Tuesday, September 28, 2010

From the Vault: Black Sheep Edition

Recently I came across a few dusty old boxes of pictures and clippings that made me smile, so I thought it might be time to open the Vault again here on the OOBH. In this edition of From the Vault you'll probably end up asking "How the hell did La Bev come from such a nice, conservative family and become the pervy humor-monger that she is today?"

Well, my peeps, your guess is truly as good as mine, but I don't analyze it too much -- I sleep better that way.

This is a December 1971 edition of Life Magazine.

Featuring a my great-grandfather and my cousin -- holla for Scotland!

My grandmother and great-aunt both worked for Time Life in NYC, so I suppose that had something to do with how my great-grandfather and my cousin Mike were selected for this article. Together they represented Scotland in an article about immigrants and their American-born offspring. As you can tell if you read the article, my great grandparents were devout Covenanters from Scotland who worked hard, prayed hard, and exercised every day of their lives.

Something you probably don't know about the Bev -- I come from a very religious family. On my mom's side many of our relatives don't believe in drinking or dancing; they also sing in 3-part harmony at family gatherings, attend & teach at religious colleges, and go to foreign countries on missions from God. A few of them are scholars and published authors with multiple Ph.D.s, all in religious studies. Needless to say, all of our family functions involve tea, panty hose, and awkward conversations.

And then there's me, the picture of class, good taste, and constraint. ------->

*SNORT* I don't even go to church and frankly, I consider myself to be more spiritual than religious. It goes without saying that I like to get my party on and show off my killer dance moves every chance I get. If it weren't for the family resemblance and for the fact that my sister shares my ribald sense of humor, I'd think I was switched at birth!

So yeah, it's probably a good thing if Great-Granddad is busy playing golf with Ghandi in the after life and not checking in on his sweet great-granddaughter.

How about you guys -- do you come by who you are honestly, or are you a bit of a black sheep too?


Emily Caldrain said...

This got me thinking, Maybe this year we should pass on the ugly sweater party. I think we should have a cool Christmas party "Misfit Island" - just a thought :)

Elliott said...

I know so little of my family's history beyond my parents, and I know nobody on my father's side of the family. I'd like to think I turned out just fine, though I'm screwed up enough that there's no doubt I'm my father's son.

Certainly no awkward family gatherings, so that's a bonus. Pantyhose chafe when I walk.

Frank Irwin said...

Most of my family, especially my extended family (my mother came from an Italian family of 9 kids) probably think I'm a bit "off," but they love me, anyhows.

tracey said...

I am definitely the black sheep to my inlaws. I could probably collect on my hubby's inheritance of cheap ceramic bells & Avon cologne bottles from the 70's if I told them everything we get up to 'round these parts.
Both of us grew up in culottes & King James kind of churches where the focuses was on rules & judgement & God was a mean kid with a magnifying glass waiting to scorch us.
We're raising our kids very differently & things are so much better. We're still in church but the focus is on a relationship not the rules.

Mala said...

Oh, I come from a long line of crazy.

Stuart said...

I am most definitely the black, I mean African American, sheep in the family. Not only does my sense of humor differ greatly from the rest of my family's, but I speak on a Welsh brogue and look Cambodian. And I have poison spikes on my hind legs.

wv: dipuzo - definitely not manedisa's last name, but it would be awesome.

Bev said...

Emily - I'm in! But can we be misfits in ugly sweaters?

Elliott - Thanks for letting me picture you in panty hose.

Frank - "Off" is what milk is after the expiration date. You're all ON, baby!

Tracey - Once again, you make me realize that the faithful can be both cool and fun! Thank you.

Mala - You say crazy like it's a bad thing! WOOT!

Stuart - Yes, I can see where that would be... different. Also, one last thing: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Heidi Renée said...

A lot of my relatives probably think I'm the weird one, but my functioning marriage and successful career beg to differ.

Laurie said...

Bev, you have met some of my family....I am clearly the white sheep.