Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cue the Facts of Life Theme Song

I'm a little bit grumpy today.

I'm not going to dwell. No wallowing here. Nope!

Well, not much, anyway.

Do you ever just have one of those days when you feel defeated before you even get out of bed? You know, like when all of life's little shitty details pile on top of you until you feel like you've been trapped beneath something really heavy. Say, a flatulent hippopotamus?

Maybe your kids come home filthy and crotchety from school, then refuse to go to bed until after 9.

Maybe tomorrow marks one year since your favorite person passed away.

Maybe you can't go one day at work without something breaking and it's your job to get it fixed, but not before you hear about the problem from every single person in the office.

Maybe the 7 day cleanse pills you are taking have caused some pretty unpredictable and unpleasant sprints to the bathroom.

Not that this is what I've got going on or anything. Oh nooooo, not me! I'm just cranky 'cuz it's Thursday and not Friday. ;) Thank GOODNESS it's a 3-day weekend!

Don't get me wrong - I'm very thankful today, too. I took my oldest for his annual physical yesterday and he is healthy both mentally and physically. As a mother I could never ask for more than that. My youngest boy is growing like a weed and making me smile every day, and the love I get from both of those little dudes eases the hurt from everything else life throws at me.

My husband is sweet, hard-working, and always lets me be me. I am glad that I was smart enough to put a ring on it back in my wild(er) days.

I'm thankful for my friends, who keep me young.

I'm thankful for all of you peeps, who read my shtuff and leave me hilarious and sweet comments.

And I'm thankful for humor in all shapes & forms & the people who recognize it when they see it.

There. See? Counting my blessings really does help. I feel better already!

Something else that makes me happy is this song by Mumford & Sons. It's NSFW because they drop the F bomb in the chorus.

Your turn! What's bumming you out and what are you thankful for? C'mon, spill - it really helps! Sharing is caring.


Salt said...

Yes. I am having that day right now. It's the shittiest day I've had in quite awhile actually.

I'm going to spend the next 10 minutes making a list of good things that I can be thankful for and hope that helps.

Heather said...

I've been having that day all day for about 3 weeks now. Of course, the morning sick and the afternoon sick and the evening sick followed by sick in between isn't helping. Why oh why do they call it morning sick? That's just a mean lie.

On the flip side, I have the Mellow Yellow theme song stuck in my head, so it can't all be bad.

Liz Tee said...

I am grateful that all the things I have to bitch about are relatively minor. Oh, and for chocolate. And for bloggers that make me smile. :)

Oh yeah, and for the fact that my daughter had a bit part in two episodes of a soap opera that aired on Tues. & Weds. :)

Buckle your seat belt and hang on, Bev - the weekend's almost here!

Samsmama said...

You know what I'm upset about? Having the Facts of Life theme song in a constant loop in my head now. Sadly, this happens about twice a month, for no apparent reason. And it pisses me off every.single.time.

Seriousl, though, I've got quite a bit on my plate right now and can sort of feel myself getting ready to snap. I'm hoping that the kid shipping out for the long weekend gives the Mr. and I some much needed QT.

Hang in there, lovely Bev! You are treasured and adored by many. And some *ahem* are even jealous of you. ;)


Your Sister in Snark

MJenks said...

I'm thankful I decided to go to the Chinese buffet for lunch with my friends today. Because, Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick, there must be a MILF convention in town.

The thing that irritates me? I'm not still at the buffet.

Bev said...

Salt - YOU? But you're always so perky! Okay, there must be a cosmic event happening. Shall we blame the full moon?

Heather - Hold up - are you knocked up? Congrats!

Liz - Yay! Good things to be grateful for, for sure! :)

Smama - You make me laugh. I want to hug you till your eyes pop out. Is that weird? Whatever, you know it comes from a loving place.

Enjoy your kid-free weekend!!! Oh, and who in their right mind would be jealous of moi? That's crazy talk.

Jenks - Yes, there is a MILF convention, actually. Mala and I were supposed to be in attendance but something suddenly came up.

Oh and GREAT. Now I want Chinese food. Thx.

Frank Irwin said...

Oh, Bev, it's nothing that a bacon and bleu cheese martini can't help.

(Said purely for Samsmama's benefit.)

