Monday, June 28, 2010

Musical (and Muse-ical) Monday

Hey there! How does this Monday morning find you? I hope you're all feeling groovy and ready to rock this week out like I am! If not, never fear; I've got a cure for what ails ya'. I've got a cool song and video to implant in your head for at least a day, along with my typical random blatherings to (hopefully) entertain you.

No need to thank me; I did it all for the nookie.

My weekend was pretty sweet. On Saturday morning Mala and I dumped our kids with my darling husband and went for pedicures at a local shi-shi salon, complete with Pina Coladas and plenty of chit-chat about Twilight versus (the way cooler, IMO) True Blood, then we had lunch and took the kids to the lake to burn off what remained of their moxie. It was supremely relaxing and a great belated celebration for Mala's birthday!

On Sunday we did a family clean-out of the toy situation, which felt GOOD. Seriously, taking out two trash bags full of broken toys, Happy Meal junk, and irreparably-sticky doo-dads felt better to me than a week of foot rubs. We also put away three big boxes of toys that the boys don't play with anymore; we are saving them up for Jim's brothers, who both have plans to procreate with their wives within the next year or so.

DAMN, it felt good to be a gangsta to clean out the crap!

On to the fun Monday morning pick-u-ups!

I have been humming the song Bulletproof by La Roux for weeks now, and imagine my delight when I found that the video is cool enough to be OOBH-worthy! It's as if someone morphed Tilda Swinton with Jimmy Neutron, added a dollop of David Bowie, and dropped the resulting hipster into a 1980's electronica meets MC Escher landscape.

Exhibit A:

It rocks, which is sayin' something because all singer Elly Jackson does in the video is walk. Yet, she looks way cool doing it. Check it out:

Pretty neat, huh? I dig it. Good luck getting that song out of your head.

The world has a new Ugliest Dog! Congratulations to Princess Abby, the inbred Chihuahua who won that dubious honor this weekend.

Awww, she's... well, she's... I'm sure she's very sweet. She's also a good reminder to take Bob Barker's advice. No, not the advice that he no doubt gives about not sleeping with the Price Is Right models without having a gag order signed in advance, this advice:

The Price is WRONG, bitch!

That's it for now, cuties. It's shaping up to be a busy week in Bev-land, but never fear. I'll be around. Have a happy day!


Harmony said...

I, too, love that feeling of throwing out worthless crap. Plus, the toy room looks SO much better when we weed out the broken toys. Now I have to muster up the strength to get rid of Ryder's baby toys *cries*, he is 4 and a "big boy" hurts.

Big baby is terrifying!!!

Mala said...

Ahhhhhh, thank you again Bev for the relaxing post-birthday pedi. So damn relaxing. And sitting on the beach with my arm implanted into a bag of chex mix....heaven.

And I say we extend Bob Barker's advice to include a good portion of the human population.

Have a fabulous week, yo!

oh, shit! My word verf is just a box with a red "X" in the corner! What the hell am I supposed to do with that?!

Stacie's Madness said...

I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR...but boy am I drained. It's a lot of work to sit at a pool all day, lounging and soaking up the sun

MJenks said...

That dog is so ugly, it looks wrong...

Bev said...

Harmony - Isn't it the BEST feeling? I just kept admiring their clean room after, even though they have already messed it up again.

Big Baby gives me the serious heebie jeebies!!

Mala - You're most welcome! And I agree about the spaying & neutering. Let's start with those twats on The Hills, shall we? Or Jersey Shore? Your call; I don't watch that shit. ;)

Stacie - The sun does take it out of ya!! But it's worth it.... Let's remember that in February.

Jenks - So wrong it's right?

Mike129 said...

Cool music vid! (Although it parts it appears she could not keep her lips out of the Cheetos bag.)

Happy post-birthday, Mala!

Heidi Renée said...

Ha! I love Bob Barker.

laurieliz said...

Sounds like you girls had a blast!!

I did my week during the cooler months. I dont envy you trying to muck out in this friggin heat and humidity! My hair looks like a chia pet!

Mala said...

No, Bev, me either. *shifting eyes* I never watch that crap.

Thanks Mike129.

Lose That Girl said...

The ugly dog looks like it's been crossed with a spider. Those super duper long legs!!!! Eeek!

Cary McNeal said...

Throwing out old shit gives me a boner. I live with two hoarders. I except the TLC cameras at the door any day now.

KT and Lady said...

That's one boppin tune, I like it - Thanks (I think).

True Blood is way cool. The set design seems a little cheesy this season. Must have been a budget cut.

Cleaned out the garage myself on Sunday. It is liberating in a strange sort of way.

Great post, hapless Monday - KT

Senorita said...

I love getting rid of shit, I just took a bunch of stuff to Goodwill. The problem is, I love to go out and buy more stuff, though.

tracey said...

We purged a load & a half of crap when we packed up & moved to Canada. I swear I found things in the attic & the garage that we never owned. Pretty sure the neighbors have had their kids sneak crap in there when they came over for playdates.

The description of LaRue is dead on. I'd adda little Edward Cullen - her eye teeth are a little fangy.

MtnMama said...

I've had a pretty firm "one in, one out" kind of policy from day one with my kid. Our saying is, we are giving her outgrown things "to the babies" - which helps her feel like a Big Girl, and keeps Mommy a little saner.

We do not have a "toy room" - we have her bedroom. The rest of the place (tiny as it is) is not cluttered with her stuff OR my stuff. We watch Hoarders and it affects both of us. She's even said that if we don't get rid of our old crap, we'll end up on "the Clean house show." hahahaha!