Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hump Day Pics & Giggles

I've given up on calling them "Wordless Wednesdays" because I clearly never STFU, but you love that about me, right? Right?! Damn it, guys, throw me a bone here.

Haha, anywho, today's picture-centric post comes with some random noggin nuggets that have been rattling around in my head this week. Enjoy.

Have you ever noticed that things sometimes happen in twos? This happens to me quite often; I'll see something and think, "Well, that's odd." and then later that day I'll see the same thing. Sometimes I even get a third sighting in a day. It always makes me wonder if the universe is trying to tell me something!

Yesterday was one of those weird repetitive days. It started as I was driving to work and I swerved to avoid the body of a rather large porcupine who'd been hit by a car. I acknowledged it because he was so big and so perfectly intact; there were very few blood and guts on the pavement, for which I was thankful. Then less than two miles down the road, I saw another dead porcupine (much messier).

"Huh," I thought, "it was a bad night for porcupines."

Later that day I found myself at Best Buy dropping $40 on a firewire port so that I can finally get my camcorder talking to my computer. As I was in the check out line I was admiring the sharp, clear picture on a flatscreen TV mounted on the wall. They had a BBC Earth video playing, and the screen was filled with hundreds of thousands of scuttling mottled crabs. It was kind of gross and beautiful all at once, and I was fully absorbed in it when suddenly a large, goofy-looking octopus meandered into the middle of the crab melee. The camera followed him as he loped along the crabby bottom of the sea, and I was quite entertained until it was my turn to pay.

Cut to me later that evening after discovering that I am STILL missing a crucial cable to connect my goddamn motherhumping camera. I'm lying listlessly on the couch, silently praising Jebus for the bliss that is air conditioning, and what do I find on TV? A documentary. About Octopi (or Octopuses, if that suits you better).

Just a coincidence, sure, but still... it was one of those pair days for me. This morning I heard "Imma Be" by the Black Eyed Peas on the radio and then when I got to work, that's the song Ellen was dancing to on her opening bit. Today might just be a "Two-Fer" kind of day as well.

Whatchoo lookin' at?

It's true - these tater tots love u. They told me so themselves.

This is my husband flexing for me when I asked him which way to the pool.

Funny story about The Jim - the other night we were in the middle of a long weekend and were looking for a movie to watch. Comcast wasn't giving us many options for On-Demand movies, and we were perusing the pay-per-view section for the millionth time when I suggested a chick flick that I wouldn't mind seeing.

Since there wasn't anything else that we hadn't seen already and/or wanted to see, he shrugged his shoulders and said,

"Well, okay. I'll watch a chick flick with you, but only if I get to rub your feet too."


Sure, he was making a joke, but he did, in fact, rub my feet throughout When In Rome starring his least favorite actress, Kristen Bell. And we BOTH liked it quite a bit!

The supporting actors were pretty funny: Dax Shepard, Will Arnett, Danny Davito, and Jon Heder? Funny dudes, all of 'em! We were both pleasantly surprised.

Last, but not least - this photo can't wait for the Stew on Friday:

LiHo is going to jail, baby! The poor little crackhead, actually having to pay the price for violating her probation, just like some non-famous shlubb! Imagine that. I suddenly feel a lot fonder towards the great state of California, and particularly Judge Marsha Revel. Well done, your honor! It's about time Linds got sent to the chokey.

Look on the bright side, my dear - maybe you'll meet a nice new lady friend.


Happy Hump Day!


Frank Irwin said...

You get to watch Ellen at work? Awesome!

It looks like LiLo had a little message for the judge.

MJenks said...

I'll throw you a bone, alright. One that will definitely get you to shut the eff up.

And, actually, it's "octopodes". But, in a pinch, "octopuses" works.

Octopi doesn't, because the -pus ending is a Greek ending on a Latin beginning (octo). -pi became the "accepted" plural because no one really thought about it, and the -pus makes it look like a second declension noun, thus the nominative plural would be "-pi".

However, by that logic, if the octopus(es) are possessing anything, the plural would have to be "octoporum". :D

But that's all rendered moot by the ending being a Greek root.

Oh my. Did I go off on a language-based tangent? Silly me. I do that so rarely. :P

Samsmama said...

I haven't seen When In Rome, but know that it has Josh Duhamel in it, married to Fergie of BEP fame, which brings us back around to "Imma Be." So there ya go.

And we've been having a lot of two-fers around here, but in a totally different kind of way. *ahem*

Effing, Blohan, finally!!! Hope she does more than 82 minutes this time.

calicobebop said...

The news that LiLo is going to jail made my day. How sad is that? I cackled - positively cackled. Ah, Hollywood woes.

Bev said...

