Thursday, June 17, 2010

I may be tired, but at least I'm not tired.

Hi all!
I'm extremely tired today, so I can't guarantee that this post will make much sense.

Yeah, yeah, like that's any different from any other day! I know. I'll keep this short and sweet - two things.

Different spokes for different folks:

This morning while driving to work I saw a man on a bicycle. He was fit, in his mid-thirties, and wearing the customary biking gear. The only thing remarkable about him was the fact that his skin-tight biking shirt had hiked up in the back, revealing what can only be described as a tramp stamp.

"Might as well be a bullseye."

NTTAWWT... except there totally is something wrong with that.

I try not to judge, but a dude with a lower back tattoo? It just looked wrong, somehow. If I could have snapped a pic of it I would have, but the light turned green and I had to pilot my motor car so as not to kill anyone.

Next order of business: admit it, this baby dances better than you do.

After I stifled the maternal instinct that told me to get the baby off the goddamn table before he falls and cracks his skull open, I thought this was really cute. Look at him, bustin' a move! Shake what yo' mama gave ya, baby!

That's all I've got today. TTYL, you gorgeous people, you! I need to go find an I.V. caffeine drip.


Frank Irwin said...

Did the tattoo look like this?

That dancing baby's pretty awesome (yes, I had the same thought about being on the table). If I can find a video camera, though, I'll don a diaper, climb up on a table, and let you be the judge as to who's better.

Harmony said...

The guy with the tramp stamp and the picture of the butterfly tattoo made me think of Ted from HIMYM. Hilarious!

Love that baby dancing! It should be a contest where we all submit random baby dancing videos..we can call it So you think your baby can dance (SYTYBCD)..totally original!

Harmony said...

Ha! I'm sure that chick is just going to love that decision after she has children. Gawd!

MJenks said...

I was up late last night myself.

Hopefully, your late night was more *ahem* productive than mine.

Bev said...

Frank, that would have been WAY more awesome! LOL!

Oh, and I would pay cash money to see you dancing on a table in a diaper. I'm not kidding.

Harmony - Yes! I love that episode and show. I was also reminded of Floyd from 30-Rock when he goes on his accidental bender.

I would enter my kid in your contest! M can boogy like nobody's business.

And yeah, I think all tramp stamps beg the question: what will this look like when I weigh 20 lbs more than I do now? Ick!

Jenks - I'm sure, since this is you we're talking about, that you were up late boning the wife. Why it wasn't productive is another story though... and intriguing one!

Trouble staying... erm... alert?

Liz Tee said...

Cool! I bet dancing like that is particularly satisfying with a full diaper.

Frank - Well? We're waiting....

I recently saw a dude with a 'stamp too! I had to do a triple-take before my brain could process it.

KT and Lady said...

tacky tattoos are the banal billboards of a generation - jeez people, have a clue

That IS one get down baby.

Rich Girl Red said...

Love the dancing baby! I've never seen a tramp stamp on a dude--and I'm okay with that. I got my first (and probably only) tattoo in April on a girl trip. Wanna see?

Harmony said...

RGR ~ I do!

Bev said...

Liz - Yes, the saggy diaper adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the whole thing, doesn't it?

KT - Yep, some of them are downright ridonkulous.

RGR - HELL YEAH, we wanna see!

Audra said...

apparently the way the diaper is put on is a pet peeve I didn't know I had cause my instinct was to grab his ass and properly re fasten that damn diaper.

also my word Ver is pedul....don't know how to feel about that

Salt said...

I definitely have a tramp stamp, but I don't understand lower back tatts on guys. Never have.

And yes that baby most surely dances far better than I do.

Mike129 said...

I like a good tramp stamp. On women.

Kinda' makes me think she cares about my viewing pleasure.

Bev said...

Audra - Ew, WV is creepy. ;)

Salt - I'm sure yours is lovely, just like you!

Mike - Definitely. It's not like she put it back there for her own viewing pleasure!

Frank Irwin said...

Liz Tee, as soon as I get a video camera.

And a full diaper.t

Kate said...

Audra--I agree about the diaper. It's all wrong, it's coming at me all wrong.

I only live about 3 hours from Frank AND I have a video camera. I'm willing to up the ante and volunteer to record the moment for posterity.

So the baby's been going to Zumba?

Jillinator said...

I'm with you guys on the diaper thing... I was irked that it appears on crooked and full... and if the kid can bust a move so well hopefully he may learn to put a fresh diaper on soon since everyone around him seems okay with leaving a full one on him.

Frank... make sure it's a fresh diaper, okay?

MtnMama said...

While I was watching the rhythm-machine baby, I too was a little clenched worrying about it falling off the table, but then I rationalized that with that much coordination, it probably was safe.

I'll throw into the pot to send Kate after Frank with her camera, but god, yes - clean diaper. Please.

Senorita said...

I have never ever seen or heard of a man with a tramp stamp. What the hell was he thinking ?

Cary McNeal said...

That baby needs a tramp stamp. "Got a load?" would work.

Here's one way to make a guy take his time back there.