Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Celebs We Love To Love (and Hate)

When I wrote about Jen Aniston last week it made me realize that everyone has an opinion about her. Some people love her, some hate her, and some find her to be as boring as a boiled egg, but everyone has an idea about what she's like IRL and whether her acting talent and beauty justifies her level of fame.

I got to thinking (always a dangerous proposition) about what celebs we assume are nice people simply because of the characters that they play and how they act in interviews. I know I've got a few favorites who may or may not deserve my adoration.

A few years ago I remember hearing ugly stories about one of my absolute favorite actors, Bill Murray. He was going through a divorce and his wife claimed that he drank a lot, smoked a lot of pot, and cheated on her. Okay, maybe he sounds like a shitty husband, but then again, this was a divorce, so perhaps there were some sour grapes involved.

I still think he'd be fun to party with. Is that bad? Maybe, but I don't care. I still like him. I just do.

According to one reporter, having dinner with Bill is a lively and entertaining experience; he is polite to a fault and extremely personable... but very, very odd and inexplicably moody. According to StainedApron.com, he's also a great tipper, and you can tell a lot about people by how they treat "the help."

Here are some other celebs that I like simply because of their characters in movies and because I haven't heard anything bad about them to knock them off my mental pedestal.

Goldie Hawn

She's starred in some of my favorite childhood movies:
Same Time Next Year
Death Becomes Her

Even though I can't stand her daughter (again, for no good reason), I think Goldie seems nice. I think she likes to party and knows how to crack a joke, so she makes the cut for me. *shrug*

Colin Farrell

I know he was kind of a hard-drinking cad for a while, but I have a soft spot for this Irish bad boy and I have no idea why. Maybe because he seems genuine in interviews; what you see is what you get. Maybe it's the twinkle in his eyes that suggests a certain sense of Tom Foolery that appeals to me. Maybe it's because I liked his sex tape. I don't know.

Hugh Jackman

I've never heard a bad word reported about him, ever. Have you?

Johnny Depp

Handsome, nice to everyone, generous, and slightly odd. What's not to like?

Tom Hanks

He could be a dick, but I doubt it.
Drew Barrymore

Who doesn't like Drew?

Susan Sarandon

Everyone talks about how down-to-earth she is, and I believe it. I think she's awesome.

Exhibit A, her magnificent 64-year-old rack:

Exhibit B, her (NSFW) sense of humor:

Celebs I'm on the fence about:

Betty White - She's sharp as a tack, but something tells me that she might be kind of mean when the cameras aren't rolling. Purely a gut feeling, and I hope I'm wrong.

Zooey Deschanel - you know I have a massive girl crush on her and I love her acting and singing, but she seems kind of aloof. I prefer people who smile a lot, and she always has a look on her face like she's secretly thinking that everyone around her is an idiot.

The jury is in: celebs who are definitely jerks:

Christian Bale
Who could forget this?

Naomi Campbell

Never met an assistant she didn't abuse or a cell phone she didn't want to hurl at someone.

Richard Dreyfuss

Great actor, but an irrefutable prick by all accounts. He even sued his own elderly father over money.

Charlie Sheen

Maybe he's a method actor, but the fact that he only portrays arrogant playboys is telling. Then consider all the details about his life - his fondness for hookahs, his drug and alcohol abuse, his alleged violent temper, his various marriages to dimwit gold-diggers and ensuing messy divorces... not to mention that awful toupee... and it seems like this is not my kinda guy.

That's my list, now it's your turn! Who do you love for no good reason? Who do you hate? Have you met any celebs that changed your mind about them, for better or for worse? Spill.


Liz Tee said...

Can't stand Zooey - she falls squarely into the Keanu Reeves Class of Stone-faces. I just don't get the appeal.

Anyone who appears on Funny or Die spoofing themselves is OK by me. Actually, I dislike anyone who takes themselves too seriously. I also dislike anyone who makes a career out of assholery, which includes a whole buttload of 'comedians' including the revered Andy Kauffman.

Except for Lewis Black -- he's special. :)

As for the correlation between talent and celebrity, there is no such thing!