Frank - Ok, any shred of sympathy I might have harbored for LiHo has now been demolished, thanks to that pic. THANK YOU!

Jenks - All I heard was "bone," "pinch," and "root." :-p

But really, very edumacational tangent! Thanks, Professor Booty!

Samsmama - YES. That makes perfect sense. So what you're saying is that the Universe wants me to think about Fergie and Josh doing it, right? If so, consider it done.

I wanna hear about YOUR two-fers. *ahem*

Calico - I know, I did a happy dance inside too! She's not above the law! WOOT.

BigSis said...

I'm trying to think of something witty and then I read MJenks' comment and that made me laugh so hard I can't think any more. Gotta love that guy!

Melissa said...

Frank beat me to it. ;) But you know I was flipping out yesterday. I saw it live completely by accident - my timing was juuuust right. She'll serve at least 23 days from what I understand and then she'll have to go to the full 90 in inpatient rehab after that so... 113 days clean? Let's see what she looks like after THAT.

And dude, that double thing happens to me all the time. So weird, right? I can't imagine it's all messages from the universe... I mean, I don't think the universe is sending you some deep message about porcupines and Mine are fairly innocuous too, I think, but still very cool when they happen.

Bev said...

BigSis - Yup, his comments have a way of doing that! ;)

Melissa - So if the universe isn't sending me messages should I take off this tinfoil hat?

Salt said...

OMG. I just found out about LaLohan while I was on the elliptical yesterday at the gym. I started cracking up laughing and I'm sure everyone else must have thought I was crazy.

laurieliz said...

I am sooooo glad Lindz got some jail time. She needs the sober-up time!

For me it's all good things come in 3s.

Can't wait to see the red on Sat!

Heather said...

Aw yes LiHo finally gets kicked to the big house. Maybe she can make like Martha and befriend...

Mike129 said...

Yeah, Bev, I got yer bone right here!

And, yes, that is what I love about you. Well, that and your breasts. (Wouldn't want them to feel left out.)

Bev said...

Salt - It would be wrong NOT to laugh!

Laurie - Good/bad things in threes, sure. Random/wtf things in twos? YUP! :-p See you Saturday, sugar tits!

Heather - Oh yeah, I'm sure she'll make lots of friends.

Mike - Aww, such a charmer. You can't see them, but my breasts are totally blushing right now!

MtnMama said...

Please never STFU.

I feel bad for laughing that you are still missing the necessary cable. Because you are the only one who does that...

*sigh* Your Jim is such a fine specimen of his species. If only there was a nice similar model in the Slightly Older Category in these parts. I'd like that.

Lindsay is a waste of skin and her fingernail disgusts me. People who bemoan the fate that they deliberately went out and HUNTED DOWN AND BROUGHT HOME deserve every nasty thing that comes of it.

Heidi Renée said...

I was just kind of hoping that Lohan would overdose. Not die, necessarily, just have a nice, big, messy, incident. Maybe she'll go on Celebrity Rehab next.

Rich Girl Red said...

LiLo had that look of "whyyyyy is this happening to me?"--sheesh. I just wanted to shout, "They'll explain it all to you at The Betty. Now STFU and do your time."

Samsmama, such a tease. "Two-fer" references with no details. Are you sure you weren't in "Mean Girls?" :)

Bev, don't ever shut up. I mean it. Really.

Senorita said...

I used to have Comcast. Their movie selection isn't all that great.

LiLo is finally getting what she deserves. Finally ! I can't believe there are people out there that feel sorry for her.

Elliott said...

I feel so dreadfully uncreative in the comment field of late, but dammit, I want to belong.

"Here are some wonderful website that discuss these subject. These are a wonderful post. Thank you, I am doing homework."

And I'm childishly amused that the porcupine might be getting splinters in his lips from practicing his kissing technique.

I really need to get out more.

Bev said...

MtnMama - Thanks for not wanting me to shuttie. :-* And trust me, if Jim had an older (or single younger, you cougar!) brother, I'd be sending him your way faster than you can say "Sister-in-law!"

Heidi - You're not the only one. I admit to having the same wish. BAD!

RGR - I won't if you don't, my dear!! Yes, the "why me?!" look has been killing me! She SUCKS!

Senorita - Ya know, I almost felt a moment of feeling sorry for her... just because she's so young, so drug-addled, and so without any positive adult influences in her life to guide her. Plus, I love Mean Girls. :-/

Then I saw that "F U" on her finger. Now she's dead to me.

Elliott - A comment from you could never be boring! I miss your pithy remarks. It's like you're too good for the OOBH now that you live in fancy Ohio or something. Sheesh.


Anonymous said...

HAHA Bev...Jeremy and I said the same thing about the porcupines! Only I saw 3 on our road in the same day.