Friday, August 20, 2010

OOBH Stew: Plastic Fantastic Edition

Happy Friday!! Man, I am really glad it's the weekend. This week just seemed to draaaaaaaag by. I think what we all need is some delicious OOBH Stew to kick off the weekend, don't you? Fair warning, though - this batch tastes a little plastic-y. Next time I'll add less latex.

Rolling Stone magazine cover features some kick-ass Vamporn
Even though Sookie's waist looks so Photoshopped it's amazing that she can even stand upright, it's still kind of hot -- in a totally disgusting and gruesome sort of way, of course. 

Jenny McCarthy got some work done.
Courtesy of Awful Plastic

They're saying she got a new nose and cheek implants.  Now she looks a little bit like Madame, yes?

Speaking of new body parts, Renee Zellwegger got some new boobs, and they're enormous.

Courtesy of Awful Plastic

I kind of like them, but then again, I like big boobs. *shrug*

Malibu Ken went BOOM.

Yes, I know that's mean, but you've gotta admit that you snickered, right?  Famous surgeon (and creator of the creature formerly-known as Heidi Montag) Dr. Frank Ryan died in a car accident.

Last Monday he crashed his car off of a cliff in Malibu while driving home after taking a hike with his dog. Since he had Tweeted a picture of his dog just 20 minutes before the accident occurred everyone is wondering if he lost control of his car because he was texting/tweeting.

Poor guy - imagine being a handsome, semi-famous, successful and wealthy surgeon and dying because you just had to write, "LOL" on someone's Facebook status? Ugh.

Finally, here's a funny video to rinse the plastic taste out of your mouth.

Ron Burgundy IS Darth Vader!

I *heart* Ron Burgundy!

There it is, folks. I hope you have a great weekend!


MJenks said...

I like big boobs, too. But I can't stand the long, melted-looking horse face that's dangling above them.

Someone give Renee some sugar cubes already.

Brooklyn ML said...

Apparently, Alexander Skarsgard likes to go nude in all of his intimate scenes, so I can gleefully imagine what this photo shoot was like!

MJenks said...

...bloody hot?

Frank Irwin said...

I turned on Chelsea Handler the other night. Her show, I mean. has she had her eyes done? They looked horrible.

Bev said...

Jenks - Yeah, her face is not great, I agree. I've never thought she was anything to look at but I hear she's nice IRL.

Brooklyn - Yeah, baby! I heard that too. Once you become "L.A. ML" you should get a job on THAT set!

Jenks - Indeed!

Frank - I'll bet she has. Mala & I saw her do stand-up a year or two ago and she looked really haggard IRL. We were shocked to learn that she's our age. Ever since she got her show she has looked much more... refreshed. ;)

Mala said...

Yeah Chelsea Handler, Bev and I gave each other the "Pfft, yeah right" look when she said she was our age. She had some serious bags packed.

I wonder if Bradley ordered those enormous knobs?

And lastly, what about the dog???

Samsmama said...

I don't know about Jenny...I'm not really seeing anything different. Other than it looking like she has Barbie hair.

Can't stand Renee. At. all.

Dave came up here last night and told me that the ever lovely Janice Dickinson was trying to blame the doc's death on him driving a Jeep, or some such shit. She failed to mention he had been twatting.

And I dig Chelsea, but half the time I think girlfriend is hammered. NTTAWWT.

Oh, Mala...the dog! Priceless!

onebadmamajama said...

Mala, you take that back! I'd rather believe Bradley is gay than bangin' that ugly ass chick! UGH.

I did laugh a little at the plastic surgeon who probably wrecked while texting. I'm going to hell, I know. Do I need to save anyone a seat?;)

onebadmamajama said...

I read the dog was found floating in the ocean nearby but had rec'd emergency medical attention and was doing fine:)

Bev said...

Mala - as Rhonda said, they fished the dog out of the Pacific and she is recovering, never fear!

Smama - Ugh, Janice D. is just looking to get her name in the tabloids again. She's such a tool!

I don't see much difference in Jenny's nose but I do see the cheek implants. She should just go back to giving unfounded and dangerous medical advice and stop trying to look 22. IMO.

OBMJ - Save me a seat? I've already reserved a banquet hall! :) I agree about Bradley - wth does he see in her?

Heidi Renée said...

You know you've been 'shopped when your waist is as small as your thigh. Is it just me, or did they also blur out Anna Paquin's hooha by extending her butt cheek? And why didn't they shave some of her thigh off, while they were at it?

MtnMama said...

Well, Heidi, depends on the size of your thighs... ba da bum!

So many young fresh things break onto the scene and we notice them because they have something just a little different, and then in their desperation to hold onto more than their 15 minutes, they succeed in erasing whatever they had to begin with, leaving them all looking like so many Barbies lined up in an old Mattel vinyl carryall.

(how's that for a runon sentence?)

Confirms my committment to aging as gracefully as I can.

Senorita said...

Happy Weekend La Bev !

I am so not into the vampire trend, there is nothing sexy about it to me, so naturally I find that mag cover disgusting.

Renee Z. looks like she is about to tip over with her big boobies on that small frame.

That is all !


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