Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Fun: Who's on your Ugly But Sexy List?

Hey, all! It's one of those gray, rainy days when I wish I could be home in pj bottoms with a blanket and a good book. Stupid work - always getting in the way of my dreams of doing nothing!

The weekend was great, but I could use another day to recover. On Friday I went out with my friend Megan to a group psychic reading, which was really interesting even though she and I were the only two people in the room who didn't get a reading.  It was still a cool experience, especially the part where she did a brief hypnosis session and I felt like I was tripping.

Anyone ever been hypnotized? It wasn't what I was expecting, that's for sure. I felt fully cognizant the whole time, but my body felt like it was made of lead and my head was clear but somehow felt like it was on another plain of consciousness. I know what drugs feel like (shhh!), and this felt very much like someone had drugged me. It was weird, but kind of cool! The mind is a powerful thing, that's for sure.

After the session Meg and I met up with Mala for a drinky-poo, but we were all kind of worn-out so it wasn't a big night on the town. Over our cocktails we did start talking about something that I knew would make a great blog post, so I quickly started jotting things down so I wouldn't forget them. Of course, as I sat down to write this post I realized that my handy-dandy list is at home on the kitchen table, so let's see how Bev's memory is, shall we?

Discussion Topic Du Jour: What celebrity do you find ugly but also oddly sexy? Here's who we came up with:

Anjelica Huston
My husband thinks she's hot, and I can't imagine why.

Javier Bardem
How can he be sexy with that mug?  IDK, but he IS.

 Uma Thurman
 Sometimes she looks amazing.  Most of the time, notsomuch.

Owen Wilson
 Only a man could get away with that nose in Hollywood.


Kirstin Dunst


Mick Jagger
 Fugly, but undeniably sexy.


Sandra Bernhard
Even Playboy thought she was sexy enough for the cover.

Adrian Brody
 Seriously, look at him!

Fergie Ferg
See Also: Face, Butter


Benicio Del Toro
 It must be the accent.


Maggie Gyllenhaal
Nobody has ever been such a sexy Secretary, but still....

Exhibit A:
Thoughts?  Who is on your "Kind of ugly but I'd still nail them like a loose floorboard" list?  Spill!


Samsmama said...

I was hypnotized once. I felt the same way. The guy asked how long we'd thought it had been and we mostly guessed about 5 minutes. It was closer to 30. That's all I remember about it. That, and I later found out I was pregnant.

I can't stand Sandra! Seriously. Same goes for Kirstin and Uma. I think my weird crushes are chefs. My husband thinks Eric Ripert is just the worst, but I'd gladly eat a meal off of him. Bobby Flay, too.

Hmmm...this one caught me off guard. I may be back later.

Cary said...

Uma - yes. Fergie - sure. The rest - NFW! Angelica Huston might be Adrien Brody in drag.

Nail them like a loose floorboard. Very nice.

The only one I can think of is Connie Britton, the redhead from Friday Night Lights. I think she's hot, but I've heard her called fugly more than once. Peoples is crazy, yo.

Bev said...

Smama - LMAO @ "found out I was pregnant." Nice. I know what you mean about the chefs. I have a little thing for Anthony Bourdain, but in his case I'm 100% sure it's the accent.

Cary - I had to google her, but I can see the attraction AND why people say she's fug. I find her attractive but she's not as drop-dead perfect as a lot of the celebs look, which is actually a plus in my book.

Mala said...

I don't get Ugma...I mean Uma. You must have searched high and low for that picture of her, since she looks half-way not ugly.

I know I'm all alone on this one but... Rowan Atkinson. Not Mr. Bean-Rowan, but BlackAdder-Rowan. Rrrrrrrrr!

Mala said...

oh chefs! Gordon Ramsey! WTF, I get so mad at myself...but still, there's something about him.

And Tom Colicchio.

Samsmama said...

Mala, agree and agree!

Rich Girl Red said...

Jeff Goldblum, Tim Roth, Bill Murray, James Spader -- very sexy and oh-so-shaggable, but not traditionally handsome. Hubba, hubba.

Mike said...

I never expected my mind to be so alert while hypnotized. My body was lead which was very relaxing.

tracey said...
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Frank Irwin said...

I was hypnotized in Vegas, once, and had the same feeling as you, Bev. I felt well-aware, but still what I was told to do.

I hope that y'all think Holly Hunter is fugly, because I'd love to do her.

tracey said...

Hmm Mala - Black Adder Rowan Atkinson...I see it. : )

Rod Stewart before he ironed his face & got Frosty the Snowman's nose.

Steve Perry back during his Journey days - I have no idea what he looks like now - probably an old lesbian - I have a feeling he hasn't aged well.

Speaking of back in the day & old lesbians, Dave Foley from Kids In the Hall was on my list.

Last but not least, William Fitchner. Especially back in"The Perfect Storm". If the boat's a rocking, don't come knockin'. Wait, that doesn't make sense with the whole 'storm' reference.

Bev said...

