Friday, May 7, 2010

OOBH Stew: Totally Random Edition

Happy Friday, m' peeps! Did you have good, fulfilling weeks? Ready to chillax and get your Mother's Day celebration on? I sure am.

I've got a few odds & ends for the stew this week, and as always I hope you brought your appetites! Put your elbows on the table, chew with your mouths open, and dig in!

Ingredient 1: The Simpsons make Ke$ha look good.

Last week The Simpsons did a classic lipdub of Ke$ha's Tik Tok, and I thought it was really cute. Regardless of what you may think about the autotune junky pop star (*cough* no talent, kind of fug, trying too hard to be different *cough*) I think that if this clip doesn't make you smile a little, you should check your pulse.

Via Hulu, which is being a beyotch this morning and not letting me just make a CLIP of this instead of using the whole video. Hrmph.

Ingredient 2: Keep sharp objects away from infants at all times, Gary!

That includes those massive chompers of yours.

Thank you, Dlisted.

PS) You all know I love Gary Busey's insanely funny (emphasis on insane) Tweets. If you're not following GaryJBusey on Twitter, you're missin' out.

Ingredient 3: Nerdy Couple Alert!

Prediction: their children will be a trifle nerdy. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Hey, it takes a nerd to know one - I dressed up my whole family in Star Wars costumes last Halloween, remember? I don't judge.

Via Buzzfeed

Ingredient 4: Hairless cat update

Since you asked (Frank), wax regrowth doesn't itch at all.

That is all.

Ingredient 5: Cinco de Mayo came and went, and all I did to celebrate was eat turkey tacos for dinner.

Courtesy of Holy Taco, naturally.

Meh. Not my favorite holiday, though I do love Tex-Mex. In the old days I would have been out drinking margaritas, but this year I helped my kid do first grade word problems, ate tacos, watched Lost (holy hell - did you guys see Lost this week?!) and went to bed. I'm gettin' old.

That's all she wrote! Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Don't forget to call your moms and/or be nice to your wife. That's an order, soldier!



BigSis said...

I LOVED that Simpsons ditty. I try not to think too much about the real artist.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Frank Irwin said...

I saw just the clip, so I think you done good.

I'm glad you're not itchy. My beard never itches when it comes in, either.

Kate said...

Not that I ever wanted one but the picture of the cat cured me off of EVER getting one.....a waxed pussy that is.

middle child said...

Lovin' the Cinco de Mayo pic.

PorkStar said...

I don't have a wife no mo', so i dont have to be too nice.

LMFAO at Gary comment lol

Stacie's Madness said...

boy gary busey is a scary lookin mofo.

I have an award for you...

Bev said...

BigSis - Ha, me too! You have a nice one too.

Frank - Thanks! I guess it was working after all. Sorry, Hulu!

So, you're saying you wax your beard, Frank?

Kate - Yes, I've been saving this particular kitty. It's amazing how many hits you get when you google "hairless cat."

Middle Child - Thanks!

Porky - Good to see you!

Stacie - Aww, thanks!! I'll be by shortly to collect it.

mo.stoneskin said...

It upsets me that your Mothers' Day is different from ours, I get confused and almost send a card to my mother many weeks too early. Note, I said "many" 'cos I have no idea when Mother's Day is. Don't worry, the missus will remind me.

Heidi Renée said...

Lost made me cry so hard that my husband was laughing at me. I don't know which of us is worse.

MtnMama said...

Happy Friday back at ya, Bev! I am finally home and sipping wine and contemplating dinner, basking in Week One at the new job!

Totally loved the Simpsons clip!

I thought the nerdy couple were funny/cute... but then, I'd love to be a nerdy couple. Somehow being a nerdy single isn't as cool. I'd be all over the Family Star Wars outfits, too, btw.

The Cinco de Mayo made me chortle, but the cat -!- Gah! Nooooooo! All wrong, all wrong! (which is what my brain says to all versions of bald kitty)

My Mother's Day is going to be a mild non-event, but it beats mixing it up in the Mining Camp like last year! If M will let me sleep I will be too happy.

Frank Irwin said...

I don't wax it, but I did try the epilator on the bit that I do shave, once. OUCH!

Mala said...

Was that all done on one take? Those simpsons are talented!

"Pregnant...hard" what the hump does that mean?

Itchy or not, that pussy looks pissed.

Have a happy mother's day!!!

Salt said...

Gary Busey scares the crap out of me. That baby looks like he's none too sure of what to make of all this either!

Senorita said...

Happy Mother's Day ! Yeah, Ke$ha is kinda fugly, but her music does rock !

Your pictures always crack me up !

Cary said...

Cinqo is one of those throwaway holidays, like Earth Day, Flag Day, Arbor Day and Thanksgiving. Oh, and St. Patrick's.

Thanks for the pubes update. Do we get a photo when it's back to full-on bushery?