Harmony said...

I'm going to have to give this more thought. A definite jerk that sticks out for me is Chris Klein, who played lovable beefy virgin "Oz" in American Pie (although he had me squirming in pile of ewww the entire movie). Considering what an assfuck this douche nozzle truly is, playing an endearing eager to please jock-nerd is the only role he could ever playing convincingly with an expectation of being seen as an actor. Hate this guy.

Kate said...

I want to do bad things to Hugh Jackman. And I know that Christian Bale is a grade A dick, but I wouldn't kick him out of bed...unless he was yelling at me. And maybe not even then.

I adore Steve Martin but apparently he is a very serious person in "real life." I want to smack Scarlett Johannsen, but only because I am jealous of her life with Ryan Reynolds.

Bev said...

Liz - I only recently admitted that Keanu's hotness doesn't justify his idiocy. It was a long time comin', b/c I'd crushed on him since his "Ted" days.

Agree on spoofing themselves, totally! That goes a long way IMO. I'd add George Carlin to your comedians who I like despite their "career of assholery."

Harmony - Chris Klein is a jerk? I had no idea! He plays the same kind of lovable goofball jock character in Election, incidentally. I admit that I don't think of him the same way after seeing his audition for Mamma Mia - he looks like a total tweeked-out meth-head in it!

Kate - Yeah, I had a big crush on Christian before I saw him in The Machinist. ::shudder:: The screaming tape just confirmed that he scares me.

Steve Martin, yes. I've heard the same thing, and frankly I haven't found him to be overly funny in several years.

Bill Murray, however... is still hilarious. :)

Samsmama said...

I love Goldie! Although I had heard that she and Kurt haven't been all that faithful, and that upset me.

Zooey was on an episode of Top Chef Masters. Between her being Vegan and beyond and her dislikes and allergies, it was close to impossible for them to cook for her. It seemed pretentious. But she's still a doll.

That's all I got. No original thoughts. I overslept today so my brain is mushy. Hooray for my Stewie pajama bottoms!

Anonymous said...

this post is GOLD, Jerry, GOLD!!

i'm with kate, wouldn't kick C Bale out of bed either. unless i started to hear huey lewis... and i am totally jealous of scarlett johannsen. i've been in love with ryan reynolds (and i think i've said this before to crickets) since Two Guys, a Girl & a Pizza Place.

bill murray is the bees knees.

(since i'm kinda bad at expressing my own opinion on things, i just agree with what other people have to say.)


MJenks said...

I don't know why it is, but I can't stand Goldie Hawn.

The only bad thing I've heard about Hugh Jackman is that he's signed on to do another Wolverine movie. *shudder*

As for the Drew Barrymore question...Tom Green.

Frank Irwin said...

Jon Stewart would be a fun guy to hang around with. Super smart and witty. I'll bet the Daily Show set is a great place to be, all of those folks are great.

Lyle Lovett's a super nice guy, too, by all accounts.

Sandra Bullock's back on my "call me" list, though I've recently heard that she moved out of Austin. :-(

Goldie Hawn's laugh irritates the hell out of me.

Samsmama said...

Oh! Stephen Colbert! I saw him on Ellen awhile back and he was excellent. Very funny and seemed genuinely nice.

I was watching Letterman a week or so ago and Bradley Cooper was on. He's not only hot, he was entertaining and sweet. Then I heard he's dating (possibly engaged to) Renee "I just sucked a lemon" Zellweger. YUCK! Can't stand her.

I've heard the same about Chris Klein, and I totally don't get the Ryan Reynolds infatuation. But, what do I know?

Bev said...

Samsmama - Yes, I've heard that about them too, but as long as they're open with each other I guess it's cool. It's their r'ship, not mine, and besides - they never did tie the knot. They're keepin' it common law!

I'm so envious that you're still in your pj bottoms. Stewie pjs, no less! Awesome.

Ader - Gold, Jerry! Gold! I totally remember Two Guys, A Girl - don't you worry! Personally I loved Ryan in "Just Friends," which I just remembered is another movie with Chris Klein in it, but he plays an undercover a-hole!