Mala, I'll give you Tom Colicchio but a resounding HELL NO for Mr. Bean. He looks like he has perpetual coffee breath.

RGR - Jeff Goldblum is perfect - he's like the poster boy for this category! And you know how I feel about my Bill Murray. *purrrrr*

Mike - exactly! It's a very odd feeling.

Frank - I think of Holly as pretty, but you can still go ahead and do her. You have my permission! Hope she doesn't mind. ;)

Tracey - Rod S. came up as we were talking about this list! I decided to keep him in my back pocket for another list I have in mind - ugly celebs with hot spouses.

And yes, back in the day I thought of Dave Foley as the Paul McCartney of KITH. He was the cute one!

Marta said...

Liam Neeson, in every role except as "Kinsey".. That gave me the heebie jeebies.. But "Taken" took them away!

Melissa said...

Jeff Goldblum and William Fichtner are perfect examples.

I'm with Mary - Bobby Flay is my ultimate hate f*ck. YUM.

But see I thought this post was going to be less celebrities most people agree are hot even with fug faces and more people who are really not very attractive that we would nail anyway. So on THAT note, I was thinking about Adam Savage. I know he's not sexy, I know it. And yet... it's his joie de vivre that gets to me. Whatever he is doing, he thinks it's exciting and hilarious and awesome and he laughs all.the.time. I can't help but think he's kind of hot for that (and he'd be good in the sack!).

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

Hilarious! Fergie boggles my mind. She is NOT attractive. At all. So is Sarah Jessica Parker. Like, for reals? She looks like a horse. I think Hollywood thinks we're so dumb that if they say X is attractive, we'll buy into it simply because Hollywood is perpetuating the myth.

Kevin Spacey makes my list, though. Yes, he's not attractive. But I find him extraordinarily sexy. I'd do him...I don't know why, but I would. He's like...old enough to be my father but I'd still bang him.

Rich Girl Red said...

Oooh, Kevin Spacey. Not too old for me! Come to mama!

Cary said...

I'm told I look like Kevin Spacey. After 10 pies.

Frank, if you met Holly Hunter, you might change your mind. She's a beast.

Stuart said...

Never been hypnotized (that I'm aware of), but I would definitely use that excuse to put a stuffin' on Flo, the Progressive bitch. Oh wait, you said "ugly". I read that as "Fuckin' Annoying". My bad.

wv: marawle - the sound made by a cat in heat as it shows you its starfish

Melissa said...

Mmmm Kevin Spacey. American Beauty days. Another good one.

Heidi Renée said...

Jeff Goldblum definitely. And Joaquin Phoenix. I don't find him ugly when he's groomed properly, but the recent beard and general dishevelment push him over the edge into the fug zone. Still, though, there's something about his brand of cuckoo bananas that I can't resist.

Samsmama said...

Stuart, the not quite one year old I watch drops everything at the sound of Flo's voice, then stares at the TV and smiles. Weirdest thing I've ever seen.

Heidi, good news about Joaquin is that it was all a hoax and other than going along with it, he's not nuts at all. Saw him on Letterman last week and he was back to usually great self. And was a very good sport since Dave gave him a pretty good dose of shit.


I hate to admit it but I'd have to say Amy Winehouse and Courtney Love.

Bev said...

Marta - I can totally see the appeal of Liam! He's just... powerful. He rocked in Taken!

Melissa - Points for good attitude - I totally get that!!

Veg. Can. - I love Kevin Spacey too, but all the rumors of him being firmly in the closet have kept me from ever seeing him as an option sexually! American Beauty is one of my favorite movies ever, though - love him in that!

RGR - :)

Cary - Maybe Frank likes beasts! Oh wait, no. I'm thinking "breasts." Those are what Frank likes.

Stuart - Oh my, how I missed you! Your comment made me LOL for real. Starfish! Btw, people have told Mala that she resembles Flo, but we don't see it. ;)

Heidi & Smama - Joaquin is a great one, and we had actually added him to our list the other night but I forgot him! He was very hot in Signs and Walk the Line!

Israel - Whoa, look who likes the dirty broads!! It's okay, buddy - I won't judge. I carried a big torch for Jim Morrison once upon a time, so I get the grubby rock star thing!

Bev said...

Boy, I used a lot of exclamation points in that last comment.



Mala said...

Oh and Josh Todd of Buckcherry. I'd do him. I'd do him nasty. Despite the fact he creeped me out when we first saw him.

(you can see I've been really giving this topic a lot of thought)

Elliott said...

I like Flo. A lot. She's actually not bad looking, once she's de-Floed. Every time I see Uma lately, I wonder what I was thinking with those early crushes on her.

Julia Sawalha, for sure, even though she's just plain, not ugly.

Martha Plimpton and Fairuza Balk would make my list, too.

Stuart said...

Elliott - good call on Fairuza Balk. There's something frighteningly alluring (or alluringly frightening) about her. It'd be kinda hawt, really, up until she unhinged her lower jaw and began to swallow you whole.

wv: manedisa - not sure, but probably has a last name of Jackson. Just sayin'.