Monday, May 10, 2010

Musical Monday

Good Monday morning! How's every little thing?

Fine here. Bummed to be back at work, but what are ya gonna do? Nothin', that's what.

The weekend was decent, and Mother's Day was nice enough. My kids were so excited to make me breakfast in bed that they got up at 4 AM on Sunday morning, so Jim got up with them and held them off until 8:30, which was gift enough! They then paraded into my room with a tray of inedible eggs and burned toast and showered me with gifts and crumbs. I got a little cup of dirt from M, along with a promise that some day something will grow out of the dirt - what that is remains to be seen. D gave me a coupon book filled with things he should be doing anyway, like give hugs at bedtime, help with the dishes, and pick up his toys. He was very proud of it, so that was cute. Jim gave me a bouquet of wilted tulips and a new CD, which I love.

Yes, a CD - Jim is still old-skool when it comes to music; this is the guy who still collects records, don't forget. I've gotta say that I do enjoy getting an actual CD sometimes instead of just downloading albums. This particular album has a very cool vibe, artwork, and all of the song lyrics on the jacket, so it's neat. Most importantly, I wanted it and didn't even remember that I wanted it, so that was even cooler!

The band is She & Him, and it is comprised of actress Zooey Deschanel (my girl crush extraordinaire) and producer M. Ward. Zooey writes most of their songs. The songs are very mellow, bluesy, and have a distinctly 50's feel that I like quite a bit. These are two of my favorite songs from the album (She & Him, Volume 2) so far. Have a listen:

"Lingering Still"

"Gonna Get Along Without You Now"

I dig it. Of course, I have had a little thing for Zooey for several years now; I think she's a cool chick who does good work and has a unique look about her. Now, of course, she's married to Death Cab For Cutie's Ben Gibbard, which makes them an indie power couple. They're the hipster Brangelina, if you will. ;)

Anywho, after "breakfast" I had a nice day with my mom, who drove down to spend the day. After she left, I decided to flex my "Mother's Day" muscles and mandate something wild & crazy: ice cream for dinner!

We piled our shoeless kiddos into the car and went to the local farmstand for ice cream, which turned out to be a real mood-booster, and not just because of the sugar high. The farmstand was empty when we arrived. It was chilly last night and I guess other people were home eating nutritious balanced dinners or something lame like that. I don't know. Jim and I went to order the ice cream and were presented with two identical ordering windows. We approached the one on the left and stood there for a few minutes until finally a girl appeared in the window and gestured to her left.

"We can help you at that window," she said.

Jim and I looked at each other, shrugged, then shuffled two feet to the right to stand in front of the other window. Seconds later the same girl popped up behind the window. "Can I help you?" she asked, totally straight-faced.

That was really all it took. We both stifled giggles as Jim placed the order, and the more I tried to hold it in, the funnier I thought it was. Once we got back in the car I re-enacted the scene and we had a good laugh.

It really takes so little to amuse me.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Samsmama said...

Zooey is awesome! Can't wait to check out these songs, whenever I get a farking minute to myself. *ahem*

Ok, that story about the ice cream stand made me laugh entirely too hard. I absolutely LOVE those absurdly funny moments where the "funny" person isn't even aware of how hilarious it all is. Well done, Bevalicious! You have lifted my spirits on an absolutely gloomy and dark Monday morning. oxox

Mala said...

Oh thank GAWD they didn't actually wake you up at 4am to feed you breakfast. They'd have to come up with something more than a cup o'dirt to make up for that one.

Del-V said...

I'm waiting for the new Dead Weather album. Anything Jack White does is going to rock.

Heidi Renée said...

When I act out the ice cream stand scenario in my mind, the girl is not a human but a prairie dog. :)

onebadmamajama said...

Mother's Day was okay here. I ended up cooking for my mom at lunch and then for my kids at supper. Bubba did make numerous attempts to spend his $3.13 on me while I was at HellMart picking up supplies LOL

Zooey's music is different. Some of it I like, some of it..not so much.

Carol said...

Funny ice cream stand moment. I'll be chuckling at that the rest of the day.

At least your kids and hubby did something for you. I asked mine if he needed anything at the store and he said,"yeah can you pick up a bouquet of flowers and a card?"...that would be for me for mother's day of coarse. I said no, and went and got some wine, there you go. Yes, he did come up with the flowers et el......

mo.stoneskin said...

You took your kids to a farm WEARING NO SHOES? And you got away with it? I get in enough trouble when the littlun ends up wearing odd socks, in fact I doubt I'd even get away with taking her to a farm in odd socks.

Samsmama said...

Hmmm...MY Mother's Day? I told my husband not to get me anything. And he didn't. Didn't even wish me a happy day. Sam made me a "robotic airplane" out of Legos. And then he farted on me. So I got drunk.

Heidi Renée said...

In my world, "don't get me anything" means "eff the car payment, get me something sparkly."

Bev said...

Samsmama - I hope you like the tune-age, and I hope you got those few minutes to yourself at some point, too!

Glad you liked the story! I wasn't sure if people would think it was as funny as we did, so I'm so glad I lifted your spirits!! :)

Mala - Oh yeah, 5 AM b-fast in bed would have been grounds for divorce, for sure.

Del-V - I love Jack White! I hear there's a new White Stripes album in the works as well now that Meg is over her "anxiety" (read: drug) issues.

Heidi - LMFAO!

OBMJ - Yeah, I ended up cooking for mom AND doing dishes twice yesterday, so I guess you're never completely off the hook as a mom. That's sweet of Bubba to try to spend his money on you, tho! Awww....

Carol - husband FAIL! Bad, BAD Mr. Carol!

Mo - Ha ha, yes... and I let them step on road apples and squish them between their toes, too.

J/K! They stayed in the car.

Samsmama - No. Just, no. Bad, bad husband! Sam, though... well, I guess I'm just used to being farted upon 'round these parts, 'cause that sounds like par for the course.

Heidi - I wish that were my world. Guess who bought us the ice cream? Yes, I took myself and my family out for ice cream. Being a modern woman kind of gets old sometimes....

Elliott said...

Happy Mother's Day plus one...Love the ice cream girl, and this, strangely, doesn't seem unusual. Stupid is everywhere.

In related news, we have Internet at home again.

MtnMama said...

I was just thinking "is that Zooey?" and yes! it is! Very cool.

I loved your icecream stand story. I could really use something to make me laugh like that.

Harmony said...

Ant has a huge Jennifer Aniston* crush on Zooey. I love the songs, as Ant plays them all the time.

* He had an almost abnormal crush on Jennifer Aniston (while on Friends), she is now the object of comparison for his crushes.

Love the story about the ice cream stand. I never noticed it before, but stifling laughter does make it funnier!

LiLu said...

I am in luuuuuurve with this album! Zooey is too cute for words :-)

Cary said...

I like buying CDs, too, and actually look at the liner notes. I had a friend who would buy 5-6 CDs at a time, open them, take out the disc from each and chuck the case and notes into the trash. I had to look the other way, it disturbed me so.

The ice cream window story sounds like something out of Green Acres, for the three of us who still remember that show.

She & Him is a nice mellow listen. Zooey's voice is awesome. I think she sings better than she acts.