Mala said...

Things I'm bummed about: Tomorrow - because I love you.

Things I'm happy about : there's too many to count. And you are one of 'em!

SEE!!!! You thought I was lying about MILF 2010 Expo just to get you to eat at the Chinese Buffet! Now, would I do that? Oh, yeah, I would. I love me some chinese under sneeze guards!

word vf - grabed - what you would have been if you had gone to the buffet!

Teresa said... seems the older we get the faster time passes... my dad has been gone 2 years already in April. I am sorry you are going through this and that I am not witty enough to make you laugh like everyone else.

I do feel for you and know that he is with you and misses you to.

Hang in there!

What am I grateful for? beside spell checker? lol My family, LOTD and you and the other funny people who's comments make bad days better.

onebadmamajama said...

I go through this about once a month..coinkydink? I think not LOL Like you, I count my blessings to help put it all back in perspective.

I'm sorry you are feeling down and if I were closer, I'd drive on over with some chocolate and wine AND I'd give you a big ole hug.

I hope you get to feeling better soon:)

BigSis said...

I'm glad you told us you are grumpy because I wouldn't have known it. Even your grumpy is cute. I love your positivity and am letting it be a good influence on me. Love you!

Bev said...

Frank - EW! You can have mine. (again)

Mala - Love you too! And I choose to think of the 28th as what it was first - Morgan's b-day! I won't dwell on the bummer aspect of the day.

Teresa - Thanks so much! What a nice comment. :)

OBMJ - I wish I could blame this one on PMS, but alas... this is just a funk. Not that being funky is usually a bad thing. It'll pass!

BigSis - AWWW! Thanks so much! I love ya back.

I can feeeeeeeel the love! <3

Rich Girl Red said...

Awww Bev, I'm so sorry your having a sad day. :( As a perky girl myself, I think it's harder on us than those who may relish their "off" days. Sometimes I feel the pressure to always be "on" and it can take its toll at times. Take some measure of comfort in the fact that you are loved--by those here and those who've passed on. Being loved for who you are is a precious gift!

I am grateful that people who are separated by geography can connect, support, and enjoy each other via the internet. No one has to be alone anymore unless they choose to be.

Glass half empty or half full? Doesn't matter--either way, it's time for a refill! Mwah!

Jillinator said...

hmm... po'd about? my youngest was a little shit tonight. srsly... I thought about just shouting but I knew it wouldn't help... sigh... what I'm grateful for? hubby was a doll and sent me out for a mani rather than have me growling around the house :)
I was in a sour mood most of the day... must be the moon phase... but I'm taking your advice and listing the good... loving sweet children (except tonight), great husband, just got back from a relaxing solo vacation, less than 500 new emails at work when I returned, I've got my health.

So sorry that it's coming up on the year mark... I was so wrapped up in me that I didn't realize it was that time already. Big hugs to you!

Lizzy and Elle said...

Love the post, and btw we stole stuff

Brooklyn ML said...

I can't believe it's been a year. I'm sure your dad looks down on you every day and is filled with love and pride.

MtnMama said...

I’m having a hard time with time management since I started my job. I’ve been late reading your blog because I can’t seem to fit it all in. I used to work, commute, take care of my child, AND go to school. Why am I having a hard time now?!
I’m so thankful I have a job.

I haven’t received a paycheck in 11 months, and money is really tight. It took me hours to work on my financials this morning.
I’m so thankful I have a job. I got paid yesterday. Of course it’s already gone, but I’ll catch up. That is a good feeling.

My daughter has been through a lot of adjustments in the past year and the last month. I am sad for her that her last month of Kindergarten was so shitty because of something great like her teacher having a baby.
There’s only a week left before she starts her awesome Summer Program.

I’m getting older and I am starting to see it in my face. It took a long time for my age to catch up with me, and I am mourning my lost youth.
I am completely healthy and everything works. I need to regain my perspective on what’s important and what’s not. And the brown hairs still far outnumber the silver.

Some of my friends are going through tough times that I can’t do anything about. I am missing people that I probably won’t see again for a long time, if ever.
I have friends to worry about. It is good to have someone besides yourself to care for. Hugs to you, Bev!

Mike129 said...

Thinking of you.