Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Hey now! How are ya? I'm okay, just plugging along through another boring old weekday. Today is July 1st though, which is awesome. July is my favorite month of the year, and not just because my birthday is right smack-dab in the middle of it, either!

Reasons why July rocks:

- Warm weather & and blue skies
- Everything is lush and green
- The Atlantic is finally warm enough (ish) to swim in without risking hypothermia.
- I take vacation days, so I'm at work less than any other month.
- Did I mention I have a birfday coming up? :)

This year I'm throwing myself having a party for my mumbledy-fifth b-day, and I'm already excited even though it's a few weeks away. I ordered invitations and everything, and I'm asking my guests to wear something sparkly and fabulous for the occasion! Of course, I haven't sent the invites yet, so I sure hope people come... but I'll worry about that another day.

Anyhooters, today I want to talk about furry friends. No, not those kind, ya pervs, the kind that say "woof" and "meow."

Recently I've been feeling the urge to get a family pet. I grew up with a virtual menagerie of animals - we had dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, hamsters, and ducks, to name a few. However, 2009 was the Year of Doom for us; not only did we lose special and important people in our lives, but we also lost the 7 year-old German Shepherd we'd raised from an 8 week old ball of fur, my 14 year old feline BFF, and Jim's horrible, half-wild, annoying cat too. All in one year. It was a rough year at Casa de Bev.

This year is the first time in my life that I've been pet-less.

(Not to be confused with "pants-less," which I am quite often. Don't act so shocked; this is ME we're talking about!)

We've enjoyed the freedom, sure. It's nice to go on vacation and not worry about boarding the dog, and it's great to stay out of the house for 12+ hours with the family without having to rush home to let the dog out. It has been kind of nice.

But we all still have pangs of missing our furry friends. I still wish my cat would come curl up on the arm of the couch and purr while I watch TV at night. I still reach for my dog's big triangular head when I walk in the door. One thing I don't miss: vacuuming up all that hair!

Last night I was home alone and I realized how much I miss having a big old dog lying in the living room with me. I flashed back to all those times when I'd hear some noise and perk up at the same time as my dog, who'd lift his big head off the floor and look at me, suddenly alert. We'd hold eye contact with identical "what was that?!" expressions for a moment before he'd give a low growl and set to barking his head off. I never worried about people messing with us when we had a 110 lb. GSD in the house.

I miss him. For all the annoyances pets can be (I'm not looking forward to potty-training another puppy, for instance), they add so much to our families. Jim misses having a hiking companion. I like taking care of people and animals.

I think I'll start browsing ads again. Why not? We all need a little extra love in our lives.

Speaking of cats & dogs, I found this clip and literally LOL'ed. It's short and predictable but still so worth watching.

What if Lassie were a cat?

That's it for today, amigos. Have a good one, and I'll see you tomorrow for an especially chunky batch of OOBH Stew!


Mike129 said...

Pets are great.

Once of my cats behave more like a dog, but I doubt she'd help me if I were stuck in a well.

MJenks said...

Ceiling Cat is, and always will be, my favorite LOLCat.

laurieliz said...

Don't do it! You know I love my Gavi but the hair! The GD hair is every-effing-where! And the constant tie to the house. I would miss our dog sooo much if something happened but never will I have a smelly animal in my house again! Nope! Never! OK! I know that it makes me sound like a heartless beatch! But it's true!

Heidi Renée said...

Check! You can search by zip code and breed to find exactly the right friend. Plus by going to a shelter you're saving an animal who would otherwise be euthanized. ...and it is waaaaay cheaper than going to some toothless backyard breeder who will sell you a dog with parvo or getting a purebred (aka inbred) who costs more just because he comes with "papers." Shelters also have plenty of adult dogs who you won't have to potty train but who still have a lot of years left to live. Take M & D and let them pick one out!

Frank Irwin said...

Bev, maybe you just borry Gavi every once in awhile.

I miss having a dog, too, but not enough to get another one.

middle child said...

I know what you mean about pets. We have been taking our dog Belle (blk. lab.) with us on trips but the one time we left her for a weekend with her ggod friend, she just goes into a funk. I wouldn't miss the hair, that's for damn sure. But the love and companionship are worth all the inconveniences. Good luck on your search for a critter.

Molly's Mom said...

Love Cat Lassie!
We have 3 kittehs - two 13 yr olds and a 10 yr old. They were our first "babies" and my husband's first pets ever (except for a hermit crab...which does NOT count IMO). I will be devastated when we lose the two older ones, especially - they have a ton of personality and are wonderful with my 5 year old. Definitely wouldn't miss vacuuming the hair and cleaning up the puke, though.

Bev said...

Mike129 - Exactly! I had an orange tabby who was so dog-like that he'd play fetch, but he wasn't helpful about rescuing us OR scaring off potential burglars!

Jenks - I have far too many favorites, but I definitely LOL'ed at Ceiling Cat!

Laurieliz - Ok, duly noted! How about if I just get a black dog since I always wear black?

Heidi - I often daydream/window-shop on "Petfinder!" I'll definitely check it out, thanks!

Frank - Yeah, I'll go visit Gavi for sure!

Middle Child - Aw, she sounds like a sweet doggy! Thanks for the good luck mojo!

Molly's Mom - LMAO @ hermit crabs not counting! I agree. And what it is about cats? Why do they all puke?! It's a universal fact that as a cat owner, sooner or later you will be cleaning up cat-sick!

onebadmamajama said...

I totally understand where you are coming from. I miss having a doggie around and apparently so does Bubba. He's constantly asking if he can have a puppy when we move out. Guess I'm gonna have to find a pet friendly place:)

MtnMama said...

We are currently dog-less 'round here and it is weird. I've had dogs literally all my (long) life. Where we live at the moment we can't have a dog, or we'd already have one. My daughter gets really sad sometimes remembering our beloved labradors who tragically both got Mast Cell cancer and died within the same year. That was pretty awful to go through.
I don't miss the hair (and yes, go for black! I've done the research!) or the poop, or having to board them whenever I wanted to go anywhere I couldn't take them, and the freedom is great. BUT. I used to live alone in a three bedroom house and I never worried about it... my big dogs were such great companions for backpacking as well. I miss the unconditional love.
Not ever getting another cat, though.

Melissa said...

That video was hilarious.

And I don't blame you for wanting a friend again. Steve and I sometimes look at our Andy girl and just say "wow, a little animal lives with us." And she loves us and she has her own amazing little personality and and and... well, you know how one can go on and on about their feline companion. Ahem. But yeah, I can't imagine not having that other energy here with us, I would miss it terribly. I hope you find a great match soon so you can have that back in your life!

Senorita said...

I hope you can find another furry friend soon.

I love holding my friends' dogs. In fact, I am dog sitting this weekend.

Mala said...

Ditto on what Heidi said. I found Benji on Petfinder. And you know my strict, no puppies/no babies rule. I like getting them after the whole potty training deal.

That cat video is hilar!!!! Freakin' cats.

So let me know when you want to go dog shopping. I'll help you find one that you can leave out all day and will practically raise itself.