It's Chris Klein Day here at the OOBH! Who knew?

Btw, I still want to know why he's a dick....

Jenks - So you don't like her because she has a fondness for geeks. How... interesting. (side eye)

But yeah, Tom Green. Ew.

Frank - I thought about Sandra because I have heard that she is a nice person! She confuses me, though - the whole marrying Jesse James thing... it's just off-putting.

And hell yeah, I'd love to hang with Jon Stewart! Except he's so quick and clever I bet I'd just end up smiling lamely.

Smama - I LOVE BRADLEY COOPER. But I'll bet he's vain. I dunno - he's too handsome not to be vain, right?

Kate said...

I am of the opinion that bradley cooper SHOULD be vain, I mean, come on....look at him!

And Clive Owen. Slllluuuuurrrpp!

onebadmamajama said...

I LOVE Hugh Jackman! The only reason I quit stalking him as the next Mr. OBMJ was because I didn't want to break up his marriage. He seems so genuinely nice and HAPPILY married. You should youtube the episode of punk'd where they got him. He was so freakin' nice it makes you wanna cry.

Of course, I have to vote for Gerard Butler! His interviews are just awesome. He seems like a real down to earth (if not somewhat horndoggish) kinda guy.

Bradley Cooper is my new crush! OMG he is fine in the "A Team"! There is a clip of him speaking French over on LaineyBlog. Holy Hell, but that was hot!

Of course, there are the old standbys...Tom Selleck (the interview he did with Rosie O'Donnell made me hate her forever!) and Clint Eastwood (I bet he could still kick anyone's ass lol). Oh and Robert Downey JR. I'm so glad he has gotten his life back together.

As for actresses, I agree with Goldie Hawn (I remember watching her on the old Laugh In repeats!), Drew Barrymore, and Sandra Bullock (I can empathize with her SO much!).

I can't stand Gwenyth Paltrow. UGH. She totally ruined Iron Man 1 & 2.

Melissa said...

Yeah, unfortunately, Bale lost his appeal for me a year ago. Ugh. Stupid hot man.

You're right - Hugh Jackman and Johnny Depp are by every account awesome people. I love that about them, though I ain't attracted to either one, as a man or as an actor. Especially Depp.

I don't know that I have any... though I will say, kind of in this vein - and don't slap me for this - that Steve and I totally want to see Knight and Day. I love Cruise in roles like that - running, shooting, funny. I just have to block out the fact that I know he's batshit crazy.

MtnMama said...

Never cared for Bale, so no heartbreak there.
A lot of the people that are popular don't do anything for me, but -
I'm a long time Bill Murray fan, and Susan S is a role model.
You know how I feel about the Zooey.

I wish I could work on the Daily Show, and I wish I could get away with telling my daughter her father is Jon Stewart. Alas, my love for Colbert gave someone an unfair advantage, once, that has left me with a bad taste in my mouth.
I always wanted to have drinks with Sean Connery. I hate Mel Gibson with a passion that is fueled by how much I loved him before I knew what an asshole he is.
I'd love to hang out with Lily Tomlin.

Yeah, smart and funny goes miles in my book.

Brooklyn ML said...

If Gwyneth Paltrow were to disappear off the face of the earth, never to be heard from again, I could live in peace. I've never read an interview with her where she didn't come off as snobbish and pretentious, and completely out of touch with reality as the common man lives it. And that Oscar??? Give me a break.

WV: lesse, as in, I could do with much lesse Gwyneth.

Ck said...

Bev, I've met Murray!! Hilarious and strange dude. I could tell you stories. His ex is actually very nice, as is the whole family.
I agree with Brooklyn ML about Gweneth. I'm also not a big fan of Angelina Jolie or Ben Stiller. Ange comes off too full of herself and Ben Stiller just annoys me.
I love Mark Harmon, have since St Elsewhere. You never hear a bad thing about him, not to mention he's been married to Pam Dawber (Mindy!!) forever.

Senorita said...

Interesting topic, Le Bev !

I don't doubt that Bill Murray is a complete douchenozzle. Looks in the public eye are most definitely deceiving.

