Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm rooting for the Fox Hole!

Programming Note:

Today I'm gonna do something that I hardly EVER do here on the OOHB; I'm gonna mention religion. Not bashing, just mentioning, so no hate mail, please. THX.

The Management

I just came across this story on my beloved Dlisted, and I knew right away that I had to write about it. The story goes that in a small town in Ohio there's a strip club called The Fox Hole (BRILLIANT, right?). For the past four years members of a nearby Christian church have been showing up every weekend to picket the sinful activities happening within the walls of the Fox Hole, even going so far as to post pictures of the stripper's license plates on the internet to "out" them as the shameless strumpets that they are.

How very... Christian... of them...?

Oh, come now. Does this look like the face of a meth addict devil-lover?

Wait, don't answer that.

At least the owner of the Fox Hole is a stand-up chap... with a sweet mullet, to boot!

The ladies of the Fox Hole got sick of being on the receiving end of the righteous folks' scorn, so they showed up at mass last Sunday and did some picketing of their own.

*slow clap*

Right ON, ladies. Right. Effing. ON. Ya' gotta admit that picketing a church takes some major cojones!

Regardless of how scummy they may be, I happen to believe that these folks have every right to shake their money-makers for a living. Live and let live, I say! Are they hurting anyone? Are they forcing anyone to come into their den of iniquity and get a lap dance? Hell no. They're just going to work, and their work happens to be exotic dancing, thankyouverymuch.

Of course, the church members have a right to peacefully protest too, so I guess they're at an impasse. Sucks to be them. I am glad that I am neither a stripper nor the judgmental type.

The local news package - yes, I said package - is below with the full scoop.

I'd like to point out that this might be the worst example of TV news reporting that I've ever seen, and I worked for a pretty crappy TV station myself. How about you make your voice a little more monotone, guy?

So there you have it. Team Fox Hole or Team Holy Roller?


Elliott said...

Since I support single moms, I vote Fox Hole all the way. Not that I'll be patronizing it, based on the dancer pictured. And I've been to some bad clubs.

Um...I mean...my FRIENDS have told me about them...because I would never do such a thing.

dogimo said...

Don't they realize there are no atheists in a Fox Hole?

Rich Girl Red said...

Sorry, I've got to go with Team Foxhole. Free country, live and let live, and all that jazz. Plus, preacher hair just annoys the crap out of me. I can't even hear what he's saying because I'm so distracted by that train wreck of a coif.

"We are going to see this through til the end." The end of what? Time?

calicobebop said...

Go Team Fox Hole - I mean, the Holy Rollers started so why don't the meth-loving strippers finish it!

Finish Them!

MJenks said...

My old church had one person who was out to end pornography in the entire world. She would get up and tell about how she was going to picket movie rental shops that had back rooms so they could put an end to pornography.

This was before the internet.

At the protests, only herself, her uxoriated husband, and her son were protesting the rental of adult movies. It was kind of comical to drive by and see the pathetic attempts at protesting nekkid chicks.

My only question here is, were the ladies of the Fox Hole picketing the correct church? Just curious.

Frank Irwin said...

Dangnabbit, dogimo beat me to it.

Kate said...

Ugh, this is why it is so hard to be a Christian, because of people like that. And I'm not referring to the strippers. Geez. It's so embarrassing sometimes.

Bev said...

Elliott - Sure, sure... friends. *WINK*

Dogimo - FTW!

RGR - Agreed. That preacher's hair ought to be illegal. I'd be protesting that if I were a member of that congregation!

Calico - LOL @ "finish them!" Perfect!

Jenks - That must have been quite a sight. I wonder how they reacted once the internet came to be and porn became as available as milk & eggs?

Frank - It's the thought that counts.

Kate - Agreed.

Liz Tee said...

All I can think of what my mom used to say: "A fox can't smell it's own hole." I bet it smells of serious fox funk in The Fox Hole, and they don't even know it. 'Cause they can't smell it.


Samsmama said...

Lola Lorain...I have this weird feeling that's not her real name.

Mike129 said...

I am all for stripping.

But if you are fugly, give me a heads-up so I can look away. :)

tracey said...

As someone whose whole life is 'church' since I'm a pastor's wife, may I be agree with Karen & say it's people like this that make the rest of "Christianity" look bad.

My father in law is a pastor & my husband remembers being made to protest outside strip clubs in Windsor when he was a teen. Bringing teenage boys to a strip club, even for a protest? Are you kidding me? They're still boys - I'm pretty sure they all got long term neck injuries every time that door opened.

As far as the strippers, my brother worked security in a high end casino/hotel & says that these girls look good from far, but up close look far from good. : )

MtnMama said...

Team Fox Hole, hands down!

Half of my problem with Christians is the judgy prosletizing inyourface serious holier than thou B.S. like this.
The other half I will reserve for a more appropriate forum...

But as a single mom, um, Elliott...? What are you trying to say, man?

middle child said...

I agree with Tracey. Love Thy Neighbor.

Heidi Renée said...

And after the weekly strip club picket, the parishioners stay for the show. They've got to keep up to date on those hussies.

Cary said...

Gee, what's more likely to make someone a heathen, seeing naked boobies or seeing a bunch of self-righteous morons protesting one pathetic little strip club instead of doing things like feeding the hungry or delivering groceries to shut-ins or visiting the elderly in nursing homes?

More flies with honey, people.

Leave. Boobies. Alone!

Elliott said...

MtnMama - Just like all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares, my experience has shown that while not all single moms are strippers, the majority of the strippers 'my friends' have encountered at various 'establishments' have been single moms.

Including the one who sat on my lap while we watched her daughter dance on stage. She was so proud.

So, no offense was meant. Though as to the single mom nature of the business, I suppose the question becomes one of the 'chicken-vs-egg' genre.

Mala said...

I don't get it? Why wasn't the "package" blue? (Bev will get that. Everyone else will be thinking pervy thoughts.)

I'll pick Team Fox Hole over Team A-Hole, any day.

Also, I have that same sign outside my house. I'm hoping to arrange adjoining rooms with my friends in Hell. PARTAY!