Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gaga... and VILF's.

It's Wednesday, but I'm feeling wordy, not wordless. Also, I had all these great ideas about Photoshopping myself into pictures like this one
<---- but I was too tired to do it last night and now I'm stuck at work with no good editing software at my disposal. Oh well... that particular whimsy will just have to wait! Speaking of whimsy, yesterday my girl Lady G (I can call her that because we're so close, don'tcha know) released her new 9 minute-long video for Alejandro.

It's okay, not my fave. I love it because it's Gaga, but honestly I think she was trying too hard here, and the scores of fem-dudes with Three Stooges bowl cuts and fishnets did nothing for me.

Besides, blasphemy is so two decades ago!

Also? I don't care for the song. Sure, it's catchy, but it is the only song from the new album that I do not care for and routinely skip when I'm getting my Ga-groove on (which is often). It's basically Ace of Base's "Don't Walk Away" and Madonna's "La Isla Bonita." Meh.

Don't get me wrong, parts of the vid are pretty hot:

But overall, I found it to be kind of dull. Oh well. We'll give her a mulligan on this one, won't we?

Speaking of disappointments, I just finished the latest book in the Southern Vampire Mystery (aka True Blood) series, and it was full of fail. Charlaine Harris's yearly Sookie offering, Dead In The Family, was yet another book that was sort of fun to read, but nothing really happened to progress the plot line... again. Last year's book was the same way, and I'm starting to wonder how much longer she'll keep cranking out the same old shite and how much longer we readers will keep buying it.

Oh, and there were NO good sex scenes in this one. WTF? Does she think we're reading these things for the intrigue? Hell no! I want some boning, Ms. Harris, and I want it now.

The good news is that the HBO series based on the books ROCKS THE HIZZOUSE, delivers the RAUNCHY GOODNESS, and season 3 premiers THIS SUNDAY NIGHT.

WOO-to the mothafucking-HOO!

I seriously cannot wait. I love this show, and I love Eric the Vampire more than I care to admit. Not the actor who plays him, Alexander Skarsgaard, though I wouldn't exactly kick him out of bed either - but the character of Eric the Goddamn Vampire. Holy Viking with a sword, he can bite me any day. I wanna do bad things, indeed.

That's about it for now, my little breathers. I may not post tomorrow because I will be schlepping through the woods in the rain while chaperoning my son's 1st grade field trip. Since I fucked up my neck last weekend while towel-drying my hair *COUGH* vigorously working out, it's going to be an especially fun day.

Happy Hump Day!


Mala said...

You are so spot-on with that song. Ack. I wish the radio had a SKIP button.

Have fun on the field trip. Sounds fun*

Hope your neck feels better.

*I only said that because I'm a supportive and loving friend, but really, field trips, in the woods, in the rain, with lots of kids... sounds like hell.

Mike129 said...

Wow! That must be *some* towel you have there!

Samsmama said...

I dated a guy who threw out his back putting on his shirt. Don't think I didn't give him an absurd amount of shit about it.

True Blood, shmue blood. All I know is that until the season is over my cable bill is slightly higher. Hubby is as excited as you are. He's been watching the nightly reruns. Give me Top Chef and the Real Housewives. Now that's quality television.


Salt said...

ERIC!!!! *I die*

And really not so much the actor either. Just as a vamp. SO HOT. I am SO excited for Sunday that I'm setting the DVR tonight when I get home. (Because I will forget if I don't.)

Oh and yeah I'm not fond of the new Ga song either. There are so many better ones they could have gone with.

MJenks said...

I see Charlaine Harris has been bitten by the Robert Jordan bug (someone had to after his death) and is cranking out endless volumes where none of the plot is advanced so that the publishers are happy with the amount of money the guaranteed-best-selling-author will make for them.

At least it's not George R.R. Martin, where he got the HBO deal and said "Fuck you, readers, I don't need to finish this now!"

Bev said...

Mala - Thank you! Have fun on your trip to America's Wang. Miss you already!

Mike129- Yes, it's extremely heavy. yeah, that's the ticket....

Smama - Jim has pulled a muscle while coughing, so I get it. I teased him too... and look where it got me!

I like Top Chef too, btw, but you can keep those horrible housewives.

Salt - My fellow vamp-lover! He's not sparkly like Rpattz, but he's dangerous and scary... which is somehow very sexy!

Jenks - Yeah, I guess the fuck you would be worse... but every May when I drop $20 on the new Harris book only to feel like I'm treading water (reading about Sookie doing her laundry... really?!) I die a little inside.

Kate said...

I screwed up my neck and back when Emy was 2 weeks old. It was the worst pain I have ever experienced. No lie! How'd it happen? I was sleeping. Yep.

I am sooooo ready for some blood sucking and terrible acting!!! Thanks for the addiction.

Have fun schlepping!

Heather said...

I think Eric is sexy to the nth degree and I also think if he bit me I could handle it. It's hot.

Frank Irwin said...

When did Lady Gaga start wearing such outlandish costumes? I'm sure the Catholic Church loves this video.

Stacie's Madness said...

goes to watch gaga now....


Brooklyn ML said...

There are many characters on True Blood that are drool worthy, Eric is only one of them. I find a new one with every viewing. If only I had cable...

Jillinator said...

hmmm... I haven't heard the song... but I AM looking forward to some True Blood :)

hmmm... now that it's going to rain tomorrow I don't feel so bad about having to miss the field trip ;)

Bev said...

Kate, you're welcome!! I'm glad I got you hooked, too.

Heather - Definitely! Never have the words, "Bite me" sounded so sexy.

Nice new profile pic!

Frank - I know! Such a departure for her. I think the only way she could shock us these days is if she showed up wearing a tasteful pant suit with sensible shoes.

Stacie - Exactly! Wake me when it's over....

Brooklyn - No cable!! AAAACK!

Jill - Aw jeez....

MtnMama said...

Those haircuts are so awful that they kill any buzz I'd otherwise have. Three Stooges.

Field trip with other people's kids in the rain? Pass. Good luck with your "sports injury," friend. It's been a tough year for your bod, not that we don't doubt your bounce-back.

I'll support your vampire obsession if you'll pretend to understand my Mad Men fixation. Deal? July! *pant*

Elliott said...

Happy field tripping. Yow.

Haven't heard the new Gaga. Since I signed up for my free XM radio trial, I haven't spent more than 15 minutes on pop radio. The trial is only 90 days, I have to soak it in.

Senorita said...

This is my favorite song of Gaga's.

However, I don't care for that video. I liked the vid for "just dance". Now it feels like she is under pressure to push the envelope and get people talking.

Mocking the Catholic church is so overrated. If she did that with any other religion, she would get her ass beat.