My grandfather was a very charming man in public and he did a lot of community service. Also since he had a lot of money, he donated a lot of it to charity. Everyone loved him.

In private, he was a horrible man, especially to my father.

I like Jennifer Aniston, and I love Angelina Jolie. People can sit back and judge, but at the end of the day, none of us really know what went on behind closed doors.

Kate said...

I adore Bill Murray. I have had a crush on him for years, even though he is butt ass ugly.

I totally forgot about Christopher Walken!! I would LOVE to hang out with him and just listen to him talk. That man is the epitome of cool.

I like Gwyneth. There. I said it. I'll slink away now.

Word verf: dicula

Dicula, he only comes out at night.

Kari said...

I'm with Brooklyn ML and Ck about Gwyneth. Something about her makes me want to punch her in the ovaries. Snotty, holier than thou bitch.

This might be a bit obscure, but I absolutely love Rashida Jones. She seems so cool and down to earth, but at the same time she has lived this really strange life. How many people can say that they have been bitten by Bubbles the monkey at Neverland Ranch? I want to go get a beer with her and hear random stories of her childhood.

Bev said...

Kate - Clive, yes. Yum.

OBMJ - I would go with Clint up to about... oh, ten years ago. Have you seen him recently? One word: elderly. Still hot, but... old man smell, for rlz.

I'm with you - so glad RD Jr. is back on track. He was hot, and made seeing Gwynie more tolerable... though I have to admit that I thought she looked pretty in Iron Man 2. *hanging head*

Melissa - Johnny Depp is like the chameleon on Seinfeld; in some lights he looks amazing, in others, like a haggard troll.

I'll let the Tom Cruise love slide, but don't let it happen again.

HA HA! I keed, I keed. He's crazy, but he has made some decent movies.

MtnMama - Smart & funny - two of my favorite things! :) Must be why we get along. *wink*

Sean Connery - pass. Wife-beater + Alec Tribek/Jeopardy spoof = sapped of all sexually attractive qualities.

Brooklyn - Love you, hate Gwyneth! Welcome back!

CK - GIRL! Thanks for the comment! Ladies & gentlemen, CK is one of my first-ever followers, but I think this is her first comment. :)

You've met Bill Murray?!?! *bowing at feet*

We have to dish!

And yes, Mark Harmon/Pam Dawber are adorable. Good one!

Senorita - Good point, lovely lady. Angelina? Ick. She seems mean.

Kate - OH YEAH. Christopher Walken love for the WIN!

Kari - Totally!! Rashida is so great. I love her new show (Community on NBC) and I loved her on The Office. She seems so down to earth considering that she grew up with a celebrity dad, and she's got great comedic timing. Great one!

Frank Irwin said...

Craig Ferguson would be either a lot of fun, or really creepy, I can't figure out which.

plum said...

15 years ago,Johnny Depp trashed hotel rooms ,had big arguments with all his girlfriends(moss,ryder...)and was a diva on set(!

Hugh Jackman is a Ted Casablanca's Blind vice so he's not perfect and he'll do another Wolverine

Drew Barrymoore is so sweety when she dioesn't trash your toilet with her alcohol vomit

Mala said...

Ralph Fiennes, of course. And not because he is very active in humanatarian efforts for orphans, even visiting and supporting my son's tiny orphanage, and not because he's super intelligent...but beause he's so gosh dangled HOT. HOOOOOT!

I'm still on the fence about whether the fact that he can contort himself to get biz in the mile high club is a pro or a con.

MJenks said...

Wait! Did I say I don't like Drew Barrymore? No, no, no, no dear Bev.

I love her. She's three of my favorite people rolled into one shirt!

Mike129 said...

I want to have a threesome with the Deschanel women.

Is that wrong?

Stacie's Madness said...

kristin stewart...bella from twilight movies...i can't stand seeing her/hearing her...she seems like an idiot everytime she opens her mouth.

Nej said...

Phillip Seymour Hoffman (shudder)
I just can't watch him. He makes me uncomfortable. Watch...he's probably a really nice guy. :-)