Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Let's Have A Flashback Together!

Errr, does anyone else see that?
Maude Lebowski: What do you do for recreation?  

The Dude:  Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around.  The occasional acid flashback.

Okay, okay, we won't REALLY have a flashback, but let's watch a few videos that will probably jog some childhood memories loose!

When I was a kid I loved all of the School House Rock clips that they'd show in between Saturday morning cartoons. I swear this is how I learned what a conjunction and adverb was, not to mention how you should hanker for a hunka cheese when you're hungry!   These were my favorites.

Who else hums this one randomly from time to time? I hope it's not just me!

Elec-tricity! Eee-lect-ricity!

Last but not least, I can't do a post about School House Rock without the legendary "I'm Just a Bill" song!

Bonus vid: Family Guy skewers the Bill, literally.

One last thing - a few of you have already noticed that Mala and I started a new blog called The Angry Owl. It's a rant blog of sorts, but that's where we will discuss real issues that irritate us, but in a humorous way. As you know, I like to keep the OOBH a happy-ish place, so adopting the persona of a pissed-off owl seemed like a good way to have my cake & eat it too! Check it out, if you'd like. We'd love to see you there.

Later, taters!


Frank Irwin said...

I wonder how many epileptic seizures that Electricity video caused every Saturday morning.

Cary said...

I loved these as a kid. Still do. My favorites were Interjection! (usually set apart from a sentence by an exclamation point, or by a comma when the feeling's not as strong) and Three (it's a magic number).

Samsmama said...

Wow! Serious flashbacks, that's for sure. I find myself humming the Conjunction Junction song from time to time, but more often than not it's to the tune of 311.

Nice balloon "animal." Reminds me of the one that that clown made for Sam.

Rich Girl Red said...

I loved these as a kid and now my kids know them all, too! Hey! The interjection one is MY favorite too! Hooray!

And the one with Mr. Morton: "Mr. Morton talks to his cat. 'Hey, Cat, you look good.'"

I remember being in 8th grade Civics class and having to write the Preamble to the Constitution for an exam. Every kid in the class was singing to themselves, "We, the people, in order to form a more perfect union . . ." At one point we all looked up and burst out laughing. Schoolhouse Rock ROCKS!

Mala said...

TOO FUNNY! Joe and I just Googled these not to long ago!
Lolly, Lolly, Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here! I was singing that Sunday night. No kidding.


I love the School House Rock. I bought the DVD and I recommend it to anyone that grew up watching these toons. There is a scene where the original writers get together and do another song and they are jamming with the jazz musicians. Eventhough they are old, you can still see the passion in what they do. These toons are classic. What the hell happened to art in media?

Kate said...

Did you know that you can get these all bundled together nicely on one DVD? You didn't? Well, you can!

My dad gave it to Aiden and now Isaac asks occasionally to watch "Junshin, junshin."

Bev said...

Frank - Heh, I wonder too. Just like those Japanimation vids that caused seizures but people kept watching them anyway.

Love the new avatar, btw!

Cary - Three! Yes. Love those too. I still sing "Popcorn, she's my favorite movie star" whenever I make me some Orville's, too.

Smama - 311? Lovely!! I totally forgot about that balloon masterpiece of Stink's! Good times.

RGR - Totally! I think I knew more about how a Bill became a law when I was 6 than I do now. I wish they'd bring these back to TV. Yahoo!

Mala - More proof that we're connected by a single brain cell somehow. *Dr. Evil voice* An evil brain cell?

Israel - Very cool. I agree, kids need more cultcha these days. Spongebob doesn't count.

Kate - A DVD, you say? BIG WANT!

Molly's Mom said...

I showed Schoolhouse Rock videos to my fourth graders waaaaay back in 1997! They didn't understand my excitement. My much more intelligent 5 year old, however, loves them :)

Time for Timer...WTF was that little thing supposed to be? I probably begged my mom to let me make Wagon Wheels, to no avail.

Stuart said...

If it wasn't for SHR, I still would not be able to count by threes. Okay, maybe I would, but that would mean no pants.

wv: reptor: a spokesbird

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Those are my favorite school house rock tunes. Poor Bill! Great post.