Friday, July 2, 2010

OOBH Stew: with a dollop of Wax

It's Friday, yo! Friday, the most magical and anticipated day of the week, made even better this particular week because it's the start of a 3-day weekend for many of us here in the U.S. of A! Yeah, baby! My boss kindly offered me the afternoon off so I'll be burning rubber out of this parking lot no later than 1:15 today and not returning until Tuesday. WOOT.

Tonight I've gathered my Pussy Posse (heh heh) to go get our fan girl on in a big bad way. We've all got some serious steam to burn off! First we're meeting for drinks & apps, then we're going to see Eclipse (shut up), and then we're hitting a downtown bar for some KILLAH KARAOKE.


My voice is back, biznatches, and I intend to use & abuse that mofo tonight! I can't wait.

Oh, and on Saturday I'll be dragging my hungover ass up to Mala's place to record our VLOG offering. You're welcome - we love you. Don't you forget it.

But enough about ME, it's stew time!

Maybe she's born with it?

Meet Coco, who is Ice T's special lady friend. Coco is best known for sporting camel toe in just about every skin-tight outfit she owns, but when I saw this vision of loveliness I knew this was the photo I had to add to the Stew. Just look at this natural beauty! I'm blinded, blinded!

I've got your Deathly Hollows right he-yah!


Baby Mama

I adore Amy Poehler & her husband, Will Arnett. I love that they're having more babies together. I approve of funny people breeding.

Mel Gibson is a bad, bad man.

Mel, seen here with his hand in a beaver for possibly the last time, has been recorded saying horrible, disgusting, racist and misogynistic remarks. His ex-girlfriend secretly recorded him during one of his rage-induced tantrums and is using the tapes in their messy legal battle.

In the 80's, Mel was a screen god. In the 90's, we learned that Mel was an anti-Semitic drunk, but at least we got the term "sugartits" out of that scandal. Now, Mel is just a superior, angry, intolerant dillhole who needs to STFU and get lost. Forever and ever, amen.

I can't wait to violate this wax figure.

Pic via Celebitchy

Next time we're in NYC, count on Mala and me having some fun with old cross-eyed Kim, here. Also, maybe I'm wrong, but I thought the Madame Tussaud's sculptures were supposed to be true to size? Errmmmm....

Last but not least, there's a new Wonder Woman costume gathering hate all across the Internet Land.


Just as a reminder, the old costume (worn by the ravishing Lynda Carter) looked like this:

As a kid, my Wonder Woman costume looked more like this:

Talk amongst yourselves. Next week we'll revisit this topic along with the big question: which actress should nab the coveted Amazonian role?

For now, I wish you all a wonderful, relaxing, and fun-filled holiday weekend!

Be safe, my darlings, until we blog again.

La Bev


Brooklyn ML said...

I hope you call me when you want to ravage that talentless twit's was figure. Funny, i almost couldn't tell which was the wax, and which was the human!

Brooklyn ML said...

WAX figure. Oops

Melissa said...

Karaoke? Yay for your voice. Sing it Bev!

I agree about Mel. Ugh. Go away. Please.

Harry Potter 7! *Squee!*

And I actually dig that Wonder Woman costume. It's kinda bad ass. As for who should play her... um, crap. That's a toughie.

Rich Girl Red said...

Mornin' Bev! I'm so glad you get to sing karaoke again! It's one of my most favorite things to do. Not that I'm all that good, mind you, but I can usually work the room. :)

Coco seriously needs to stop shopping in the 4-6x section of the children's department. Geez. I've got bandaids that cover more than that.

I can't WAIT for Deathly Hallows. The stretch between parts 1 and 2 is gonna hurt.

I'm so over Mel. I tried to love him but he's just too much of a dick. His ass was my favorite for such a long time, but sadly, no more. I've seen better.

I had a Wonder Woman lunchbox. They need to leave her costume alone--it's fabulous as is.

Have a great weekend Bev! Can't wait for the vlog! Mwah!

Frank Irwin said...

Mel, seen here with his hand in a beaver for possibly the last time...

Outstanding, Bev. Outstanding.

I'm Jane said...

