Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Life in Pictures

AKA:  Semi-Wordless Wednesday!  Here are a few snapshots from my goofy little life.

Whore me?  Whore YOU!
Redneck fairs wouldn't be complete without a sticky, rickety, second-rate carousel.
Our parents are SO mean; makin' us eat ice cream cones at the fair.  Sheesh.
awwwwww, baaaaaaa
Larry the Llama thinks you're very droll.
View from the top of the Ferris wheel

Rubba dub dub, two stinky boys in a tub.
Mala and I know how to make a lipsticked Buddha giggle.
Who ran over my sandwich?
Mala and me doing a little drug store shopping.  Nice pink squishy thing.
It's a personal massager, you pervs!  My muscles...are just... sore.  Shut up.

Just another week in the life of La Bev.  Have a nice evening, my dears!


Samsmama said... the last picture, under your right arm, I can make out the word "strap", but that's it. Interesting shopping spree you two went on.

Rich Girl Red said...

I noticed that, too, Samsmama. So it's a "drug" store, hmm? Boy do I feel cheated. My Walgreen's doesn't carry good stuff like that.

Bev, your boys are so stinking cute they are positively lickable. (Especially when coated in ice cream!) I'm glad you have redneck fairs, too. Ours started Sunday. Yee-haw.

MtnMama said...

Vanity plates kill me. They’re almost never as clever as the owner supposes they are. (Did I mention BOTH my parents have them?)
Kids love Carousels. If we start setting the bar too high, we risk cutting out all the things they love. (I do draw the line at cotton candy, however)
Your boys scowling is Hilarious. I’m sure it’s really Deep Thoughts. Cured by the enormous amount of bubbles.
As for you and Mala… I want to hang out with you two so bad. I’m sure the day would end in a stern warning, if not a firm ejection from at least one store.
(and that’s the tamest looking “personal massager” I’ve seen in a while… such a safe green color.)

Bev said...

Samsmama - I KNEW it would be you to spot the strap first. I totally called it!

FYI, it's a bra strap cincher that turns any bra into a t-back! It also claims to add a full cup size, which Mala and I found to be amusing considering *pointing at my chest and saying in my best Fonzie voice* "Eyyyyyyyyyy."

RGR - If only Walgreens had strap-ons. I'd save a fortune in shipping costs! ;)

Thanks for the nice compliment! They are pretty darn cute, but I wouldn't lick 'em. Lord knows where they've been.

MtnMama - I do love spotting a good vanity plate! I love the ones that are so hard to decipher that they might as well be random letters/numbers. It would serve them right to be rear-ended because someone was trying to figure out wtf their plate said!

I look forward to someday getting evicted from Walgreens with you!

Frank Irwin said...

Maybe Roger Daltrey was owned the license in the first pic.

Doo doo. Doo doo.

Bev said...

Frank, doo doo, doo doo indeed. Though if Roger did own that plate I'm sure he'd save it for his magic bus, not his Hyundai.

Samsmama said...

Well, I'm glad I didn't disappoint. And if you want to stick to your story, that's fine by me.

My dad spent an absurd amount of time trying to figure out what Dave's vanity plate on his motorcycle meant. Yeah, it's not a vanity plate.

Mala said...

I was certain we would be kicked...errr, I mean, asked to leave the Walgreens today. But instead, the kindly cashier with very unfortunate hair decided to befriend us. Heh.

Fab pix, Bev. Too bad we didn't document our being told that the bar didn't open until *cough* 11:30am.

Daisy said...

Your kids are cute as buttons, Bev. I love the "mean" ice cream shot. How could you be so cruel? :-)

onebadmamajama said...

Totally jealous of all the great Walgreen's shopping trips;) The fall redneck festivals are starting up around here. The town where we moved to is having the annual Corn Festival next weekend. I made a bad joke about the "cornhole" festival to my 19yo. Imagine my surprise when she had cornCOB confused with cornHOLE. I am still laughing hysterically over it:)

Thank goodness for redneck festivals or my life would really boring!

Heidi Renée said...

I saw that car before we moved out to California! So glad somebody else got a picture.

Anonymous said...

Honestly? I saw a vanity plate today.


I thought that was cool.

Senorita said...

Your children are so cute and have your smile !

Have fun with your personal massager !

Bev said...

Smama - hahahahahahaha!!!!! That is awesome.

Mala - What's up with that? 11:30? Freakin' teetotalers.

Daisy - Thanks so much!! :)

OBMJ - LMAO! Cornhole Festival? Hilarious!!

Heidi - Really? Wow!! I guess the Who-mobile gets around.

Anon - Very clever!

Senorita - hee hee, thanks!