Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bevtastic Birthday Blatherings

Hey all! Sorry I haven't been hitting them out of the park this week. My brain is a little mushy and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's all the male escorts and meth I've been doing*. IDK.

Anywho, today is my birfday! I'll wait a moment for your applause and shouting to settle down to a dull roar.
Thank you.
No, really, stop. You're embarrassing me! I can feel the love, already!

I'd like to take a moment to say Happy Birthday to two lovely ladies who also celebrate birthdays today. I met both of these hotties through the power of the interwebz and I just adore them both. Please blow your vuvuzelas for fellow FOOBHs Lisa and Rich Girl Red!

**the crowd goes crazy**

Aren't they lovely? Happy Birthday, girls!

I'd also like to wish a happy b-day to the following A B C D List celebrities:

Mr. Megan Fox himself, Brian Austin Green:

Professional Creep Terry O'Quinn:

Handsome devil Forest Whitaker:

Brigitte Neilsen, seen here with the hideous accessory known as Flava Flav:

I'd also like to take this opportunity to remind you that Lil Kim and I are the same age.

I'm suddenly feeling pretty good about myself.

One last thing - this is the card my son made for me this morning. He says it is an "Eclipse" card, complete with a vampire and full moon.

This kid is pretty neat. I think I'll keep him. :)

Have a great day, everyone, and as always, thank you for reading my blog. You all mean more to me than you'll ever know. Is that sad? Maybe, but I'm okay with it.


*Not really. Just red wine. :-p


Gigi said...

Have a fab day Bev! :)

Cary McNeal said...

Happy birthday, Bevers! Did you ever know that you're my hero? Well, you and Guy Fawkes.

Carol said...

Have a great birthday Bev, somehow I think you'll manage that fabulously, C.

Rich Girl Red said...

Awww, Bev, a tiara! You know a tiara works on me just like a tonic (or 2 or 20 Jack-on-the-rocks!) I do generally wear one for most of my birthday anyway. Thanks doll!

MJenks said...

Well, Happy Birthday, Bev.

If you appreciate inappropriate stories involving my genitalia, then you can pretend that today's post on my blog is for you!

You do share your birthday with some A list talent. And here I thought me sharing a birthday with Crissy Moran was awesome.

And it is.

Happy Birthday once more!!!

Stacie's Madness said...

happy birthday girl!!!

BigSis said...

Happy, happy birthday baby! Hope it is fabulous!

Heather said...

Please hold my shoes while I do a jig and song for you. *cough cough shuffle* Okay here goes nothin. "Happy BIRFADAY ah to you!" nope it's not gonna work I'm already out of breath. Happy Birthday Bev!

Mike129 said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

You always did remind me of Lil Kim.

Elliott said...

Happy burfday! May suggestive and inappropriate balloon animals be made in your honor.

Harmony said...

Happy Birthday, Bev! I hope your day is a great one..something tells me it will be.

At first glance I thought Lil Kim was Michael Jackson with a second glance I thought the same thing. *shudder* I bet the thought of boobies touching his body has MJ rolling over in his grave.

Love the "Eclipse" card..he's definitely a keeper, what a cutie!

Melissa said...

Happy Birfday. :D

Kate said...

Henceforth, today shall be deemed "The day of the Bev!" Everyone shall drink copious amounts of their alcohol of choice, grab the boobs of random strangers, wear uncomfortable, but sexy shoes and pay homage to the great porcelain god at the end of the day.

Mike said...

Happy Birthday. Have a great day.

TS Hendrik said...

Happy Birthday from a new follower. That is the best Eclipse birthday card I've ever seen.

Heidi Renée said...

Happy birthday!

I'm really glad I'm not the only one who thought Lil' Kim looked like a Jackson. Must be the nose, the exaggerated eyebrows, and the oddly pasty face.

Samsmama said...

Wow! What a blogger, even posting on your birthday! Sheesh, putting me to shame...

Hope it's been a fabulous day! Cheers!

*raises glass of Carlos Rossi*

Elliott said...

Wait...Samsmama has a blog?

onebadmamajama said...

Happy Birthday, Bev! I hope it's been a good one:)

Mala said...

So it's the male escorts and the red wine, eh?

Hope you had a great day today. I'm resting up (and limbering up) for Saturday. WOOT!!!!

Samsmama said...

Allegedly, Elliott. Allegedly.

raskal said...

bev! Thanks for the tiara & shout-out on my favorite blog... hope you had as much fun on your bday as I did...

MtnMama said...

For the record, dear one, I can READ you at work now, just can't COMMENT. So, I'm here in spirit. Always.

Senorita said...

Sorry for stopping by late, but Happy Belated Birthday La Bev !