Monday, July 26, 2010

That's it! Next Year I'm THERE.

'Sup, FOOBHs? Nice to see ya'. It's Monday afternoon and I'm just now shaking off the glitter from my clothing after a fun weekend with the fam. Yesterday we hit (Obi-Wan) Canobie Lake Park for some fun and amusement with our friends The Malas. It was a pleasant weekend, without a doubt, yet something was missing....

Here's what was also going on in the world this weekend.

Muppet Aliens! MIB! Storm Troopers!

Yes, it was Comic-Con 2010 in San Diego last weekend, and for the first time in my non-geeky existence I kinda wanted to go! It just looked like fun, what with all the beautiful celebrities (and Chevy Chase, too!), people dressed in silly costumes, and the over-all crazy-coolness of it all.

My little nerdlings would love to meet Darth Vader.

Where else could you see Fat Batman riding an escalator?

Or Spiderman (in his hip hat) with... um, Christina Aguilera?

Most likely reading the "Help Wanted" ads.

Or bump into a Storm Trooper* in the elevator:

I somehow doubt these folks were aware that Comic-Con was going on in this hotel.

Or... whatever the fuck this is?

Don't tell me this doesn't look like a great time! Oh, and the entire cast of True Blood was there, so you know I'm in. Mama like!

Of course, if Sci-Fi isn't your thing, you could always go to Italy and party with Pariah Paris Hilton.

Charming, huh? She's still got it!

I mean it, next year I'm in. Note to self: I really need to stick to my diet if I want to wriggle into that Wonder Woman costume by next July....

* My nerdy knowledgeable friend mjenks informs me that this is actually a "Biker Scout" from Return of the Jedi. Duh, Bev! Stoopid, stoopid!

(All Comic-Con pics are compliments of The Huffington Post)


Frank Irwin said...
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Frank Irwin said...

The pixellator in that Paris Hilton photo needs to work on his aim.

Stacie's Madness said...

this is super fantastic...really, i mean besides paris' crotch shot.

MJenks said...

That's not just a Storm Trooper, my dear, that's a Biker Scout. They're the ones specially trained in order to handle the 500 km/hr speeds of the speeder bikes.

They are, most notably, seen being splattered against redwood boles in "Return of the Jedi".

You better brush up on that before heading out there next year.

Mala said...

I told you we should have headed to SoCal this weekend!!!!

$20 says Fat Batman is a virgin.

MJenks said...

Are you kidding? Fat Batman bangs Chubby Catwoman every night and on Tuesdays twice.

Bev said...

Frank - Right?!

Stacie - Glad you liked... everything but the Paris Puddy.

Jenks - Right you are, my good man! I do need to brush up. Wanna be my tutor?

Mala - I think you'd win that bet.

Jenks - Um, or not.

Heidi Renée said...

Are those the yeppers? From Sesame Street? The guys who just say yep yep yep yep over and over again? I LOVED THEM. Please tell me I'm not the only one who calls them yeppers.

Liz Tee said...

I'll meet you at ComicCon next year! I learned the cast from Big Bang Theory was there this year and I almost swooned. Besides, it's time I admit I'm nerd enough to go. :)

Looks like Paris' puddy done dried up and falled off.

TS Hendrik said...

I'm a geek but it always seems like it would be a lot more work than fun to go to comicon.

Though fat batman does seem like an extra draw.

Rich Girl Red said...

I have a "friend" who goes to all manner of events such as ComicCon. He posts all sorts of pretentious drivel from his iPhone while hobnobbing and whatnot. I, of course, pretend to be superior and unimpressed but I really read every post. It sounds like it'd be a blast!

I think we'd need someone like MJenks to translate so that we don't embarrass ourselves too badly. (Besides the usual embarrassment at the bar and the buffet!)

onebadmamajama said...

I wanna go too!!! The had the cast of "The Avengers" there and Angelina Jolie and Harrison Ford showed up, too! How fun would it be to bump into one of THEM in the elevator?!

The way Pariah is partying she's gonna end up lost in a Turkish prison soon...I hope;)

MtnMama said...

I was thinking how fun it looked... I was watching Attack of the Show the other day and it occurred to me. I'm FAR geekier than most average folks, although nowhere close to geeky enough for ComicCon, but I could fake it... (that's what she said)

Besides, I love to dress up and act silly. Probably why Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. If "we" go, I want to know.

Heidi Renée said...

I totally forgot to say this earlier: in high school I had this internet "boyfriend" and he and his little nerd friends would (and still do) put together elaborate costumes for the Con. He's now dating a Star Wars novel author who's twice his age. Guess I missed out (not).

Bev said...

Heidi - YEP! (I call them that, too!!)

Liz - Next year's Comic-Con sounds like a good time to arrange our own little nerd gathering. "Blog Me Hard '11?"

TS - May I call you, TS? Hope so. ;) Work, shmurk! If it involves dressing up it sounds like fun to me!

RGR - Yes, I think we would need some back-up here! I have a friend just like yours on FB, and I dig it too!

OBMJ - I'd probably grin like an idiot if a big celeb entered an elevator with me! Or, if it was Han Solo, they'd have to pry me off his leg! I don't care if he's old enough to have fathered me.

MtnMama - Another vote for going and dressing up! So far, so good... my evil plan is coming together!

Heidi - Aw, don't look back, you can never look back!

Mala said...

Slap me silly! Do I hear the makings of a SoCal bloggy meet-up!?!

Cary McNeal said...

Oooh, count me in! Let's hire a George Lucas lookalike to go around and tell all the Star Wars nerds how they got the costumes wrong... nope, too many buttons... wrong insignia... Wookiees don't wear sandals! you're no fan, get the fuck outta here!

Love the look on the old woman's face with the StormBikerTrooperWhateverWhoGivesAShit guy.

Bev said...

Mala - Indeed you do!! Let's do it... but do we really need to wait a whole year?!

Cary - I love that idea! "Wookiies don't wear sandals" - LOL!

I agree about the woman's face, too. That pic would make a great "caption this!"

Mike129 said...

You included the Paris shot just for me, didn't you?


Mala said...

I love the way you think, Bev. You're right, a year is far too long to wait. Let's do it!!!! It's been ages since I've partaken in some good celeb-stalking.