Monday, July 12, 2010

And the losers are....

Good morning, campers! How are my little Northstar C.I.T.s on this fine summer morning?

I'm pretty good, just chillin' at work. I have most of this week off just 'cuz I felt like taking vaca time. My birthday is on Thursday and I don't like working on my b-day if I can help it, plus I'll do just about anything to avoid the awkward office cake party shizz. Let's face it: it's hard enough for me to pretend to like my coworkers without adding in forced-fun/obligatory sugar-binging.

Over the weekend I was thinking about how much I dislike Mel Gibson. I know we've already talked about him a few times, so after this post I promise to try not to talk about him any more! Don't want to beat a dead horse, after all. However, over the weekend more of his racist/misogynistic/bigoted rant became available for our listening (dis)pleasure thanks to Radar online, and I think that if ANYONE has earned an OOBH Crown of Poo, it's Smel.

And of course, while we're handing them out, we can't forget Miss "I am above the law!" Lohan, can we?

Farging Iceholes!

Moving on....

Last night's True Blood was tasty, as always. My crush on Alcide (played by Joe Manganiello) has officially reached EPIC PROPORTIONS. Holy mother of pearl, the things I would do to that man!

First I'd... and then I'd... and then I'd put my... in his....

Hmm, never mind. I think I'd better shut it now, not that my infatuation is any secret from my darling husband. The panting and swooning that I do whenever Alcide is on screen kind of gives me away.

Okay dokey, that'll do it for today. Hope you all have a good one!

*air kisses*


Rich Girl Red said...

Mornin' Bev! I can't think of two people who deserve to sport the crown o' poo more than Mel and LiLo. They need to go away now, they've become tiresome. Shoo, shoo.

Love the "Meatballs" reference. I fell in love with Bill Murray in that movie. I was talking about it just the other day and was wondering if it is still as funny as I remember. Some movies don't stand the test of time well. I may have to watch it and see.

What do you have planned for "our" birthday? Besides large quantities of alcohol and sugary treats?

Kate said...

Fingers in his mouth? Toes in his ear? Tongue in his nose? What? What Bev?? What would you put in his??? I must know!!

And happy birthday Bev. Your readers expect a lot from you, so your day after birthday post better include lots of alcohol, Mala, and a wax statue of someone or something.

Frank Irwin said...

But if you let them do the cake thing at work, at least you'll have control of a knife. At least for a few minutes....

LiLo has a little sump'in underneath her nose, there.

Mala said...

Wax figures!!! Bev, it's been over a year since we've defiled plastic celebs. For shame!!!

Umm... LiHo, you have a little sumthin'-sumthin' under your nose...powder sugar, perhaps?

Mala said...

damn you, Frank! Damn my slow typing!

Frank Irwin said...

You said it better, Mala.

Bev said...

RGR - I, too, fell in love with Bill in Meatballs. Then again many times over. Have you seen him in Broken Flowers? Understated Bill is just as awesome as over-the-top Bill. *sigh*

On the actual day of OUR birthday (hee!) I don't have much planned, but next weekend I'm having a part-ay at my casa. There will be lots of goofy photos, never fear!

What you doin?

Kate - Use your imagination, my dear. But yes, I do like sticking my tongue in guys' noses. It's kind of my "thing." Shhh.

My 10 readers will not be disappointed! I don't know if I can manage wax figure debauchery this time, but perhaps I can satisfy you with a cardboard cut-out of some sort? I'm on it!

Frank - Hmm, yeah, she does. I wouldn't know anything about that. *side eye*

Mala - I think another NYC trip is in order. They have Kim Kardashian now!

And yeah... powdered donut, perhaps?

Heather said...

Meh, the Mel thing doesn't bother me so much because he's ugly.

If it was Vin I would cry and then cap him with poo.

Lohan needs to go to the ladies room and wipe her nose.

Have a great and wondermos birthaday!

Samsmama said...

Weird that Heather mentioned Vin. I'm currently watching the Faster and the Furiouser, or whatever it's called, and trying to decide what I think about him. Your thoughts?

Ugh. No more Mel. Or whatsherface. I'm over them both.

Have a fantabulous birthday week! Please take a piece of cake and pass it on.

P.S. The piles of poo seem surprising from someone who doesn't take partake in such a thing.

Frank Irwin said...

Good point about the piles o' poo, samsmama! Maybe Bev imports them.

Bev said...

Heather - thanks! I'm not a big Vin fan, but to each her own!

Samsmama - Well, just because I don't personally poop (EVER!) doesn't mean I don't acknowledge that poo happens. Plus, since I dislike it so very much, what better way to crown the idiots of the world?

Frank - Indeed I do. Poo Exportation is tricky business, but I can handle it. Speaking of which, how's next week's load coming along?

Frank Irwin said...

Extra corn!

MJenks said...

At least you gasp and swoon over a fictional character played by a real human. My wife has a thing for a couple of the characters from the anime "Bleach". For this, I tease her mercilessly.

She always counters with "well, you like Rangiku". And I'm like "well, she's a cartoon..."

Besides, Na nao is WAY hotter.

Hmmm...I think I've said too much...*shifty-eyed*

Anonymous said...

meatballs is the movie that made me fall in love with bill. or was it stripes? eh, either way - love him!

oh dear GAWD the things i want to do to that fictional character werewolf piece of man meat. GAH! we could take turns - i don't think he'd mind. heh.


New England Girl said...

Mel & Lohan are such poor examples of normal, functioning human beings.

I wish Mel would disappear into a swamp somewhere; he's exactly the kind of guy who should be grabbed up by aliens.

And Lohan? I don't even have any words, explanations or names for her. She's disgusting. I think they should lock her up for good. Pffff. Traaaashy.

Happy Birthday, too! Thursday? I think we should all put our party hats on and toast to you Thursday evening. I'll have a margarita for you! ;)

Daisygirl said...

Thanks for the follow! Following you as well, you are hilarious! I still can't believe Mel Gibson...what is wrong with that dude!

OH and so yummy on Trueblood!

Elliott said...

Love Meatballs. I will watch it every time I see it's on, even if it's halfway over.

Of course now, I'll have the CIT song stuck in my head all day.


Bev said...

Frank - Definitely. I love those "when did I eat...?" moments. Keep 'em coming.

Mjenks - Yes, only living, breathing humanoids get my lovin', though I think I once hooked up with Otto from The Simpsons.

Ader - Mind? I think he'd LOVE IT. Wobbly what?

NE Girl - Thanks, girl! I'll take that margarita! Who cares if it's only 9:30 AM?

Daisygirl - welcome to the OOBH, and thanks for following!!

Elliott - I love that song. You're welcome. :)