Tuesday, May 4, 2010

WTH Am I Lookin' At?

I'm in the middle of a busy day today, folks, so I'm gonna show you some flash cards & you can bring the funny, okay? Think of it as my version of "caption this" or ink blots or some such nonsense.

Ready? Okay!

Photos from this week that made me say, "huh?"

Back off, ladies, this one's mine.

Sharks with frickin' laser beams on their heads?

Speaking of heads... wtf, J-No?

Seen at Sea World. One of the kids called this one "Chubby" and Laurie & I nearly had a laughing-induced coronary.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... it's like lookin' in a mirror. Hardy-har-har....


Whoa, did Small Fry have tee many martoonies?

Smell ya later, homies!


Senorita said...

I missed you, welcome home ! What is up with that furry fat fuck ? OMG, now he has to brush his body too when he wakes up ?

He needs some hot wax pronto !

Salt said...

FECK! Is that Iggy Pop!? What happened to his skin!? He looks like he's part rhino!

And as for that top one, where did you get a picture of my husband? I like em furry.

Stacie's Madness said...

roflmao the last picture made me chuckle...thank goodness cause the hairy guy about made me up chuck.

Elliott said...

You post that hairy pic, and you keep expecting people to believe we never met?

Elliott said...

Commenty commenty. The movers are here, nothing to do but practice my mad Blackberry skills.

Just when you thought Iggy Pop couldn't look any worse, you find something like this.

Samsmama said...

Love drunk kids! They are precious.

Ok, I'm not getting what I'm supposed to be seeing in the Chubby picture. Ah...I'm tired today.

Kate said...

In 1997 I had the good fortune of being a groupie, well not really, but I did have backstage passes and was *with* the band...sort of. Anywho, it was one of those big tours with a bunch of bands. Iggy Pop was one of the performers. I stood about 5 feet from that short, little, wrinkled freak. I seem to remember him looking exactly the same as the picture. Ew.

Bev said...

Senorita - Thanks, girl! Yes, I think he's part Yeti.

Salt - Iggy has looked scary for eons, but this is a new low, yes? WTH is up with that vein in his chest?

Stacie - Sorry 'bout the upchuck!

Elliott - Shhhh, remember our secret. ;)

Happy moving day!

Smama - It's a manatee's special lady area, of course! Doesn't everyone take pics of those at Sea World?


Kate - LMAO @ "short, wrinkled little freak!!" What an honor to be in his presence!

tracey said...

who knew there were yeti's in Florida? yikes. although i have to say, we had regular sightings of them when we lived on Long Island. they wore a lot more jewelery there though...
poor iggy looks like he's melting. maybe he made himself an iggy suit out of groupies 'silence of the lambs' style. "it eats the rufies or it gets the hose!"

onebadmamajama said...

Is the yeti peeing in the pool?! ACK!

That picture of Iggy skeeves me out. Why is his stomach skin trying to cover up his belly button? That is very very freaky.

J-Lo's birdnest is weird..but so is she so it kinda looks normal on her.

I totally didn't see the manatee's lady bits in the pic. I guess I gotta go back and look now lol.

mo.stoneskin said...

Thanks for the hair photo. Nothing like a gruesome piece like that to spoil my beauty sleep with terrifying nightmares where hairy gorillas chase me all night long.

Frank Irwin said...

I think the ladies should back away, Bev, not because he's yours, but because the water in his area is warmer than that in the rest of the pool.

(Yeah, I know, OBMJ already made a "peeing in the pool" comment. Suck it. (Not you, OBMJ. (Well...no, never mind.)))

Mala said...

Iggy's about this close to strokin' out.

And that look on little man's face....it's so.... familiar. Hmmmm, I've seen that somewhere.
Gotta love genetics!

onebadmamajama said...

HAHA @Frank...you wish;)

dogimo said...

Iggy used to be so toned.

MtnMama said...

Oh, dear... not growing back too fast, hmmm? (mirror?)

Iggy is nastier than Yeti boy, and that's saying a lot.

Your little drunken child is adorable.