I find it interesting that people hate the new Wonder Woman outfit since it is sort of COVERING HER UP! I say, keep it. Wonder Woman doesn't need to be thinking about whether or not her ass is hanging out while she's saving the world.

She should definitely, however, keep the rockin' red boots. Sensible heel, pop of color...yep, they still work.

MJenks said...

Very nice, very nice. AND she has both boobs. Wonder Woman. Not Coco. I think Coco has the combined total of boob that was removed by the Amazons for fighting purposes.

Your stew goes well with my Latin Lesson this week (Quid dixit!)

Mala said...

I don't care that he doesn't have a nose, I'd still do him. Do him ROTTEN!

And, keeping with tradition, I've never seen any of the Harry Potter movies, nor have I seen any of the Twilight movies.
Of course, tonight, that will change. Why not start with the 3rd (?) film. I'm sure I'll catch up quickly. Bella is beautiful and all the men want her...blah, blah, blah.

Now, off to warm up the ol' pipes.


Mike129 said...

Um, isn't a Pussy Posse a posse in search of some pussy? Will there be pictures?

Haha! Coco Puffs! She does look so very natural.

Mel Gibson really is a dick. But at least he's all religious so he can go to heaven. Whatev....

And I don't have a problem with the new WW outfit. She can still use her superpowers on me any day!

Salt said...


#1 That is NOT Wonder Woman. SACRILEGE!!

#2 That bathing suit that Coco has on was clearly meant for a 3 year old to wear. WTF.

#3 That new Harry Potter looks SO GREAT!!!

#4 Totally jealous that you got off early. I'm still suffering away here with nothing to do.

Heidi Renée said...

I want to nominate Mrs. Brian Austin Green to be the next Wonder Woman because it will make the traditionalists shit themselves.

KT and Lady said...

Give me the legacy WW any day. The costume is OK - get Condi Rice to play the new WW - that way it would totally unbelievable.

Mel is a colossal douche bag, always has been, always will be

dogimo said...

SO COOL that your voice is back!!

Which actress should nab the role of the coveted Amazonian? You've answered your own question, Bev!

Coco. Coco, of course!

wv: "coptive" - peace officer who has been taken into custody.

Senorita said...

That was bad figure of Kim. It looks more plastic than the real thing !

Coco is a piece of work. Her snatch is basically exposed to the world and that bikini only covers the nipples.

Kate said...

So you guys are saying that I should not wear my "Coco" bathing suit? Even after I tell you that my belly hangs down far enough to cover up the hoo-hoo? Fine. Guess I'll just go get a swimdress.

I'm on the fence about WW. I say don't mess with what works, but then again, she might be concentrating her superhero efforts in a frigid climate and need the extra coverage. I would hate for her to pull a hammy just because her muscles weren't properly warm.

Harry Potter rocks.

And hooray for your voice!

tracey said...

Coco makes makes other porn stars look classy - or should I say 'klassy'. THough lately, Ice T is giving her a run for the money in the boob dept.

Can' WAIT for the new Harry Potter - I proudly claim my nerdiness.

Most of all YAY for your voice being back.. SO glad for you. Enjoy the karaoke

MtnMama said...

So the comment I left yesterday did not 'save' - hmmm.
Okay, ONE bad thing about Aspen.

When I look at Coco's little red suit, (ahem) all I think is "why bother?" She's obviously an attention whore, but naked I'll bet she'd still get attention, and I imagine her "pee place" would be much more comfortable. Maybe it hasn't been comfortable in so long, she forgets how it is supposed to feel?

Your voice back is golden, but perhaps by today it has skulked away in fear? ;)
The new Potter(s) are greatly anticipated in this household! Yay!

FabuLeslie said...

The new WW duds don't bother me, but I am a bit of a purist when it comes to this. I dreamed of being her for so long. Couldn't we just leave it as is, and maybe add the leggings? I have no idea who should play her now... No one famous is amazonian enough!

Cary McNeal said...

Mel is done. Now we know his earlier rant was more than a drunken anomaly. I would say go back to Oz but I don't think they want him, either.

A Kim Kardashian wax figure does seem a bit redundant.

I didn't know narwhals wore bikinis! Wonder where she hides her tusk.