Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mysterious Ways


First order of business today - I have to send a huge thank you and a "Why the hell didn't I think of that?!" out to Elliott today because he pointed out that all of you really should be buddies instead of friends of OOBH. Why? Because then you'd be my BOOBHs. MY BOOBHs, PEOPLE!!!!

I cannot believe that I never thought of that. *smacking forehead* I can be so dense sometimes.

Okay, can you tell that this revelation made my day? It's really quite easy to do. (Just like... never mind.)

Speaking of making my day, Tuesday was one of those charmed days for me and mine. You know the kind of day when everything just clicks into place? They're so rare that I always notice them. On Tuesday after work I drove up to Concord to get some lobsters for dinner. In the supermarket I noticed that even though it was crowded, everyone was polite and cheerful towards me. Several people struck up random conversations as I shopped, and it seemed like the world around me was just in a happy mood.

On the way home I was clipping along a little too fast, which was easy to do because the traffic was light, the road to my house was smooth and open, and I had nine live lobsters, ice cream, and various mayonnaise-based salads in the car that I was eager to refrigerate. As I approached a 40 mph stretch I was going about 52 when a man in an oncoming car stuck his arm out the window and gestured that I should slow down, which I instantly did. I love it when people warn me by flashing their lights or something if there's a cop ahead - the solidarity is refreshing.

Sure enough, a few miles down the road sat a state trooper with his radar on, but by then I was cheerfully passing him at 39 mph, like the law-abiding citizen that I am. Hurray for random acts of kindness! Zippity doo-dah, my BOOBHs. Later I'd learn that our friend Eric got a ticket on the same road, likely by the same cop that I'd dodged thanks to the kindness of a stranger. I guess it couldn't be Eric's day because it was already mine. ;)

Later that evening my mother called to tell me some much-deserved and exciting news. She has been hoping to retire from her craptastic and stressful office job and had planned to give notice on Tuesday. Suddenly a big-wig from the main office came in and took her into a meeting.

Instead of giving notice and working till the end of the month at a job she detests more each day, she got laid off. With severance. Yes!! How do ya' like them apples?

My mom reminded me that the lord works in mysterious ways, and it's very, very true. Recently I've been thinking more than ever about events or situations in my life that sucked at the time, but which eventually changed my life for the better. How small decisions would have changed where I am now, maybe for the better, but probably for the worse.

Classic example:

Many years ago I was offered two jobs at TV stations here in NH, which is how I came to live here. If I had chosen the one at a large, affluent and well-respected station, I'd probably still work there and would still have a "career." Heck, maybe I'd be running the place by now! But I didn't - I took the job a at a crappy station that turned out to be one of my favorite jobs ever. I've never laughed so hard (and gotten paid for it) since then, and most importantly I met my BFF and soul-sister, Mala. If I had chosen the "better" of the two jobs, I'd never have known the Patsy to my Edina, the Beavis to my Butthead. I wouldn't trade the friend I made for a better career, that much I know for sure!

Now I'd like to turn it over to you, my faithful (and spectacular) BOOBHs, to hear your point of view on fate/karma/what-have-you. What's your favorite example of when choosing the road less-traveled-by has made all the difference?


Frank Irwin said...

I'm not going to comment here today, so that Mala can catch up.

But if I did comment, I'd say that I'm honored to be one of your BOOBHs, Bev!

Samsmama said...

Hooray! I'm a BOOBH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, about 7 years ago I was dating a guy with a drinking problem, had lost his house, and quit his low paying job to move 1,000 miles away. Despite my parents begging me not to, I moved with him. The whole disastrous deal cost my parents tens of thousands of dollars and will forever be a source of stress to me. But, on the plus side, I got a great little kid out of the deal.

MJenks said...

If my Ex-fiancee hadn't gotten pregnant with someone else's kid, I would never have had sex with an Asian girl.


Bev said...

Frank - No one will ever catch up to you, my loyal BOOBH! You rule!

Smama - I'd say despite it all, you came out on top. That kid of yours is something special!

Also, thank goodness you're rid of that ex. UGH!

Jenks - Way to look on the bright side there, chief. I must admit that I've wondered how the ex- became the ex-. Now that I know it's clear that the snowballing thing wasn't the most vile thing she's ever done to you....

Heidi Renée said...

Your boobhs are magnificent!

If I had gotten into the college I wanted to go to, I never would have changed career paths and wouldn't have my awesome job or husband. Neither of them give a shit what my diploma says, so I won in the end.

I don't usually congratulate people on losing their jobs, but I think they're in order for your mom. She must feel great!

Mike129 said...

I pretty much never pay attention to the popularity of the paths I follow.

Well I did choose education or the common path of drugs and thugs where I grew-up (inner-city Detroit). As a result I am alive and not in jail.

You do have the breast BOOB(H)s, Bev. (Both kinds.)

MJenks said...

Yeah. I thought most people knew the story of the Ex-.

I realize I'm going to have to fix that some day. I think I know how: more TMI.

Bev said...

Heidi - I know, it's weird to be pleased about a lay-off, but this one was just too perfect!

Mike - I'm glad you chose edu-ma-cation. And my BOOB(H)s! Thanks!

Jenks - Yeah, baby! I love me some TMI. Bring it on!

MJenks said...

*smacks forehead*

Duh. If she hadn't gotten preggers with someone else's spawn, I wouldn't have ever had sex with a redhead either.

That probably should have been my *first* comment.


MtnMama said...

Oh, lovely Bev, my entire life has been the road less taken. Where to start? Or, I could take a page from Smama, and just "end":

The whole Buster debacle, waiting to have a child until I was over 40, etc., making two cross-country moves in 4 years, betting the "farm" ... yeah. It all worked out. *grin*

Senorita said...

I am so glad I didn't move out to Minnesota to be with my ex-boyfriend even though he was loaded and would've supported my lifestyle. What a miserable life that would've been.

I am so happy to be free as a bird ! Even if I am poor.

So glad I stayed behind to finish my education.

Brooklyn ML said...

I'm proud to be one of your boobs. I mean boobhs...

WV press, as in, I want to press my boobhs against you.

Brooklyn ML said...

We're moving to California, spurred by a chain of tiny serendipitous moments. What else can I say? It's magic.

Elliott said...

If I'd accepted that chef's apprenticeship back in '99 instead of going to work at the little payroll company in the middle of nowhere just because it would pay my bills, I never would have met Lori.

If I hadn't blindly accepted that job in FL to escape a bad situation in WI, I wouldn't have gotten the kick-ass job I have in OH now.

If I hadn't had a sudden brainstorm yesterday, I'd be the only one thinking about Bev's BOOBHs right now. (No I wouldn't...)

Melissa said...

I love stuff like this and I love your story Bev. Everyone else's responses too.

The only major one I always think of is that if I hadn't quit college, I wouldn't have married Steve. When I came running back to Dallas after one miserable semester in west Texas, his brother, who I had worked with at my high school job, and he were my only nearby friends and I ended up being a third roommate in an apartment with them. He and I hung out and stayed up all night talking more times than I could count and, well, 16 years later, here we still are. :)

Mala said...

Awwww Bev, I have a tear. And you know I giggle like a little girl when you call me the Patsy to your Edina. I feel the same way! Totally worth working at that craptastic TV station just to hang with you! GOOD FREAKIN' TIMES!

And I love those little (or rather big) moments when fate's omnipotent hand slides you one way or another for a purpose. One of my favorites is going to a she-she shindig that I BEGGED not to go to (read: I'm wearing ripped Jeans to a mansion) but then if I hadn't gone, I would have never had Robert Forster ask me for a ride back to his hotel...