching Twilight (in all it's glorious suckage haha!) I refuse to support that particular franchise any further.

Heidi Renée said...

I need to send my in-laws to your house. It'd just be a short drive from Salem.

MtnMama said...

I have DVR but not the premium channels. I love Toni and wish I could see that one. I love the new Timothy O show - so far.

Elliott's MP reference was awesome!

I can not stomach the Twilight series. Angsty teenagers didn't do anything for me when I WAS and angsty teenager.

Brooklyn ML said...

Oh yeah, totally bought the New Moon DVD. I'm glad my collection of teen schlock is growing, but that movie is horrible. The acting. Is. Sooo. Painful. To watch.

Mala said...

You are indeed the hostess with the mostess! I usually send my in-laws off with tears and all their worldly possessions in a hefty bag, lobbed into the back of the truck. How do I work in that stomach flu bit?

Bev said...

Salt - I'm with you on pushing Bella down the stairs! Seriously, she was sooooo annoying in that book/movie.

OBMJ - I know, the movies are awful and the books are poorly-written! Yet I still come back for more... addiction is a cruel lover.

Heidi - Ha, yeah, send 'em on up! Entertaining ILs is a specialty of mine. Salem, MA, right?

MtnMama - I forgot to DVR that Timothy O. show! Must seek it out. Glad it is good so far!

Brooklyn - Thank goodness I'm not alone! :)

Mala - HA!! Yes! Between the two of us we know how to send 'em packing and ensure they will think twice before returning!

Anonymous said...

i love nurse jackie! i've watched the tara show a few times and liked it, but i already watch too goddamned much tv - i have to limit myself in SOME of the things i do in life *coughs*...

i wish i would take the time to read books and go to the movies and watch more tv. if i could just learn to drink to the point where i am mildly coherent (as opposed to blackout drunk) i may be able to enjoy such things...

lmfao, WV = groin...

calicobebop said...

I've seen Nurse Jackie - and I agree, it's an awesome show. Might have to check out U.S. of Tara... Before Tudors and TrueBlood come back. :)

Cary said...

I will only ask what I always ask when someone recommends TV shows to me, for this is my yardstick:

Is it better than Two And A Half Men?

Cuz that show is so darn wacky! That Jon Cryer tickles my funny bone something fierce.

Cary said...

Oh, and I would sooner have a beaver pull out every hair on my nutsack with its front teeth than have to sit through a Twilight movie.