Wednesday, April 7, 2010

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

It's an even more random batch of cell phone pics this week! Enjoy.

Sidewalk Chalk

FYI, I make a bad-ass chocolate cake from scratch

She's feisty when she's angry

This is the dipshit* I got stuck behind while driving home this morning.
Notice the piled-up crap blocking the entire rear window and the bumper sticker which kindly requests that we not tailgate. He then proceeded to go 15 mph below the (already very slow) speed limit. DO NOT LIKE.

*I changed his license plate. You know, to protect his identity and all. The dipshit.

Last but not least, a few pics from Easter!

My mom's babies horses:

My son and niece taking a break from the egg hunt to say hello.

Counting their eggs. (she won)

Finally... like son like father? He definitely doesn't get this from moi.


MJenks said...

He doesn't take after toi? Why's that? You don't rock the blue sweater vest half as awesomely? Or because you (like me) would be two-fisting those eggs into oblivion?

Samsmama said...

That cake looks delish! I'm not much of a sweets/dessert eater, but I could go for a slice with some ice cold milk. Thanks.

MtnMama said...

Mmmm! Chocolate.

I don't have any pictures (Easter or otherwise) with horses in them. I feel like I'm missing something.

When I was a kid I watched a lot of shows where the hero's car had all kinds of gizmos - and I wish I had them in my car when I'm behind the dipshits. Like an electrifed prod that would extend out and zap the slow moving car like a gentle nudge...

Mala said...

Excellent assortment Bevalaqua!

I love the one of D & A questioning the horse to see if he was hiding any eggs.

And ya'll can be super jealous : I've had that cake and it is DEEEEEEEEEEEEE-lish! If fact, I notified Joe that if I ever find myself on death row, that I'm already putting in my request for my final mean; Bev's Chicken tikka masala and her homemade chocolate mocha cake.

Oh shit, why did I tell Joe? Chances are, if I'm on death row, they probably found his body.


Mala said...

mean = meal

onebadmamajama said...

You had me at the double eagle! Good thing you made some chocolate cake and someone loves you cause I'm thinking it could have ended badly for the object of your road rage otherwise;)

BTW, your phone takes really nice pics!

mo.stoneskin said...

Glad you liked the chalk drawing. Sorry about the don't tailgate sign. It just gives me a kick to see you squirm with rage. Bwahahaha.

Frank Irwin said...

I'm not a big cake eater, but anything with chocolate (and nuts, and "mocha" in the name) is ok by me!

Bev said...

Jenks - HA!! Actually, I do rock a mean sweater vest! I just try to get more chocolate into my mouth than onto my face... mostly because I wouldn't dream of wasting delicious chocolate.

Smama - I'll bring some right over!

MtnMama - Come visit us. I'm sure we can arrange a photo opp at Mala's place!

I wanted to ram this dipshit with my car, but I refrained. Next time he may not be so lucky.

Mala - I'd be happy to make your last meal for you, but I'll likely be your cell-mate, so... we'd better teach our kids how to make it all!

OBMJ - Actually, the Easter shots were taken with my "real" camera, which is 10 mpx. My cell phone is much less fool-proof & clear, but it is pretty good for a camera phone with 3.2 mpx!

Mo - Well, mission accomplished, 'cuz I was definitely squirming with rage!

Frank - I guarantee that you would love this cake. It's TDF!

Mala said...

What's that saying... "A good friend will bail you out of jail. A REALLY good friend will be sitting right next to you in the cell saying, "Damn that was fun!".

meleah rebeccah said...

Great! Now I am craving Chocolate Cake!

New England Girl said...

Lovely photos. I want a slice of that cake! And I want to yell at people who drive 15mph under the speed limit... but I already do... I wouldn't have been as patient as you.